Kurt Cobain, lead singer and guitarist of Nirvana (1967-1994)

Layne Staley Alice in Chains

Layne Staley, lead singer of Alice In Chains and Mad Season (1967- 2002)

Mike Starr, original bassist of Alice In Chains (1966-2011)

Andrew Wood, lead singer of Mother Love Bone (1966-1990)

Shannon Hoon, lead singer of Blind Melon (1967-1995)


John Baker Saunders, bassist for Mad Season (1954-1999)

Kristen Pfaff, bassist for Hole (1967-1994)

Ben McMillan, lead singer for Gruntruck and Skin Yard (1962-2008)


Jonathon Melvoin, touring keyboardist for The Smashing Pumpkins (1961-1996)

Mia Zapata, lead singer of The Gits (1965-1993)

Hillel Slovak, original guitarist of Red Hot Chili Peppers (1962-1988)

Jeff Buckley (1966-1997)

Natasha Shneider, vocalist/keyboardist/bassist of Eleven & touring keyboardist of Queens of the Stone Age (1956-2008)

Stefanie Sargent, guitarist of 7 Year Bitch (1968-1992)

  • Tobe

    So fucking sad to see this. 🙁

    Lckily I got to see Layne live, but still…. so sads.

  • freaksshow

    RIP 🙁

  • Carter

    :(( the list is longer than i thought:((

  • Molly

    falta Natasha Shneider, Stephanie Sargent y Mia Zapata 🙁

  • Louise

    Hmmm – remembering (what I can) of those days – hard drugs, hard partying, this could have been me. Who would have thought getting pregnant at 18 could save your life???!!

  • Swedish Grunge Kid

    I’ve never seen Blind Melon as a grunge band.. Great band though.

  • Steve

    No Zapata, she was murdered unlike these others who od or took their own life, she deserves a memorial.

  • Wesam

    By coincidence i was listening to ‘Man of Golden Words’ when i stumbled across this site, it’s very sad.


    especially Kurt and Andrew.

  • Tiz

    Where’s Mia Zapata?

  • jason

    add mike starr to the list

  • franko

    How about Stefanie Sargent, bass player for 7 Year Bitch 27-June-1992 . . .

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  • Joe

    Shit, I don’t feel good when I see this.
    The First 2 were the leaders of the best bands in history EVER!

  • JD

    ill never forget reading about mike starr’s passing, i was at the time trying to get support for him and his new album by rounding up old fans on youtube to send him msgs of hope and to wish him luck on the album and before i knew it his website was flooded b4 he died, the next day i check google news and on the front page i read mike had died, ironically i was listening to down in a hole at the time, and it pissed rain all nite. rip mike : )

  • bob_&_doug

    a tear for each. a moment of silence. rest in peace.

  • Sunset Chet

    At least that is a great picture of Lane. He looks healthy and even happy. Thanks for posting a picture of him. That’s how he should be remembered. Fuck heroin and those who profit from it.

  • Summer

    Add D. Boon to the list!

  • Ty C

    The guy from Screaming trees and god lives underwater. Were are they?

  • Alice

    All the guys from Screaming Trees are very much alive….thank god




  • Thadrah Bounds

    Rest In Peace Bryan,he wasn’t a member of any band,but the one that encircled my finger.16 years and besides our kids,our other favorite hobby was music.Particularly,The Northwest Music scene.I remember Pain in the Grass when it was free and we boonied down to watch Gruntruck kick ass:it was our first concert.Many more came down the pike and we loved how exclusive WE were because we were fortunate enough to see Green Apple Quickstep,Alice in Chains,Soundgarden,SkyCriesMary,Nirvana,Pearl Jam,Supersuckers,Mudhoney,Screaming Trees,and many other bands from ’round here’.We lived near Everett;then moving to kitsap Peninsula and my Fave band from there:Coven,even MXPX.Both Bryan and I loved, and I still do, all that the music gave us- a certain freedom to be ourselves molded out of Rain and silent Rage we could express through the music we treasured.When Mr. Cobain was found dead, we went to the memorial at the center house. We stood in the middle of the fountain and flipped off the media.I was filmed by MTV hugging my friend.Even tho’ Layne,Andrew or Mia,etc were NOT related to us by blood ;we are all connected through MUSIC.
    Last time I moved, I found Bryan’s tapes and cds and when me and the boys whom miss their Dad so much,and still grieving after 2 years,when we listen-its like we can get a little of it back.TO THE FAMILIES OF ALL,OUR CONDOLENCES.

  • Kristin

    You forgot Stefanie Sargent of 7 Year Bitch.

