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Interview: Mac Sabbath, The World’s Only Fast Food Black Sabbath Tribute

While the legendary outfit Black Sabbath is ending this year, drive thru metal creators Mac Sabbath are starting to get a lot of attention. Mac Sabbath are a Black Sabbath parody band managed by Mike Odd of the comedy metal band Rosemary’s Billgoat. The band covers Ozzy era Black Sabbath songs, but changes the lyrics to be about a certain fast food chain. Though a parody band, they have already shared the stage with huge acts such as Elton John. They are to embark on their Rock,Sham,Shake tour starting on March 3rd. Over the telephone I was able to speak with manager Mike Odd. He talked about the crazy story of how this band came to be and how to best experience them at home.

What made you decide to come up with this project?

I got an anonymous phone call and went down to this burger place. This abomination of a clown dressed in red and yellow and had skull make up notices the food i’m eating and then starts spouting this incredible banter, saying it was my destiny to manage his band. I was looking for the hidden camera. I thought it was a practical joke. He then invited me to a secret show that was happening in the basement of one of these places. So I went to this secret show that only certain people were invited to and it was nothing I ever seen before. So I thought what the hell? I’d work with this guy. He was obviously crazy and was talking about how music and food haven’t been real since the 1970’s and how hes going to bring that back as well as all this talk about tyrannical food control and the government poisoning us. It’s been a hard long road dealing with him, but it’s also been amazing cause it moves so fast because people respond to it so well. Before we even left California, we played a festival in England with Motley Crue, Slipknot and KISS. We then did a tour were we played in Cali and then a festival where we went on right before Elton John.

Can you tell us a bit about some of your song parodies?

One of our most well known songs is one called “Frying Pan” a parody of “Iron Man”. The lyrics are much different. The song is about this clown who is kinda forced into this fast food culture. Here are some of the lyrics: “It’s a culinary crime, our future is pink slime, everybody wants it, turn this grease into gold, excluding the veggies, trimming the cheese of mold”. We also have “Brand of Doom”, which is obviously a parody of “Hand of Doom”. We take every Black Sabbath concept and make it about the ominous evils of fast food. When you are watching the band you are looking at four characters,Ronald Osborne, guitarist Slayer Mac Cheeze,bassist Grimalice and drummer The Cat Burglar. It’s an amazing theatrical show, its not just music and costumes. Ronald does magic and pulls crazy things such as pulling giant straws and burgers out of his pants. We also have lazer eyed skull clown statues! It’s a crazy, over the top show.

With lyrics like that I’m guessing you guys are more against fast food.

Though the band coined the term drive thru metal, they are against drive thru culture.

Ah, kinda like how Sabbath had lyrics about Satan, but because they were warning us about him not worshiping him.

Exactly! I’d say Ronald Osbourne is as misunderstood as Ozzy. I always wondered if Black Sabbath was going to find out about it and then on January 1st, they re-posted our “Frying Pan” video on their Facebook and Twitter and it went viral. It’s now almost at 1,000,000 clicks, so that really helped.

It’d be funny if your “Hand of Doom” parody is what inspired them to play the original song on their final tour, since they haven’t played it since the 70’s.

(laughs) I’d like to think so.

Any plans to put out a studio album?

That is being talked about. Ronald is literally stuck in the 70’s and all new technology angers him. He wants the album to be put out on eight tracks, which no one will buy. Maybe one day they will make a comeback. I never thought cassettes would be back and look what happened.

If you were to cover a song from the Dio era, which song would you choose and what would the parody be called?

I was thinking about covering the “Mob Rules” as “The Swob Drools”, but I don’t know if that will ever happen.

If you were to start another heavy metal parody band based on a different kind of food chain, which food chain would you choose and which band would you parody? 

Funny you ask that cause Ronald is always going on about other drive thru metal bands and how they are ripping him off. He goes on and on about how he started this genre and how all these newcomers are stealing food out of his mouth. He’s always ranting about Cinabon Jovi and Burger King Diamond. This guy does want me to manage KFCDC. I’d be down do it as long as Ronald doesn’t kill me.

KFCDC that would be pretty funny. I notice you play a band called Rosemary’s Billgoat. Does Sabbath influence that band at all?

Absolutely! In my opinion Black Sabbath influenced all the best bands. They are my all time favorite band and I feel they didn’t just influence all of heavy metal but also punk,goth and hard rock in general. Not only am I influenced by them but I’d argue with anyone who said they weren’t.

I‘d definitely agree. Speaking of influences, if you were trapped on a desert island and could only bring one studio album with you which would it be and why? 

I think it would be Master of Reality and a cheeseburger. Thats what I say to people who get on me about making a Mac Sabbath studio album. Closet thing to a Mac Sabbath experience at home.

Unreleased Red Hot Chili Peppers One Hot Minute Track “Blender” Leaks

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Another rare Red Hot Chili Peppers track has leaked courtesy of RHCPtv5, this time, the track is “Blender,” from the recording sessions for 1995’s One Hot Minute. But is it a prank?


In the late 1990’s, the Red Hot Chili Peppers were on their last leg with Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro. After touring the world for One Hot Minute, the band tried writing and recording new material with Navarro. Until now, nothing from those sessions have ever been leaked. In rare interviews and fan communities, a title, “Circle of the Noose” would surface up. Today, it was leaked to the world by rhcptv5 on Twitter, and posted on YouTube. Commenting on the song’s character, a tribute to qawwali devotional singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Navarro recalled in an AllStar 1997 interview that:

“One of the songs we’ve done is the greatest pop song I’ve ever been a part of…It’s pop in the sense of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, hook. I really love it and we use a loop of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. It’s really nice. The best way I can describe it is it’s like pepped- up ’60s folk with ’90s ideals, but I would hate to label it as folk because it’s not, it moves.”


The song is available below, in the rough mix which has circulated in rare collector’s circles for some time. Artwork credited to Leandro Cabo.

This news of course, occurs right as the Chili Peppers are at “home stretch” with finishing their new album:

Anthony Kiedis discussed Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new album last week on Jonesy’s Jukebox.

“We’re in the home stretch. I sang yesterday, I get a week off, I go back to finish.”

He added, “We’re going to back and listen to the songs, and see if we can beat them.”

“We had written two dozen songs before we got with him. [Producer Danger Mouse] is like, ‘Let’s keep a few of those, but let’s go write all new songs in the studio. We’re looking at each other like, ‘Dude, we kind of already wrote the songs, bro.’ He’s like, ‘No, I like to write new ones in the studio.’ So, in honor of accommodating this new process, we wrote all new songs, and it’s a good thing we did.

Below is my interpretation of what the lyrics of “Circle of the Noose” could be:

Mess me up, makes me cry
Come and see me please
Dragonfly, so I don’t die
In a circle
Break my heart
So I can start

All I need
Is for fun and for free
All I need
All I need

I don’t need it!
Don’t need it!
I don’t need it!

Shoot me up
Shoot me down
Devasation boy
Deal me out, steal my joy
Good for nothing
That’s the one
My mother’s son

All I need
Is for fun and for free
All I need
All I need

I don’t need it!
Don’t need it!
I don’t need it!

In the sun
And the sea
I’m for fun
and for free

Dog’s a-laughing
Laughing now
That I’m no-how
Human uniform
I’m so warm, inside this stone

All I need
Is for fun and for free
All I need
All I need

I don’t need it!
Don’t need it!
I don’t need it!

Human uniform




Infamous Albums: Black Flag’s What The…

After the success of the article on  Black Sabbath’s Born Again, we decided to immediately work on the next installment of Infamous Albums. For this second episode we will be looking at Black Flag’s 2013 album What The…

The brain child of guitarist, Greg Ginn and most known for former vocalist Henry Rollins, Black Flag along with D.R.I, Minor Threat, Bad Brains and many other helped formed the U.S hardcore punk sound. Starting with their second album My War, the band would become more experimental, something that followed the band on every release until their 1986 break up.

Post break up, the members would remain in the music business with Rollins forming Rollin’s Band and Ginn continued in his other projects most notably The Descendants. In 2003 the band played three reunion shows in their home state of California. These shows would include My War being played in its entirety with skateboarder Mike Valley doing guest vocals.  In 2010, to celebrate the 50th birthday of then ex-vocalist, Ron Reyes, Greg Ginn along with Reyes himself, played a set of three Black Flag songs in addition, to a regular set from The Ron Reyes Band. On December 8th, 2011 ex-members, Keith Morris,Chuck Dukowski, Bill Stevenson, and Descendants guitarist Stephen Egerton played the entire Nervous Breakdown EP. This was a surprise appearance during a Vandals/Descendants show. This line up would continue to tour and be known as Flag.  In 2013, Ron Reyes, and Greg Ginn announced wanting to bring Black Flag back. They were joined by newcomers Gregory Moore on drums and Dave Klein on bass. This caused two versions of the same band to exist, neither which featured Henry Rollins. In 2013, Black Flag released their first album since 1985 titled What The… . Neither fans nor critics were impressed as they saw it as nothing but a cash grab. This is the first full length to not feature Henry Rollins and the first release since their second ep, Jealous Again to feature Ron Reyes.

