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Part 1: Alice In Chains’ Early Years

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June 2015 – Alabasterds, Madus, Pet Sun, Oh Boy!, Undobar, Level & Tyson, Arenna

May 2015 – Red Sky Mary, Deaf Rhino, Parlement, Dinosaur Eyelids

April 2015 #2 – Dry Can, New Oceans, Lightbulb, Gazer

April 2015 – Honeyblood, Slutever, Mirror Illusion, Desgraciadas

March 2015 – Made Violent, The Bright Light Social Hour, The Trillions, Coarse

February 2015 #2 – Carthasy, Anakin, December in Red, Death By Toaster

February 2015 – Acid Baby Jesus, Happyness, Concreatures, Silent Radio

January 2015 #3 – Cobalt Cranes, Soul Inclination, The Division Men, Plantation

January 2015 #2 – Sandrider, Mad Seed, Stun, Winter of None

January 2015 – ArtemiXiA Cor, Sisters Of…, Ink, Milk White Throat

December 2014 #2 – The Driftwood Sign, Lever, Honeymilk, No Good Deed

December 2014 – Birth of Joy, Gloryhound, Dead Man Orchestra, Memory In Plant 

November 2014 – Blossoms, Nowadays, Space Needle, Stop.Drop.Rewind 


October 2014 #2 – Polanski, Pirate Radio, Yumi and the System, Honeygun

October 2014 – Pineal, Arctic Sleep, Caligula’s Horse, A Light Within

September 2014 #2 – Weatherbox, Slow Chase, The Picturebooks, The Mymmelins

September 2014 – Rescue Rangers, Mongrel, Bare Bones, Mexican Ape-Lord

August 2014 #3 – Holy White Hounds, AAN, Charm City Devils, Emerson Star

August 2014 #2  The Vidos, Lace Weeper, Ended, Slumlord Radio

August 2014 – The Dealers, The Smiler, Different Toiminen, Minus Cube

July 2014 #2 – Nape, Tidalwave, A Victim of Society, Hidden Amongst Us

July 2014 – Dolomite Minor, Cosmic Shakedown, Hello Penelope, Monochrome Cherubs

May 2014 #2 – Dead Sons, Soda Pants, We Speak in Sounds, Montoyas

May 2014 – Young Widows, Cursed Graves, Phantom Suns, Inner Temple

April 2014 #2 – Helms Alee, Enormodome, Paracosm, Drowning Oliver

April 2014 – Dead Confederate, Amanda Hardy, Jester, The Obvious

March 2014 #2 – Royal Thunder, Broken Betty, Thaylobleu, Sleepy Hahas

March 2014 –  Blame, Twin Berlin, Sabrosa Purr

February 2014 #4 – Stroy, Cycle, Aggressive Chill, Rocket Brigade

February 2014 #3 – The Burning of Rome, Proximity Butterfly, The Glazzies, Circus Life

February 2014 #2 – My Goodness, Ded Rabbit, Stone Kings, The Souldiggers Band

February 2014 – Social Pretender, Colours of One, Antique Scream, Motorfinger

January 2014 – RIBS, Mothlight, Celeb Car Crash, Idlehour, Nostalghia

December 2013 – The Wooly Mamas, Ume, Paradox, Those Mockingbirds

November 2013 – Use Big Words, Michael Ironside, Mom’s Rocket, Baltimore Gun Club

October 2013 – High/Low, Tan Sister Radio, Spitehouse, Satellite Hearts

September 2013 – Soi Distant, Dave Show, Blind Thieves, Senium

  • Country Girl

    Dear Staff,
    I wanted to know how one can post in this site. I want to talk about my book for a new bio for Layne and the Chains, done with love and respect, not sorted details of the pure hell they went through the last few years of Layne’s life. This will be a book to honor the work they have done with Layne, and dedicated to US- the fans, for without us, Alice doesn’t exist. I have put a lot of hard painstraking research and personal effort into my book which explores my personal musical journey to loving the Chains, loss of Layne, memorial section, his side projects, my poems for Layne, my personal grief process, madseason, addiction and treatment, brotherhood, conflist and resolve, friends thoughts, my fav tunes discussed from a heart perspective, legacy, influences, contibutions, fan section etc.

    I have 34,000 words for Layne and the Chains so far, I need to triple that number. I want this book to be everything the fans wanted but could never find. – with 2 bad bios on Layne, the guys need this and so do we. Please don’t discourage me from doing it- many so called fans are sending me hate mail from the 2 forums I currently subscribe too. I never realized too much anger there is on the subject of “Alice” and their story. I thought I would be welcomed and appreciated for atttempting to honor Layne and AIC- I was wrong, if anything I stirred up the bloody waters and the sharks are circling.
    But I am just a girl who loves AIC and I need all the support I can
    get. If you have any suggestion or comments, about posting or otherwise, please e-mail me at 4Alice4ever@gmail.com.
    Thank you,
    Country Girl

  • nordica8008

    I would buy this book.

  • aic

    Country Girl. Its an awesome effort and gesture/project. But what completely puts me off on your youtube channel is the fact that you mention that you speak to Layne and he speaks to you… In the end I can’t help but think that this book will be based on you and your conversations with Layne.