  • Gustavo

    God, so sad… R.I.P. =/
    They are gone, but will be remembered forever. All of you!

  • redhead

    especially kurt? he gets too much attention. f-ck him. why is he more important than Layne, Kridten,etc? why do you say especially kurt? he turned pop! pop..over popular!!seriously!

  • vintageguitars

    Redhead have some respect! How do you feel about someone saying fuck you after you pass away? Kurt wasn’t a bad guy just had some bad habits. Give the man some respect. You can’t deny he was a great musician!

  • João Antonio

    Natasha Shneider is missing on this memorial

  • stargazer

    Everybody dies.

  • LayneinChains

    I’m glad you included Mia. Her death was so horrific and so brutal. We can never forget her.

  • Paulo Pagiossi

    I have respect for the Nirvana sounds but the others singers are better than Kurt, but Drain you is my favorite song of Nirvana, hehehe, I love that song.Rest in Peace to all, especially Layne.

  • HitGirl

    I can’t believe how many are listed here! My God this is so sad…

    I miss Layne most of all. I’m remember the first time I heard Alice in Chains. I was 14 and hating the music at that time but then one day “Man in the Box” came on the radio and this grunge girl was born 🙂 I even wanted to name my daughter Layne… She had just had her first birthday when I heard that he passed away. I think I’ll always be mad at her dad for not liking the name. What a great picture of him posted here!

    I miss them all…


  • Dusty

    You really should include Layne’s girlfriend Demry.

    We all loved her. She was at all the parties, backstage, etc…

    Demry always had that sparkle in her eye and was the type who “lit up the room when she walked in”.

    You know, the girl on the album cover…RIP Demry

    She passed right around the same time as Layne. Not sure of the date, that was a lot of drugs and alcohol ago…records from this era are spotty at best.

  • KobeBryant

    ahem, where is michael jackson?

  • Franci

    @KobeBryant, Michael Jackson was murdered by a so called “doctor” who gave Michael the overdose. Jackson wanted to live, he had 3 children and ready to tour for the last time. Murray was careless and killed The King of Pop, he wouldn’t go on this list…. but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for mentioning him (oh yeah, besides that, this is grunge music, Michael was pop/rock – YES, rock….listen to Dirty Diana, Give Into Me and Can’t Make It Another Day, and many more) RIP to all those who are this list (Layne Staley, you’ll always be in my heart and on my mind AND it goes without saying…. so will Michael Jackson)

  • Jeanne


    Not an MJ Fan but come on it was clear as day MJ was an ADDICT…his own family wanted to intervene due to his use of prescription medications. He was NOT murdered, he PAYED Conrad and other doctors to take care of him ALL THE TIME and to get him MEDICATIONS. Anyone who uses drugs, whether illegal or not, knows the RISK. Sure CM should not have given him Propofol since that is an OR only drug, but MJ was the one wanting it and requesting it. Face it, he liked the buzz and just took it too far!

    MJ is just as guilty for where he is at.

  • William

    @Dusty, who said on October 1st at 7:39 AM, “Demry” Lara Parrott died right around the same time as Layne, is very wrong. He couldn’t be more wrong. Not only did he spell her first name wrong, which is actually “Demri,” but she actually died on October 29, 1996. Layne Staley died 5 1/2 years later on April 5, 2002.

  • Justin Bieber

    “I Ain’t Dead Yet”

  • Lori

    What about Kristen Pfaff, bassist for Hole?

  • Lori

    Nevermind…justscrolled past her her.

  • Dillon Whittier

    Hi my name is Dillon Whittier and I am related to Stefanie Sargent from 7 Year Bitch during the Seattle puck rock and Seattle Grunge days She work at RocketPizza on Broadway in Seattle

  • JID

    Can we use some cloning tech on these people’s DNA and ‘breed them’ back to realm? Seriously speakin..

  • Jeff

    Such a tragedy. I am so glad I saw Layne live a few times, I’ll never forget it. Mia Z was one of the worst stories I’ve ever heard. The little bastard who did it ought to be drawn and quartered. Sick fucker.

  • rkb

    R.I.P. Courtney Love (pending)

  • GhostGrunger

    Jeff Buckley ??? is he singing grunge ???

  • odor order

    @ghostgrunger sir jeff buckley is an influential artist to rock genre that includes grunge. do u listen to soundgarden? do u have chris cornells solo effort?

  • devine

    I love Mike starr.

  • devine

    You know Mike was so hot and i think that he was a great person. I know alot about these people so if anyone wants to chat Iam all ears.