First off the production on this album is really poor. Sure lo-fi production is one of the charms of Black Flag and punk in general, but here it doesn’t work. The rhythm section is impossible to hear and the mixing is extremely sloppy. Ron Reyes’s vocals on here just sound horrible. While he sounded just fine on Jealous Again, here he just sounds like a washed up version of Mark Arm from Mudhoney.  The lyrics are corny especially coming from a band that’s known for thought provoking lyrics. The album art looks very lazy and more fitting for a 90’s Nicktoon. The guitar work is the closest thing to a redeeming quality. The record has many cool leads and Ginn’s trademark shrieking solos are still there, however the riffs on this album are very generic and get boring fast. The drumming is also very generic. These problems are present on every track, making it a chore to get through in one sitting.

The first half of this album tries to be the in your face, aggressive, punk band we all know and love. Sadly Reyes’s bored sounding vocals combined with the lazy riffs fail to create any sort of energy and a Black Flag album without energy is a big fail. The second half of the album is where we start getting more varied. This is very similar to how My War transitioned from fast, experimental hardcore on side A, to a slow and heavy doom metal inspired style on side B. While that album was great and it’s experimentation inspired many others, What The…, found a way to make even it’s experimental side sound stale. The slow and mid tempo parts  sound very mediocre and chances are the listener is already starting to zone out at this part. The album also doesn’t blur together very well at all. If you were to have this on in the background and not pay attention to the lyrics, you would have no idea which track you are on. This record is so poorly structured that you could cut and paste random sections from random tracks and it wouldn’t make much of a difference. This is a huge step down for Black Flag as their later albums, such as Family Man, were full of variety and risk taking.

In conclusion, What The… , is a sloppy, rushed, mess of an album. Not a single track is worth listening to, as they all sound lazy and are near impossible to tell apart. The mixing and songwriting are bottom of the barrel, which is sad since everyone (when you can actually hear them)  in this band is talented. This is nothing more then an effortless cash grab that puts a stain on the band’s amazing past legacy.

Rating: Why the… did I listen to this.

Interview: Necrophagia’s Killjoy Talks Next Album And Filmmaking Plans

On January 9th, Venom offshoot Venom Inc and death metal pioneers Necrophagia played New York City’s famous venue Webster Hall as part of their first US circuit. For the uninitiated, Venom Inc is a new band that features ex-Venom members Mantas on guitar, Abaddon on drums, and Demolation Man on vocals, making this band a reunion of Venom’s 1988 to 1992 line up.

After the local openers, Necrophagia hit the stage. Their set was mostly focused on later material, as no songs from before 1998 were played. The band performed several fan favorites, such as “Embalmed Yet I Breathe” and “Blood Freak”, all while vocalist Killjoy practiced his horror theatrics. The band ended their set with their most well known song, “Cannibal Holocaust”, based on the horror classic of the same name.

After Necrophagia’s killer performance, it was time for Venom Inc. Audiences were curious due to the fact that though this version of Venom does not include classic vocalist Cronos, they still have two of the original three members. The band started their set with the title track from the 1988 Venom album Prime Evil. This was the only song they played from the line up they were a throwback to; from that point on the set list was mostly songs from the first two albums, Welcome to Hell and Black Metal. This included many classics such as “Black Metal”, “1,000 Days in Sodom”, “Countess Bathory”, “Don’t Burn the Witch” and “Schizo”. They also played some of the non-album singles from that era such as “Warhead” and “Bloodlust”. The band had good energy and looked like they were having a lot of fun. All and all the show was loved by the crowd who were sad about returning to reality afterwards.

I was given the opportunity to interview Necrophagia vocalist Killjoy. We had a pretty natural feeling conversation that revealed his plans for the next Necrophagia album as well as films he plans on making.

So how is the tour going so far?

It’s going great, a lot better than I expected. I’m getting drunk every night with Abbadon.

How did a bill like this happen?

Venom Inc personally wanted us for this tour. They contacted our manage,r who hooked us up with their booking agent. If it wasn’t for this tour we wouldn’t be touring at all instead I would have used the time to work on the next album.

Can you tell us a little bit about this next album?

The album will be a little bit more aggressive than our other stuff. It will just be a straight forward record, no interludes and nothing out of the ordinary and no random non-metal songs like “Sadako’s Curse”. It will just be a full on metal album that is more aggressive and maybe a little faster.

Speaking of “Sadako’s Curse”, what inspires you to write those non-metal songs?

I think it’s because I quit so many different side projects, and without taking away from what Necrophagia do, I think we were never a death metal band. I just keep my mind open. I’m a fan of Death In June, The Smiths, Elvis, Combichrist, and a lot more stuff that’s far from the metal genre. I try to make these influences work without going too left field.

That would explain why you guys sound nothing like other death metal bands yet you are credited as one of the first .

Early on, there was no terminology for it. I understand we had bands like Death and Possessed, but we didn’t really know what we were doing. We were just trying to make music that was as heavy, sick and different as possible. Everyone started going in that direction once we did Season of the Dead in ’87. To me that album is not a death metal record, people always tell us that we helped start death metal and I don’t care. I don’t claim to have started anything and neither did Chuck of Death. He was a very good friend of mine. We both just loved horror films and love bands like Hellhammer and Venom and let it influence our work.

People love labeling everything. Nowadays it’s gotten really out of hand. I’ve seen people say that punk and punk rock are different genres.

That is weird. I know you have hardcore punk and crust and grindcore and all that, but I don’t get how you can have punk that’s not rock. To me we are just a metal band. I don’t like just one certain tag.

If you were to bring back one of your aformentioned old side projects which would it be?

I’d bring back Enoch, because I love making music that is horrific and sometimes making heavy music isn’t always horrific sounding. To me, that project was more of a challenge… people got to hear a soundtrack to a movie that they never heard of ’cause it only exists in my head.

Would you ever do a voice over for a horror film? Made voice a demon?

If I like the script yes, I’d even do it for a cartoon if I liked the idea. It’s something I’ve thought about actually. Ultimately, I want to direct movies. I have three different scripts written so when I finally call it a day with this band, that is what I will do.

Can you tell us about these scripts?

I rather not, only because the titles of these alone give what they are about. I can tell you they are straight through and through horror films. Two of them are very occult based, while one is going to be the most extreme and original thing anyone has seen… and I stress original, which is why I don’t want to say what its about cause its never been done.

If you were to get any director, dead or alive, to direct these scripts who would it be?

It would be easy to say Fulci though I don’t know if his style would fit even though hes a huge influence on me. I’d say Mario Bava. I feel my stuff would be more up his alley.

Ten Of The Heaviest Bands From Australia

Australia one of the world’s biggest countries is known for having some of the most interesting and diverse animals on the planet. The country also has many bands that are as extreme and interesting as its wildlife. Here in no order are some of the country’s best metal and hardcore punk bands. Some of these bands are well known, but fans tend to forget that they are Australian.

Captain Cleanoff

Australia has been a full force for punk, hardcore and grind as early as the 70’s with classic bands like The Birthday Party. One of the bands doing it best today is the grindcore band Captain Cleanoff. With fun short songs and distinct drumming this band is a must hear for any fan of the punk side of grindcore.

Fuck… I’m Dead

The country also delivers when it comes to the more metal side of grindcore. Fuck… I’m Dead are a goregrind outfit from Melbourne. Their groovy sound should please any fan of bands like General Surgery and Haemorrhage.

The Amenta

From South Wales comes one of the country’s most overlooked and original bands. Formed as Crucible of Agony in 1997 the Amenta plays a fusion of death metal, black metal and industrial.  The result is a sound that is really heavy as well as haunting.

The Berzerker

One of the most well known grindcore bands, The Berzerker’s music is a good gateway to those looking to get into the genre. The band played an electronic music influenced death metal/grindcore fusion with some of the fastest drumming known to man. Live, the members sometimes wore monster masks and the shows were known for intense energy. The band is now broken up, but with all these recent reunions maybe one day they will return.

King Parrot

From Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Records comes the one and only King Parrot. The band plays a mixture of thrash, grindcore and sludge with parrot squawk vocals and comedic lyrics. They are mostly known for their live shows which consist of the band throwing water at the audience and vocalist Youngy mooning them the whole set. Last year the band toured with Superjoint Ritual and responses to their set were pretty positive.

