• NickG

    Anybody who thinks these guys don’t have it anymore is wrong. They went from one of the most energetic rock bands ever to one of the most consistent live bands of today. Impressive, and still energetic.

    I think they need to get away from Rick Rubin on the next album, just to change it up. I’d love to hear another album as experimental and unique as Blood Sugar Sex Magik, and I think it’s still totally possible from these guys.

  • Calvin McLain

    Your not gonna get anything remotely like Blood Sugar Sex Magik without Frusciante…

  • I.

    Video not available (Germany).

  • Kozelord

    Well, I got same problem – video is not available (Czech Rep.) But you can find it on youtube 🙂

    Anyway I love RHCP, these guys are one of the best musicians I’ve ever heard and as NickG said they still have it…but last album isn’t my cup of tea, really… I’m kind of fan who like old albums like BSSM, Mother’s milk, Freaky Styley etc. and I’m With You is just too much for me.
    Flea, Chad and Josh are great (look at them when they jam!!!), but when it comes to Kiedis lyrics and vocals… man, that’s one of the worst think I’ve ever heard… so sweet and pathetic… In my point of view, Kiedis should end up his carrer, or start with drugs again… 😀

  • Coptheriotact

    I think they lost a lot with JF leaving but theyre live show was getting stale and they were writing a lot of predictable songs. Now they have a chance to start again with something new, and with all the teases of songs josh does at their shows i think the band is on its way to making some amazing setlists, jsut waiting for a OHM tune!