Above is a new photo of Courtney Love in London.  Here a quote from a article from Courtney:

She says: ‘I am the smoker and the curser, but I am trying to learn about taking care of myself. I have friends that are growing old and freaking out and I am, like, getting hotter.’

  • Pirkko

    She is disgusting. Always was, and always will be. Even if she wasted millions of dollars for plastic surgeries. She changes face more often than panties…

  • Lissa

    I think she is beautiful. I loved her look a lot better in the 90’s though. The plastic surgery has ruined her a bit, but she still looks good to me 🙂

  • David

    How can she say she’s “getting hotter” as she ages if she’s having plastic surgery? Personally I think she’s a rancid old skank. The irony of her being interviewed by the Daily Mail is also not lost on me.

  • oscar


  • Liberation

    So we can expect niche blogs to treat her unfairly in addition to mainstream media? Of the hundreds of normal and put together photos Courtney has on her fashion blog, this image of the wind blowing in her face is the photo you choose to run with that quote? I remember her recently showing up at a premier in a red Calvin Klein dress and she looked pretty damn good.

    Stop crucifying this lady already.

  • Michael

    I’m surprised at this Bret. Normally you don’t post this type of bullshit on Courtney. She said she was getting better with age months ago in reference to something else, and then you use this quote against her when she is walking outside in the wind and rain. She has is almost 50 and finally likes herself after years of insecurity, so lets make a joke out of it.

    I used to come here because you gave her a fair shot without doing this shit. Now I’m not so sure.

  • Justice

    I can’t believe some of the shit I’m reading here defending this disgusting leech of a ‘woman’. Yes- she is FOUL. Always has been. Foul-looking, foul-character, foul in and out. If you wish to look further than her ‘music’ then just consider the REAL relationship between her and Kurt. She had him off’d…

  • david james

    First off Courtney you are not getting better with age. Next thumbs down grunge report for showing her with wind rain hair everywhere probably trying to avoid a photographer and get into the warmth. Hell Penelope Cruz would look like crap given the same situation. In the mid 90’s she was pretty hot, and that’s coming from someone who caught her full on once when she stage dived, I actually felt her breasts.

  • Patricia

    There are better pics of her, and you’re right Liberation

  • Justice

    Why the fuck do my posts keep getting erased by you Brett? What the fuck? Courtney is fucking disgusting…

  • GrungeJunkie

    I think the picture i perfect personally. It’s hilarious coupled with the headline. Seems more like mockery than malicious to me but whatever. And she doesn’t change her panties more than her face, she doesn’t wear panties. Did you ever see that MTV interview with Madonna and Courtney was totally fucked up and threw make-up and other random shit that was in her purse up at her until Madonna invited her up. Then she fell on the ground with her legs in the air and flashed everyone her pussy. Yes, this woman is top notch hot. 10/10…

  • julee

    There’s a painting in her attic that is deteriorating very rapidly…you can’t hide when you’re ugly on the inside Courtney!

  • Stephanie

    Im so sick of seeing Courtney Love mocked by people who have never had enough talent to do anything nearly as breathtaking as Courtney has done. Live Through This and Pretty on the Inside provided the world with some of the roughest, toughest, while simultaneously thoughtful feminist anthems ever concieved. Courtney has always done what shes wanted – a true hedonist – and im glad shes happy with herself and I doubt she cares a lick about all our opinions. Good for her! Quit picking on Courtney and figure out whats wrong with yourselves instead.

  • Liberation

    The only reason I brought it up is that I like Grunge Report and when I said “niche” blog, I meant it as a compliment. I grew up listening to and love most of the bands on here which is why we need to continue to protect “our people.”

    The mainstream media goes out of there way to purposely choose the worst photos of Courtney to run with their stories. Anyone who reads Hole fan sites like sees the variety of photos taken of Courtney at parties and events, most of which look great. Unfortunately, the worst one gets run with her articles.

    Long gone are the days when Courtney had good management behind her and Pat Kingsley of PMK as her publicist. When you have that kind of power behind you like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman do, people don’t talk shit about you and use retarded photos with lame captions week after week because if they do, the publicists will cut off contact to their other A-list clients. Courtney doesn’t have this protection any more so it’s open season no matter how good she looks, plastic surgery or not. She’s my favorite artist and though she makes it really tough to defend her sometimes, I still do.

    I find “articles” like this one in the Daily Mail – with it’s purposely mocking photo choice contradicting the pull-quote – just as offensive as the Limp Bizket crowd in the late ’90s calling Kim Gorden ugly or Kim Deal a dyke. It’s the same hateful thing.

    These are our people. Mainstream media, who busts a nut every time MGMT releases an inaudible song, are only interested in them so long as magazines are being sold, after that, they’re garbage in their eyes. Courtney’s music has played a very important role in my life for the past 20 years. I can;t say that about many other artists. And to see her bullied over and over again in the press for doing nothing other than getting caught in a strong breeze, irritates me beyond belief.

  • Justice

    You have absolutely no fucking taste if this accomplice to murder is your favorite artist…

  • Liberation

    This conspiracy didn’t have legs in 1994 and it doesn’t have legs in 2011.

    Of course if Nick Broomfield wants to flex his documentarian muscles again and bore us with a new bunch of random idiots talking trash about Courtney, I’m up for entertaining a few new theories from some lovable train-riding hobos.

    What’s your theory Justice?

  • Michael

    Marvelously said Liberation

  • pretty penny

    AS far as picking a bad photo and the wind and rain–lemme tell ya I saw two other photos of her taken at this same time/place (on Perez Hilton’s site I think), and both were WAY worse. In one her eyes were rolled up in her head. When I saw those I felt sorry for her, because at the end of the day I think she’s an addict and she may never beat it.

  • http://none Stevo the slick devastating machine

    Courtney Love has done serious damage to her looks through cosmetic plastic surgery and smoking. At one time Love was one of the hottest women in rock.

    Smoking also destroys and thins the skin because nicotine is a VASO-CONSTRICTOR, which means the nicotine in cigarettes constricts blood vessels/capillaries which stops blood-flow to the skin, which of course causes the skin to become thin, wrinkled, dry and non-elastic from lack of healthy blood flow. (most stimulant drugs are vaso-constrictors and ruin human skin).

    She should forget about plastic surgery and attempt to quit smoking and coffee, if possible, to look younger. (caffeine is also a vasoconstrictor and stops blood and nutrients from reaching the skin.

    It’s extremely important for people who have had plastic surgery done to not smoke because the skin needs full blood flow to continue healing and not become necrotic (dead) from lack of blood flow.

    Plastic cosmetic surgery should be regulated more heavily by our government. Many people are now permanently damaging and disfiguring their bodies and even dying from poorly executed/too much plastic surgery.