Sadistik Exekution

Kinda like the Mortal Kombat franchise, this band loved using the letter K in the place of the hard C sound. Sadistik Exektion was a old school death metal band from South Wales. They were mostly known for their second album We Are Death… Fukk You!   This was a reaction to music critics mislabeling the band as a black metal band and also shows they had a sense of humor. Ironically their later albums contained black metal elements. Sadly this band is no longer together.


Most of the time black metal bands that use keyboards tend to be very cheesy. Nazxul are not only one of the exceptions, but are one of the best at it. The keyboards add great atmosphere and the vocals sound completely inhuman (in a great way). They played Maryland Deathfest in 2010.

Hobbs’ Angel of Death

Named after vocalist/guitarist Peter Hobbs, this hidden gem plays 80’s thrash in the vein of old Slayer though the band prefers to be labeled as “virgin metal”. Though a big name in Australia, they were always pretty obscure elsewhere. In recent years they have been getting more worldwide exposure, slowly making them a new favorite among old school thrash fans everywhere.


One of the strangest metal bands out today, Portal plays a style they call “avant garde blackened death metal”. Their sound is extremely heavy with ultra deep vocals and off beat droning riffs. They are also known for their bizarre on stage look which includes vocalist The Curator wearing various objects on his head. The band has played Maryland Deathfest in both 2010 and 2015.

Destroyer 666

Since the sub-genre’s inception, Australia has always had a plethora of blackened thrash bands. The greatest and most well known of these are Destroyer 666. Playing a take on this style that sounds really evil and really epic at the same time help make this three piece one of the best post-80’s thrash bands. In 2001 the band relocated to Holland. They are scheduled to play this year’s Maryland Deathfest and have their first new album in seven years to be released in late February.


Make Listening to These Great Up & Coming Bands Your New Years Resolution!

Do you think all the best rock music was made before the year 2000? Have you jumped ship with rock and hopped on the EDM bandwagon? Do you not have a New Year’s resolution? Well, before you pick up that latest Dead Mou-Five (Did I spell that right?) record, how about I give you a new years resolution.. and that is find a new up and coming band that you can’t get enough of!

It’s actually a little easier than you think, and I’ll make it even easier for you by giving you a list of ten of the best up and coming bands to check out if you haven’t already (and if you have, good job doing your homework!):

Black Map
Mark Engles: Guitar
Chris Robyn: Drums
Ben Flanagan: Vocals/Bass

Black Map is a three-piece alternative hard rock band hailing from San Fransisco, CA. Loud and boisterous, Black Map are a hard rock force with a heavy, clean sound. In 2014 Alternative Nation reviewed their album And We Explode… giving it a 9/10.

“This album practically holds every characteristic necessary for an alternative rock musical masterpiece, which should come as to no surprise.”
Alternative Nation

Black Map have supported Chevelle on tour and have also played various shows with the likes of ††† (Crosses), Tombs, Pelican, and Kill Devil Hill.
Essential Tracks: “Code”, “Chinaski”, “I’m Just the Driver”


Dinosaur Eyelids
Evan Staats – Vocals
Scott Staats – Bass
Patrick McKnight – Guitar
Mark Leone – Drums

Dinosaur Eyelids are a four piece band based out of New Brunswick, NJ. With a bit of a grungy and progressive sound, Dinosaur Eyelids are excellent songwriters with many tracks that can take you on a journey. “The LIDS” have opened for Parlor Mob and shared the stage with Dean Ween of Ween and have earned a reputation for their aggressive live performances.

Essential Tracks: “Further Down the River”, “21 Graham Salute”, “Answer In The Sky”


Everyday Losers
Dylan Seidel- Vocals/Guitar
Tyler Seidel- Guitar/Vocals
Danny Norton- Bass
Damian Baker- Drums

The Everyday Losers are a four piece band out of Washington, Indiana. They describe themselves as a band full of heavy riffs, powerful choruses, and frenetic live performances. They recently wrapped up a touring stint with Saliva in November and have also shared the stage with Jackyl, Smile Empty Soul, and Black Stone Cherry.   The Everyday Losers boast tracks that are both heavy and melodic, such as the standout “Here We Are Now”.

Essential Tracks: “Outta My Head”, “Hate You”, “Here We Are Now”

Reverb Nation

Steve Weston – Guitar/Pedals/Vocals
Lee ‘meatarm’ Yates – Bass
Dave Pankhurst – Drums

High/Low are a four piece band out of Essex, UK. The band’s entire catalog is bursting with catchy, heavy, alternative rock tracks. All the elements seem to perfectly blend together to form a unique brand of rock music that works more on a high level, not a low one (ba dum tiss). High/Low have a much anticipated new album being released on January 29th, 2016.  Get an exclusive free download from the new album entitled “MONO” here and you can hear their new single entitled “Mould” below.

Essential Tracks: ‘Mould”, “Beef Back”, “Spy Eye”


Minus Cube
Joe Weinstock – Guitars
Glyn Rolmanis – Drums
Michael Martin – Vocals

Minus Cube is a three piece band with a unique setup in that Michael is based in the USA, and Joe and Glyn are based in the UK, but that distance hasn’t stopped the band from creating one of the most unique sounds in rock today.  A listener can hear the influences from bands like Tool, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden, particularly in tracks like “Everything” and Trance Decay”.  Minus Cube have a new album planned for 2016 entitled The Butterfly Effect, watch the teaser here.

Essential Tracks: “Everything”, “Trance Decay”, “Catalyst”


New Oceans
David Downs –Vocals/Guitar
Rob Miller – Bass
John Kehoe –Drums

New Oceans is a three piece band out of Chicago, IL. Starting out as an industrial, electro-rock band, New Oceans have changed their style, releasing a unique high energy punk/grunge album entitled Fuzzbuzz. Having the feel of early Seattle grunge while throwing in some of the most unique song progressions in modern rock, New Oceans have grown to be an innovative and exciting newcomer to the american rock scene.

Essential Tracks: “ADHD”, “She Lives in a Shack”, “Sun Drunk”


Nick Gray – Vocals/Guitar
Greg Nicholas – Drums/Vocals
Joe Gray – Bass/Vocals

Noiseheads are a three piece band from Pensacola, FL, but are soon transitioning to Greensboro, NC. Alternative Nation hailed Noiseheads as “One of America’s most promising young rock bands,” and with catchy radio friendly hard rock tunes, Noiseheads may be one of those bands that will ensure the world that rock is still alive and well. The band is influenced by many of the greats such as Pearl Jam and Nirvana, but sound like no other. Dave Grohl once said the intensity that Kurt Cobain had in his voice sounded like he was grinding nails in his throat when he performed, and this comparison is also the only way to describe Nick Gray’s vocals, throw in a stellar rhythm section from Greg and Joe and yes it is true, Noiseheads is one of America’s most promising young rock bands, and they may just be a band that brings rock music back from the underground.  Noiseheads may be taking a bit of a break with the move, but have been busy recently, including releasing a video for their track “Fellow Man” in November.

Essential Tracks: “Fellow Man”, “Expectations”, “Pretty Hate Song Pt. 2”, “Annie”


Soul Inclination
Shashank Bhatnagar – Vocals/Rhythm Guitars
Puneet Vohra – Lead Guitars/Vocals
Ashish Sharma – Bass
Nishant Hagjer – Drums/Vocals

Soul Inclination is a four piece band from New Delhi, India. Though they have recently gone through some lineup changes, the two tracks they released in 2015 were fantastic. So great in fact that their second single “Not a Loser” was the most requested song on Alternative Nation Radio in 2015. Influenced by bands like Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, Soul Inclination has the makings of a modern rock force.

Essential Tracks: “Not a Loser”, “I Am Alone”


The Burning of Rome
Adam Traub – Vocals/Keys/Guitar
Joe Aguilar – Guitar/Vocals
Aimee Jacobs – Keys/Glockenspiel/Vocals
Keveen Baudouin – Bass/Vocals
Danny King – Drums

The Burning of Rome are a five piece band from the Los Angeles and San Diego, CA area. Describing themselves as death-pop, they have the elements of a band who will eventually garner a very large cult following. Their use of both male and female vocal leads gives them a diversity that not many modern rock bands possess.  They released their second album Year of the Ox in 2014 which included three tracks that were among the most requested on Alternative Nation Radio in 2015.

Essential Tracks: “Better Than He”, “Cowboy’s and Cut Cigars”, “Year of the Ox”


Dean – Guitar/Vocals
Marc – Bass
Nils – Drums

Tidalwave is a three piece band from Berlin, Germany. Their first release, a four song self-titled EP released in Feburary 2015, was pure melodic alternative rock bliss. Influenced by bands like Foo Fighters, Deftones, and Muse, Tidalwave have the ability to create a smart and cohesive sound unlike no other. With a new EP entitled “1992” being released in early 2016 (watch the teaser), Tidalwave is sure to turn even more heads in the coming months.

Essential Tracks: “Find Myself”, “Rx”, “Solace”


Hear all the best from all these great up and coming bands plus many more at and  What are some up and coming bands that you can’t get enough of?  Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Slayer, Megadeth, Napalm Death & More Talk “Desert Island” Albums

“If you were trapped on a desert island and could bring one album with you which would it be”? This is the question the metal columnists of Alternative Nation have asked several musicians spanning huge names, cult favorites, and even local acts. With answers ranging from obvious influences to bands you never thought they would like, to sarcastic remarks about the question here is a compilation of every time this question was used in our 2014 -2015 interviews.

Dave Ellefson (Megadeth/Metal Allegiance bassist) – I’d go with Kiss, Alive. One of the first records I ever bought.

Devin Townsend (Man of many bands) – That is a good question! I’d pick one of Ravi Shanktar and George Harrison’s collaborations. Really cool sound.

Biff Byford (Saxon vocalist) – Id go with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. If I’m going to be trapped on an island its best I listen to something beautiful.

Eric Peterson ( Testament guitarist) – Black Sabbath’s Sabotage . It has a lot of nooks and crannies and I like that record a lot.

Chelsea Wolfe (Singer/songwriter)Yggdrasil or Gap Var Ginnunga, by Wardruna.

Paul Bostaph(Slayer/ex-Testament/ex-Forbidden drummer) If i’m going to be trapped for god knows how long I’d need to bring something that could kill all that time, something like Beethoven’s Greatest Hits.

Tom Hunting (Exodus drummer) – It would have to be Rainbow’s Rising. I just think that album is a journey. It’s just a great album. Classic metal band with Dio and Richie Blackmore, it just crushes.

Dave Matrise (Jungle Rot vocalist) – Either Sacrifice’s Forward to Termination or Destruction’s Infernal Overkill… both classic albums.

Barney Greenway (Napalm Death/ex Benediction vocalist) – I’d have to say Ace of Spades by Motorhead. I’ve always been one to love extremity and I see that record as the very first extreme album.

Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders/ ex-Thin Lizzy/ ex-The Almighty vocalist) – That’s easy. I’d bring Black Rose by Thin Lizzy. Love that record… changed my life.

George Kollas (Nile drummer) – It would be my “next” album, hahaha. I got several songs I am working on and I would love to spend as much time with it as possible before I start recording it. I have plenty of time of course because Invictus just got out, but I like to be productive and start ASAP with the next one!

Kat Katz (Agoraphobic Nosebleed/ex-Salome vocalist) – Deadboy And The Elephantmen’s We are the Night Sky. I never grow tired of that album. I love Dax Rigg’s voice and lyrics, and I especially love the soulfulness of that album.

Dixie (Weedeater vocalist/bassist) – Corrosion of Conformity’s Animosity, best of their early punk rock albums. Great band,great guys.

Mike Starr (Steel Panther vocalist) – Oh God, that’s a great question, dude! Desert album… well, I would have to probably bring Def Leppard, Pyromania. I’ll tell you why. Their pop songs are great, there are the deeper cuts that fucking rock. And I dig it. I did a lot of cocaine back in high school to that record, and it brings back memories of lots of chicks and having a good time. If I’m in a desert, all alone, I want those memories.

Bob Pantella (Monster Magnet/ Atomic Bitch Wax drummer) – The album that we would bring to a desert island has yet to be written. Most likely would be the next Bitchwax record because a desert island is probably where we will end up recording it…

Niklas Kvarforth (Shining vocalist) – Burzum’s Filosofem or Depeche Mode’s Violator.

Teloch (Mayhem guitarist) – None, most likely there is no CD player or electricity on a desert island. Why bother staring at a CD you can’t play?

Kevin Foley (Benighted drummer) – Anaal Nathrakh’s Passion, especially with the second song that really sounds like the apocalypse to me.

Dirk Verbeuren ( Soilwork/ ex-Devin Townsend Project/ ex-Aborted drummer) – Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects Sol Niger Within. I’ve played it hundreds of times and it still gives me goosebumps. One of the most unique, heartfelt and inspiring pieces of music ever created.

J.J Hrubovcak (Hate Eternal bassist) – That’s a hard one. It’d probably be one of the big four thrash band’s records like Reign in Blood or Peace Sells. I think that either way, if you have to listen to one record over and over on a desert island alone, you are going to go crazy! My brother used to like some of the Japanese noise bands. If you are going insane, you might as well get there faster with a bunch of noise band static on endless loop!

Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ vocalist)Black Metal by Venom. This is history and personally I have a strong respect for history!

Markus Hirvonen (Insomnium drummer) – Dream Theater’s Awake.

Nature (Tengger Cavalry vocalist) – I would say Slipknot’s Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses.

Ken Faggio (Morpheus Descends bassist, Rooms of Ruin vocalist/bassist) – It’s hard to narrow it down to just one, but off the top of my head I’d say Dimension Hatross by Voivod. They’ve always been one of my all time favorite bands and this album was them at their peek; amazingly unique and original songs and a very cool story concept that carries through the entire album. Some great stuff to get lost in between fishing and building a raft.

Mick Mayer ( Sonic Pulse vocalist/ guitarist) – Trapped on an Island thats a good one!  Megadeth’s Rust in Peace as I listen to it at least once a day. Its the bible for heavy metal song writing.

Gary “Throat” Hadden ( Lesch-Nyhan vocalist) – Bark at the Moon by Ozzy.

Dave Muntean ( Nucleus/Wil vocalist/ guitarist)A Night at the Opera by Queen. I’ve been a fan of Queen way before I was into metal and they still are one of if not my favorite band.

Doug Brown ( documentary filmaker) – Blind Melon: Soup!

Mers Sumida (Black Table vocalist/guitarist) – Tenhi’s Saivo. It sets the mood to be alone and let the mind wander.

Ryan Fleming (Black Table guitarist) – The Zombies: Odessey and Oracle.

DJ Scully (Dead Empires/Black Table bassist) – Mutoid Man’s Bleeder.

Vincent Lepore ( Exinfernum vocalist/guitarist) – I would have to go with Altars of Madness by Morbid Angel. I’ve always been a huge Morbid Angel freak.

Andrew Bones Eastroad (Morditorium guitarist/vocalist) – Stigmata by Arch Enemy. An old favorite of mine. I love the guitar tone on it.

Nick Jackabowski (Bill X Nye vocalist)The Apes of Naples  by Coil is a really good album and its all over the place.

Doyle Von Frankenstien (Doyle/ex-Misfits guitarist) – Why would I bring music? I’d bring food, stupid question.

Interviews with Mike Starr, Mick Mayer, Sakis Tolis, J.J Hrubovcak and Dirk Verbeuren by Birdman Dan. Interview with Nature by Robert Muller. All others by Anthony Carioscia.

Devin Townsend Talks 2016 Plans And Why Strapping Young Lad Will Never Get Back Together

First entering the metal world with the progressive death  metal band Strapping Young Lad in 1994, Devin Townsend is one of metal’s most original and most hardworking gentlemen. Among his various projects, he has released a total of 23 albums, all which showcase his large variety of influences, causing some to dub him “The Heavy Metal Frank Zappa”. Just last year he released Z2with the Devin Townsend Project, and the self-titled debut album by his new project, Casualties of Cool. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing him by phone. We talked about topics such as his plans for 2016 as well as why Strapping Young Lad will never get back together.

On being compared to Frank Zappa:

I don’t smoke cigarettes… so I guess that’s a difference. I do love Zappa, though if I had a choice, I would have gone with Captain Beefheart. Beefheart was completely unaware of how brilliant he was while Zappa knew it.

On Casualties of Cool:

Casualties are a project I have been working on for a long time. I guess because I do all this work with DTP and all these other projects it’s easy to forget the other stuff you have planned and easy to fall into a paint by numbers sort of thing.  This project was something that started slowly without any intention of it turning into anything, but it ended up being a very personal reflection of where I am in music at this point. I’m sure my typical heavy metal fans don’t have any interest in this, but for me it was a really important one cause I got to do something without anyone asking for it. People call this project country all the time but I think its not quite country. I think its more progressive and dark. I think the influence for the sound comes from where I grew up. I grew up on the Americana sort of vibe, stuff like Johnny Cash and Pete Seeger. Then in 2008 I remember hearing that Robert Plant/Alison Krauss collaboration record Raising Sand and thought it was pretty cool. I guess in natural ways this sound just found its own footing.

On possible future albums:

There are always tons of future ideas! Kind of like how I let Casualties evolve the way it did,I let my future solo work evolve in whatever way it wants to. Next thing I’m doing is a Devin Townsend Project record which will be different than anything I’ve done in the past, but along the same lines of that epic heavy metal vibe. I plan on doing a symphony by the end of the year and I have a bunch of a little side projects I’m working on but I’ll let the ones that feel most important to me take a pole position and that would be  the Devin Townsend Project.

On 2016 tour:

We have a planned Devin Townsend Project 2016 US tour, but no dates or locations are decided yet.

On Strapping Young Lad Reunion:

I hate to disappoint you, but the short answer is no. Other then Jed, I don’t really talk to those guys anymore. A lot of fans are upset that there won’t be a reunion and that I’m not doing Strapping anymore, but I can’t spend anymore energy apologizing. I feel I have progressed as an artist and have moved on from that stage in my career.

On who he would like to collaborate with in the future:

Pretty much everyone I’d like to collaborate with I have already. I don’t listen to enough modern metal to have a new list of favorites. The biggest problem with metal in general is that its hard to sustain. Look at Metallica for example they are these 50 year old guys who can’t seem to put out another metal record. They had Orion fest, movies, and Lulu, but no new metal material. I see their problem being they just don’t have the energy anymore. Which I can totally relate to. The collaboration album Deconstruction was an idea I had at the time and though I feel its a good record, I don’t have any plans to do anything like it at the moment. I often wonder if the people I respect as musicians have anything in common, if we just hung out. I wonder if we tried to put together some kind of supergroup that we would end up just all hating each other’s guts… that would suck.

Morbid Angel’s Albums Get Ranked Up!

Formed in 1983 and run by guitarist Trey Azagthoth, Morbid Angel is one of the biggest death metal bands of all time. Their distinct riffs, powerful drums, and dark atmospheres have kept them a favorite among metal fans young and old. To celebrate the band’s body of work this new installment of Alternative Nation’s “Ranked up”  series will focus on Morbid Angel.  This list will include studio albums only.


9.Illud Divinium Insanus (2011)

Often called the St. Anger of death metal, the band’s most recent album is a total train wreck. The album was hyped up due to eight years with no new Morbid Angel albums and the return of iconic vocalist David Vincent.  When the album was finally released, it was met with heavy criticism and memes bashing it all over the net. Morbid Angel tried to experiment with industrial. Now if Morbid Angel took influence from bands like Throbbing Gristle, Foetus, or Skinny Puppy, this album could have been awesome. But instead they mix in cheesy Vampire industrial and end up sounding close to nu-metal (in 2011!). The album’s mind numbing lyrics (such as “kill a cop kill a kill a kill a cop”) make it even worse.


8. Heretic (2003)

Released three years after the amazing Gateways to Annihilation, Heretic was a huge step backwards. The style of this album is that of your usual later Morbid Angel release minus the memorable song writing.  None of the songs really stand out and it just feels like a disappointment after how good the last one was. After this album vocalist Steve Tucker would leave the band and join the awesome super group Nadar Sadek.  He would return to Morbid Angel in 2015. This is also the last album to feature drummer Pete Sandoval as he would leave in 2010.

 download (4)

7. Domination (1995)

Joined by former Ripping Corpse guitarist Erik Rutan, Domination was the band’s  attempt at a more commercial sound. The album sounds overly polished,downed down and one dimensional. With that said the songs ,”Dominate“, “Where the Slime Live“, and “Dawn of the Angry” are still solid tracks. After this album Erik Rutan would leave and form Hate Eternal, only to return to Morbid Angel in 2000. David Vincent would also leave the band and not return untill 2004.


6. Abominations of Desolation (1991)

Recorded in 1986 this was supposed to be the band’s debut album, but was scrapped because the band did not like the end product. In 1991 the band’s then label Earache records decided to release it due to their  new found popularity. The line up on this release included Trey Azagthoth on guitar, John Ortega on bass, Richard Brunelle on guitar and Mike Browning on both drums and vocals and was produced by David Vincent.  All of the songs except for “Demon Seed” would appear on later albums. This album is a fun listen mostly to hear how classics like “Chapel of Ghouls” originally sounded. After this album Mike Browning would leave to form Nocturnus. John Ortega would also leave, but not really go on to join or form any band.


5. Formulas Fatal to the Flesh (1998)

After Domination took them in a bad direction, Formulas got the band back on their feet. Out was David Vincent and in came Steve Tucker who proved he was a better vocalist (yes you read that right!). The satanic lyrics of the first four were replaced with lyrics based on Sumerian and Lovecraftian deities with some of the lyrics even being in Sumerian. This theme would follow on all of the Tucker era albums. The album’s musical sound is very similar to that of Covenant but with more extreme vocals. Highlights include the thick sounding “Prayer of Hatred”, the semi anime inspired “Hymn to the Gas Giant” and the haunting tune “Hellspawn: The Rebirth“.



4. Blessed are the Sick (1991)

This sophomore effort  is known for creating the band’s signature sound. The album is slow paced although contains some very fast riffs and has overtones from goth and classical music. This style would follow the band on most later releases. Some of the best tracks from here include “Desolate ways” ,”Blessed are the Sick”, and “Day of Suffering“.


3. Covenant (1993)


Morbid Angel’s third album is their most well known and their first taste of mainstream success. The album was put out by Giant records, a division of Warner Bros making it the first death metal album to be put out by a major label. The music continues the style that the previous album started but speeds it up slightly. The lyrics are the band’s most satanic to date and the song “God of Emptiness” was featured on an episode of Beavis and Butthead.  Some other classic’s from this album include “Vengeance is Mine, “Rapture“, and “Angel of Disease“. In 2013 the band celebrated the 20th anniversary of this album though even when not celebrating it, plenty of songs are bound to appear in the band’s setlist.


2. Altars of Madness (1989)

One of the most iconic death metal releases of all time, Altars of Madness is a classic from front to back. Here on the band’s true debut album (not counting Abominations) Morbid Angel plays their original trashy and slightly technical death metal. Here the world got the first real taste of Trey’s amazing guitar work, Pete’s insane drumming and David’s demonic vocals on classics such as “Chapel of Ghouls“, “Immortal Rites“, “Maze of Torment” and Lord of All Fevers and Plagues“. Many music magazines and websites to this day still list it as one of the best death metal albums of all time, with a few even giving it the number one slot.

download (6)

1. Gateways to Annihilation (2000)

While Covenant will always be remembered as the band’s most well known release and Altars of Madness as their most important, Gateways to Annihilation is Morbid Angel’s musical peak. With Steve Tucker on vocals, Erik Rutan returning on guitar and the combined might of Trey and Pete we get the ultimate Morbid Angel song writing team. The album’s style is much slower than any other album by the band and is heavy on atmosphere. The guitar tuning is extremely low giving the riffs are really chunky and give off a crushing sound. Erik and Trey’s lead solos bring on a feeling of destruction and chaos. Now that Steve Tucker is back in the band hopefully we will see a proper follow up to this masterpiece of music. Summoning RedemptionI and Ageless Still I Am are the best tracks from this album.




Top 10 Japanese Horror Films That Aren’t About Ghost Or Kaiju

Japanese horror films or J-horror have always been a force to be reckoned with. The country has produced some of the scariest, weirdest and most extreme films the genre has known. In Western pop culture, people normally think of giant monsters (aka Kaiju) or ghost children when it comes to horror flicks from Japan, though the country has produced a diverse wealth of them spanning multiple subgenres. Here, in no order, are ten of the country’s best horror films that feature neither of those things.

Suicide Club (2002)

During the late 90’s to mid 2000’s Japan was making many controversial horror films, one of the most notable being Suicide Club. The film is about police investigating a wave of unconnected suicides and is most notorious for a scene where schools girls happily jump in front of a train. Despite having such a dark subject matter, the film has plenty of humor. Recommended for fans of films that are disturbing and funny at the same time.

Versus (2000)

Versus is a horror, comedy, martial arts, gunplay fusion directed by the now acclaimed Ryuhei Kitamura. Set in a place known as The Forrest of Resurrection, a gang of Yakuzas fights hordes of zombies while trying to stop their leader from opening a portal to hell. With good laughs, gore and fight choreography, the film has stuff to please just about any kind of geek. In 2004 an extended edition called Ultimate Versus was released. This is the best version to see.

Wicked City (1987)

In the 1980’s anime was known for being very violent and this horror anime is a prime example of that. Set near the dawn of the year 2000, a human agent named Taki and a female demon named Makie take on a group of demons called The Radicals. They must also protect a 200-year-old man named Giuesspi who is the only one who can bring peace to the human and demon worlds. The film mixes frightening visuals with high-octane action and explicit gore and nudity and never feels slow for a minute, but at the same time is able to tell a good story.

Kuroneko (1968)

During a civil war, two women are raped and murdered by samurai. After the war, many samurai start mysteriously dying. A young hero is then called in from the government who are convinced it’s the work of a demon. Though the film’s plot does involve ghosts, the film is not structured like a ghost movie and is different in style than what Japan’s horror scene would be known for.  The black and white look mixed with its feudal setting gives the film great atmosphere. The acting is also very good and you really feel for the characters, something that is lost in a lot of horror.

Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis (1988)

Yet another genre blender, this film mixes horror with science fiction and historical fantasy. The plot is about a demonic reincarnation of an old Japaneses emperor on a mission to destroy all of Toyko. The film was a major part of the occult crazes that swept Japan from the late 80’s-early 90’s. Though very slow at times, this film is full of atmosphere and a story that just draws you in and shocks you at when it wants to. The emperor from this film was the inspiration for M. Bison from the game series Street Fighter.

Onibaba (1964)

From Kaneto Shindo, director of Kuroneko, comes another feudal era horror film. Two women have a hobby that involves killing soldiers and stealing their belongings. The women then meet a mysterious man who wears a bizarre mask. Like Kuronekothe film’s setting and lack of color give it good atmosphere. The free-jazz and tribal score also help give the film a bit of a bizarre tone. If Akira Kurosawa made a horror film, it would be Onibaba.

Tetsuo:The Iron Man (1989)

Shinya Tsukamoto is known for directing some of Japan’s craziest films and Tetsuo is no exception. The film is about a businessman who accidentally kills a man who has a fetish for sticking scrap metal in his body. The businessman then starts sprouting metal appendages such as drills out of random parts of his body (not making this up). Shot in black and white and on a low budget this film feels like Eraserhead on crack.  The industrial score is also very good and fits the film perfectly. The film would get two sequels, Tetsuo II: The Body Hammer and Tetsuo: Bullet Man.

Vampire Hunter D (1985)

Based on the first of the Vampire Hunter D novels, this film is horror anime at it’s finest. In the year 12,090 AD, a young woman named Doris hires a half-vampire half human named D to protect her from a powerful vampire lord who has bitten her and wants to make her his new bride. Vampire Hunter D is mostly known as the film that inspired the game series Castlevania. Some of the similarities include Doris using a whip as her main weapon and D resembling recurring Castlevania character Alucard. In 2000, the film would receive a sequel titled Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, based on the third book in the series.

Ichi The Killer (2001) 

Considered to be one of the most disturbing films of all time. The film is directed by famed Japanese director Takashi Miike and is based off the manga of the same name. The film is about a Yakuza named Kakihara who gets turned on when he feels pain. While torturing a rival Yakuza, he learns of an assassin named Ichi who is a great martial artist who gets turned on when he inflicts pain (not making this up) . The film was banned in many countries due to its explicit violence. Though it is full of shock value, the film doesn’t fail in the story and character departments. The film has a prequel called 1-Ichi, which is done in the style of an anime.

Audition (1999)

Also from Takashi Miike, Audition is one of the most well-known and greatest J-horror films out there. A father who lost his wife looks for a new girlfriend. The method he uses is a false movie audition held by his friend, who is a filmmaker. Eventually, he finds the girl he wants. The two relate real well though, though the film hints that this girl is not right in the head, leading to an unforgettable climax. The film is known for its roller coaster-like story structure. Most of it is like a romantic drama with hints of horror; you know things are going to get bad, but you don’t know when. The film is very disturbing and creepy without the use of much onscreen gore.

How Rock and Metal Music Features in the Gaming Industry

Most people know that over the years a strong link has been developed between the world of movie entertainment the world of gaming, with many games based around big hit movies and many movies based on popular games. However, the link between the gaming and entertainment industries doesn’t end there, as there is also a very strong connection between music and gaming. Rock and metal music, for example, has been featured in the gaming industry in a range of ways, with both games being based on rock bands and also the songs of the bands being featured in some games. Bands have been featuring in the gaming industry for decades but the platforms have changed in line with the times, moving from board and retro arcade games to today’s high tech virtual slot games.

Different ways in which rock music and games are connected

There are a number of ways in which rock music and the games industry are connected. For example, Kiss enjoyed success with a dedicated board game back in the 1970s, which was the Kiss on Tour board game where players were able to follow the band as they toured. Another metal band that was the subject of a board game a few years ago was the Swedish symphonic metal band Therion, on which the 011 game from Paolo Vallerga was based. In the 1990s, the music of the band Aerosmith featured in the shooter arcade game Revolution X.


Over recent years, our move into the digital age has seen rock bands and their music being featured in more advanced games such as online slots from sites such as Royal Vegas Online Casino. Players can enjoy a choice of exciting slot game options at Royal Vegas Online Casino, with an excellent choice of slots that combine thrilling gaming with great music. Bands such as Guns ‘n’ Roses have had their music featured in games, enabling players to enjoy their distinctive sound while they are playing. Of course, rock bands also have their own slot games based on the bands themselves such as the aforementioned Kiss and 1980s rockers Bon Jovi.

While most games feature some sort of music, those that incorporate rock and metal music tend to be far more immersive and exciting to play. This is because the distinctive sound and even the lyrics of this genre of music tends to draw people in and this also makes it easier to become immersed in the game itself, as it adds more excitement and more of a thrill for those who are playing. With rock music and heavy metal becoming increasingly popular and accepted in the world of music, it is likely that the music and the bands themselves will continue to be featured in various areas of the gaming industry.

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ John Frusciante Fake Album Pranks Fans

UPDATE: The quote from John Frusciante was also fabricated by RHCPTV5, meaning they are solely responsible for the prank, not Frusciante.

Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante appeared to have a new album called Ghosts over the weekend, with a tracklist ‘leaking’ online.


New songs then also ‘leaked,’ with a copyright notice even being sent to the person who uploaded one of the songs.


Frusciante then released a statement:

“It all came about recently. I have this group of friends that share music and love and cat stories, late one night a good friend of mine and a fellow traveller of the 4th dimension came to me with this song he made, it was originally called Things That Go Bump In The Night.. It was a recording that he made overnight while he slept. He captured noises from the spirit world and added some sounds of his own. That song is called Pareidolia. Pareidolia is a phenomenon whereby one can perceive to see or hear something that’s not there, hidden messages if you will. This particularly applies to my favorite track from the record; St. Nuc. I decided to experiment, could I release a song by a guy nobody knows of, and simply attach my name to it, and cause a stir. Well, yeah apparently. There are no ghosts. I mean there is no ghosts. It was all down to Asa C-H.”

Uhhhm, sorry. -JF

Misfits’ Albums Get Ranked Up!


Misfits (also known as The Misfits) are one of punk rocks most iconic punk bands and the creators of the sub-genre know as horror punk. The band’s distinct mix of punk rock with 50’s pop melodies, and horror themed look and lyrics have given them a following among not just punks, but metal heads , goths, horror fans, you name it. To celebrate Halloween season we decided to make the next installment of Ranked Up! on everyone’s favorite Jersey boys, Misfits.



Project 1950 (2003)

Project 1950 is the first album to feature Jerry Only on vocals and first to have no other classic Misfits members. Instead it contains Marky Ramone on drums and Dez Cadena of Black Flag on guitar. The songs are all covers of 50’s rock hits such as “Great Balls of Fire” and “The Monster Mash“. All of these covers are awful and the album just feels like a cheap cash grab. This same year ex-Misfit, Michael Graves put out an EP titled Seasons of the Witch with his band Gotham Road. Listen to that instead of this pointless release.


The Devils Rain (2011)

After seven years of no new albums and 12 years without original material, The Devil’s Rain was released. Long gap albums by classic punk bands tend to bad (Black Flag’s What the… for example) and this is no exception. Jerry tries too hard to sound like Danzig and songs like “Father” and “Twilight of the Dead” reek of cheesy songwriting. Jerry may be the nicest of the original members, but this album shows he was never the strength of the band. The film this album is named after is bad to, but in a good way!


Famous Monsters (1999)

While not as good as the Danzig era, The Michale Graves era of Misfits was still pretty great. This album contains many classic tracks such as “Helena“, “Descending Angel” (which would be re-recorded in 2013), “Forbidden Zone“, “Crawling Eye” and the 50’s style rock n roll song “Saturday Night“. The song Scream would receive a music video directed by George Romero. Doyle, Graves and Dr. Chud would all leave the band after this album.


American Psycho (1997)

American Psycho is the first album to not feature vocalist Glen Danzig and the first album after their 1983 break up. After their Christian metal project Kryst the Conqueror (not making this up) failed to gain much success, brothers Jerry Only and Doyle Von Frankenstein got the rights from Glen Danzig to reform Misfits. Danzig felt the band would go nowhere without him, but this album would prove him wrong. The band recruited vocalist Michale Graves and drummer Dr.Chud and had their first taste of commercial success. The title track, “Shining” (which is ironically about Poltergeist), “Dig Up Her Bones“, and “This Island Earth” are some of the album’s highlights.



Walk Among Us (1982)

The debut release by the band is one of the very first horror punk albums. This album marked the first appearance of Doyle Von Frankenstein who along with vocalist Glen Danzig and bassist Jerry Only, would go on to become the band’s most iconic members. The album showcases the raw punk/pop melody fusion that the Danzig era is known for. Some of the best tracks from here include “20 Eyes“, “Astro Zombies“, “Skulls” and “Hatebreeders“.


Earth A.D/Wolfs Blood (1983)


The last album to feature Glen Danzig is also one of their most influential. The album is most known for having more of a hardcore punk sound then the other albums. Some of this album’s highlights include “Die Die My Darling“, “Death Comes Ripping“, and “Green Hell“. After this album Glen Danzig would form Samhain, and then his solo band Danzig.


Static Age (1997)

Though released in 1997, Static Age was recorded in 1978 and was suppose to be the band’s debut album, but they could not find a label that would take it. The album contained the lineup of vocalist Glen Danzig, bassist Jerry Only, guitarist Franche Coma, and drummer Mr. Jim. It contains several horror themed songs such as “Last Caress” and “Return of the Fly” but also songs with other topics such as “Bullet“, “She” and “We Are 138“. The band is playing the album in its entirety on their current tour.

Interview: “Godfather of Gore” HG Lewis Talks Upcoming film Bloodmania

Herschel Gordon Lewis is a man who has made films in many genres, but he is most known for creating the horror sub genre known as splatter, a style of horror known for tongue and cheek humor and lots of gore. Because of this he is commonly referred to as the “Godfather of Gore”. Some of his best splatter projects include the 1963 proto-slasher  Blood Feast1964’s redneck horror film 2,000 Maniacs and the bizarre and gruesome, The Wizard of Gore from 1970. Though hated by just about every film critic back when these films were made, Lewis is now considered a horror legend due to his influence on the genre.

Lewis has recently made a film titled Herschel Gordon Lewis’s Bloodmania a horror anthology film involving him and Canadian filmmakers Kevin Littlelight and Melanie Reinboldt. I recently had the chance to email interview the man on this upcoming films as well as his legacy.

On new film:
The full title is “Herschell Gordon Lewis’s BloodMania. It’s four unrelated episodes, shot in or near Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I wrote one and directed two. The other screenplays and directors are Canadian.

On filming process:

I’ve never worked with a more dedicated and more talented crew. Funny stories will have to wait. My only negative comment is that I could shoot two more features during the length of time editing has taken up

On becoming a cult icon:
I’m extraordinarily pleased. That’s especially true when I look back at the early days, when the entire motion picture industry regarded me as an outlaw.

On being called “The Godfather of Gore”:
I do agree. Blood Feast was, regardless of film making quality or the lack of it, the first “splatter film.” Looking for a theme the major film companies had avoided, I decided to experiment. I spent as little money as I could without abandoning blood and guts beyond anyone’s expectations. The “experts” laughed and ridiculed … until box office results shocked them into reality.

On personal favorite none splatter film:
She-Devils on Wheels… and The Uh-Oh Show, a semi-gore film which in my opinion has been painfully amateurish in its distribution.

On being an author:
My books all are related to marketing. The best-seller, now in its fourth edition, is titled “On the Art of Writing Copy.”

Advice to young filmmakers:
Don’t let your ego take command. Don’t cast any friends unless they’re professional actors. Constantly remind yourself that you’re entertaining people who don’t know you.

On film he would like to see turned into musical:
Two Thousand Maniacs. Put an investment group together and you can be the producer.


Comprehensive Metal Workout Playlist

Summer is pretty much here. So if you’re not bikini/speedo ready by now, you may want to hit the gym. I completely understand that you dread the thought of intense workouts, but don’t worry, I’m here to help. What gets me through all of my intense workouts is the music I listen to. Below I will list 5 of my favorite workout songs from almost every sub-genre of metal (in a few cases, more than 5). So I’ve got some workout tunes for you no matter what your metal niche is. The results below are based on a total play count between my iPod, iPhone, and iTunes.

Heavy Metal Classics

A Corpse Without Soul (Live Bootleg) – Mercyful Fate
Murders In The Rue Morgue (Live from The Beast On The Road w/ Bruce) – Iron Maiden
PainkillerJudas Priest
Am I Demon (Live from Thrall: Demonsweatlive) – Danzig

Hair Metal

Just Got LuckyDokken
Children Of The NightWhitesnake
Get The Funk OutExtreme
Kickstart My HeartMotley Crue
Don’t Care ‘Bout Nothin’Shotgun Messiah

80’s Thrash Metal (North America)

Alice In Hell (Demo) – Annihilator
Alone In The DarkTestament
Rotten To The CoreOverkill
Kill As OneDeath Angel

80’s Thrash Metal (Germany)

Mad Butcher (Live from A Savage Symphony) – Destruction
Who Pulls The Wire?Accusser
Flag Of Hate (EP Version) – Kreator
Sodomy And LustSodom

80’s Thrash Metal (The Big Four)

Last Rites/Loved To Deth (Demo) – Megadeth
The Four HorsemenMetallica
Aggressive PerfectorSlayer
Die By The Sword (Live from Decade Of Aggression) – Slayer

Thrash Metal 2000+

At The Mountains Of MadnessDiamond Plate
Unleash The BastardsMunicipal Waste
Dread CommandWarbringer
Immortal LifeBonded By Blood
Wild DogsToxic Holocaust

Speed Metal

Paint A New WorldHelloween
Taken By TimeStriker
Agents Of SteelAgent Steel
You’re Gonna PaySkull Fist

Power Metal

The Goatrider’s Horde3 Inches Of Blood
Twilight Of The GodsBlind Guardian
Night WitchesSabaton
Arise And PurifySanctuary
Cross The LineI Am I

Melodic Power Metal

Rise Of A Digital NationMachinae Supremacy
The Black HaloKamelot
Struggle For The Freedom FlagGalneryus
Black SheepSonata Arctica

Black Metal

Crystallized Pain In Deconstruction (Live in Marseille) – Mayhem
Cosmic Keys To My Creations & TimesEmperor
Rabid Death’s CurseWatain
Souls For BelialMarduk

Blackened Death/Thrash

Todos Somos HumanosAnaal Nathrakh
The UsurperCeltic Frost
Hellfire’s DominionDesaster
Slaves Shall ServeBehemoth

Melodic Black Metal

YlemDark Fortress
Unleash HellNaglfar
NomadShade Empire
He, The AethyrRotting Christ
The DragontowerKeep Of Kalessin

Old School Death Metal

A Skull Full Of Maggots (Live In Moscow) – Cannibal Corpse
Remnants Of Withered DecayMalevolent Creation
Gates To HellObituary
Evil DeadDeath
Chapel Of Ghouls (Live From Entangled In Chaos) – Morbid Angel

Death Metal 2000+

Helleluyah!!! (God Is Dead)Vader
Decency DefiedCannibal Corpse
Let Them BurnKataklysm
Unfit For Human ConsumptionCarcass
Worst Case ScenarioJungle Rot

Death Thrash


The ExorcistPossessed
Cradle RobberRevocation
OmnivoreDemolition Hammer
The PathLoudblast

Brutal Death/Slam

Slaves To The PyreBrodequin
Experience Your FleshBenighted
Narcissistic ApathyIngested
Above AtmospherePathology
Dirty Cunt BeatdownGorgasm

Melodic Death Metal

Blinded By FearAt The Gates
Laser Cannon Deth SentenceDethklok
ClaymanIn Flames
Blood On Your HandsArch Enemy
Tie My RopeChildren Of Bodom
Stabbing The DramaSoilwork
The Blackest IncarnationThe Black Dahlia Murder
Heroes To UsKalmah
A Parenthesis In EternityScar Symmetry

Technical Death Metal

The Ghost Of A StrangerThe Faceless
Die By My HandsAeon
Iconic ImagesAllegaeon
The Face Of My InnocenceArsis
Two-Pound TorchCryptopsy
Evoking The Wrath Of The RevenantsFisthammer
AscensionHour Of Penance
Wrath Of VishnuOrigin
Rain EaterRivers Of Nihil
An AutopsyThe Faceless


The Smallest ManNasum
Die Laughing (Live from Goodbye Cruel World) – Brutal Truth
Unchallenged HateNapalm Death
Human Is The BastardTotal Fucking Destruction
Sex On The FlagAgoraphobic Nosebleed

Gothic Metal

Night EternalMoonspell
Irony Of FateCrematory
Clinic For DollsUnSun

Industrial Metal

ReplicaFear Factory
Caught In The CrossfireThe Bezerker
TV IIMinistry
Feuer FreiRammstein
Nine Spectrums Of ImpurityThe Project Hate MCMXCIX

Folk Metal

Wooden Leg!Alestorm
Under Bergets RotFinntroll
Purifier Of The StarsMelechesh
Tengger CavalryTengger Cavalry

Progressive Metal

The MotherloadMastodon
Ebb/FlowMoon Tooth
TyrantosaurDead Empires
Embraced By DesolationInto Eternity
The AbsenceLuna Mortis

Progressive Extreme Metal

The Fractured OneBlack Crown Initiate
Cerebral HybridizationFallujah
Earthborn EvolutionBeyond Creation
L’Enfant SauvageGojira
Destroyer Of DreamsConquering Dystopia

Progressive Metalcore

Gods Amongst MenWithin The Ruins
FlourishThe Contortionist
DivergencyBorn Of Osiris
Frak The GodsPeriphery

Symphonic Metal

SangrealSeptic Flesh
Kings Of The Carnival CreationDimmu Borgir
Chainsaw BlastGloomy Grim
Be Dead Or DieStarkill

Groove Metal

Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks And Cannibal GirlsWhite Zombie
DescendingLamb Of God
Beautiful MourningMachine Head
Absence Of LightProng

Stoner Metal/Rock

Dragonaut (50% Faster) – Sleep
A Shotgun Named MarcusClutch
PowertripMonster Magnet
I Am The Night, Colour Me BlackPriestess


SupagorgonizerIron Monkey
TranquilizedAcid Bath
Waste Of TiamatHigh On Fire
Midnight EyesHowl

Alternative Metal

Destroy Create Transform SublimateDestrage

The Negative OneSlipknot

Introduce YourselfFaith No More
What’s The Matter ManRollins Band
We Die YoungAlice In Chains


Axe To FallConverge
PressuresParkway Drive
Finish ItCar Bomb
MikasaVeil Of Maya
Panasonic YouthThe Dillinger Escape Plan

Melodic Metalcore

ConvalescenceDarkest Hour
My Will Be DoneUnearth
All That We HaveKillswitch Engage
SignsConducting From The Grave
The PlagueAs I Lay Dying


DesolationBoris The Blade
A PlagueCranely Gardens
Objective To HarvestRings Of Saturn
Isolating The MothAlighieri
Make It BleedWhitechapel


Don’t Fail Me Now (Lady Luck)Vildhjarta
BalthasarEl Scar
Bouncing In A Bottomless PitFredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects


Cruisin’ Till The Wheels Fall OffTiger Flowers
Lagarto (EP Version) – Lazer/Wülf
Womb With A ViewGWAR
I Suck (Blood)Every Time I Die


What metal songs do YOU work out to?

Sounds Asylums: Punk Venues of the Hudson Valley

Geosonic Magazine Issue 1, Page 4                                    Next page: Orange No.9

The mid-Hudson valley has something of a shortage of venues; the biggest pavilion-type venue is the Bethel Woods Center For the Arts, located near the site of the original Woodstock festival, which itself is far removed from the Middletown-Poughkeepsie-Newburgh center of activity.

As such, a large number of DIY-type “hole in the wall” venues have sprung up throughout the area. Here’s a few of the most beloved of those venues and some of the acts they’ve seen take the stage…

The Chance/The Loft

Located in Poughkeepsie… essentially the Master Blaster of venues, you have much bigger venue, The Chance, where bands like Soundgarden, Guns N’ Roses, Alice in Chains, and Bon Jovi played while trying to break it big, while The Loft is a much smaller space sitting comfortably on The Chance’s shoulders, accessible via staircase. The Chance/Loft is one of the only remaining venues in the general area to book major touring acts. You can check out Soundgarden’s set from 1990 at The Chance above.

Left: The usual haunts. Right: The Venetia Fair play Sounds Asylum.

Sounds Asylum/The Skyline

Out of Middletown, New York was one of the most beloved musical venues in the area. Located across the street from a church and near several businesses, the venue proved controversial for its loud concerts which were customarily interrupted by the police.

Says founder Rob “Ruckus”, “Sounds Asylum served it’s purpose over the course of its run. It was meant to bring together the music community and bring the feeling of acceptance and belonging that I got when I was first went to a local show to everyone who entered. It was never about the money, it was about the music and the fans. This was OUR home. I’ll be continuing this effort at Motorcyclepedia Museum by organizing free events for the music community every couple months.”

The venue has since been re-purposed under new ownership as The Skyline.

Los Huevos bring their brand of awkward garage rock to the Tuscan Cafe.

Tuscan Cafe

Located right on the New Jersey border in Warwick, NY, the Tuscan Cafe is a great little punk rock cafe. Highlights include open mic every Thursday night and the occasional touring act, such as Coheed and Cambria guitarist Travis Stevor’s Davenport Cabinet. Stevor’s wife runs a bakery just down the street from the Tuscan. Commonly seen at open mic nights are Cloud District, Los Huevos, and New Jersey’s Killin It’.

Elephant Graveyard, a repurposed barn.

The Elephant Graveyard

The Elephant Graveyard is a small venue in the loft of a barn in Chester, run by Jay from the local band Common Folk, for local independent musicians on a donation based admission. The close quarters encourages intimacy and interactivity between the musicians and the crowds of up to 80 people.

the alter

The Alter

The Alter is a recently closed venue in the basement of what looks to be a normal house in New Paltz. Its dark and gloomy atmosphere has made it a popular spot for both local noise and punk bands like BILLxNYE and touring bands like the black metal band Yellow Eyes. You can check out an infodump of every artist who played at The Alter here.


Snug Harbor Bar & Grill

A bar in New Paltz known for its constant metal and punk shows booked by “Crazy” Dan, drummer for Minotaur’s Redemption. Such shows usually fall on Tuesdays from 10 PM to 2 AM.

Previous page: What do you get when science and punk mix? BILLxNYE.

New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley: Artist Index

Left to right: Moe & Tom, Dead Empires, Necroptic Engorgement 
Geosonic Magazine Issue 1, Page 2                        Next page: BILLxNYE

The Hudson Valley is known as a retreat for various celebrities looking to settle down in the middle of nowhere away from attention; Liam Neeson owns a house in the general Poughkeepsie area, while Stephen King is known as a lifelong patron of the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, a sprawling mountaintop hotel that is eerily similar to the one from The Shining, right down to a creepy hedge maze. There is some rich musical history here; Bob Dylan supposedly wrote John Wesley Harding in Orange County’s Middletown after his motorcycle accident, and of course all three Woodstock festivals were held in various Hudson Valley locations over the past four decades.

However, there is a pervading sense of boredom in the valley’s younger inhabitants, who might just feel like they’re trapped in a fish bowl by the sprawling mountains blocking their view in every direction. That being said, boredom and isolation from the rest of the world often results in great artists; here’s a sample of some of the Hudson Valley’s artists. The list is incomplete, so contact me for any suggestions. Thanks to Anthony Carioscia for help with the metal music.

Entropy, 2015.


16 Hundred Pound Pig –  From New Paltz, a hardcore punk group you’ll see playing around the Poughkeepsie area.

BILLxNYE – Saganites to the fifth degree, Middletown’s BILLxNYE are a self proclaimed “power science” band that seemingly fuses Napalm Death with your high school science curriculum. In the words of Orange No.9 (more on them later) frontman Tod Elgnis, “These guys are scientifically H-E-A-V-Y”. You can read our full interview with outspoken frontman “Nickjack” on page 5…

Black Mesa – Intense noise rock for fans of Half Life. Vocalist/guitarist Nathan is also a member of Yesod, a pulse-pounding grindcore/noise act.

Common Thief Punk band from Goshen who are soldiering on after their vocalist and close friend, Dillon Vuksanovich, tragically passed in January.

Entropy  Old school hardcore in the vein of Minor Threat.

Exit 17 – Political street rock n’roll from New Paltz.

Hand-Carved Squirrels – Greatest band name ever. Facebook description: Funk/Hip-Hop/Punk/Acorn/Reggae/Ska.

One Day Waiting – Rising hard rock/metal band from New Paltz blending grungy melodic singing with metal screams and growls.

Super Always – Chaotic grunge-punk throwback.


Event Horizon, 2014


Adesta Poughkeepsie-area hard rock act.

Dead Empires Incredible instrumental stoner rock.

Event Horizon – Rock and roll band from Putnam County.

The Gentlemen – Manic noise rock from New Paltz with robotic riffs and beats. Think Queens of the Stone Age on crack.

Los Huevos – Starring Vinnie Huevos and a changing array of musicians (the most well known lineup including Cormel Lee on bass and Antique Lee on drums), Los Huevos (the eggs) take the three chord punk song and add a splash of comedy.

Orange No.9 – From Hopewell Junction, this three piece garage rock band worships the alternative greats.  Hot off the heels of their STRAIGHT TO VHS! E.P., you can read our interview with them on page 5.

Sun Voyager – Desert rock band from Orange County.


the begotten
The Begotten, 2014


The Begotten – Unique mix of thrash/groove and death metal with intense female vocals.

Blast Furnace Good old fashioned death metal.

Dark After Dawn Thrash throwback act from Orange County.

Feed The Addiction – Hardcore band from Marlboro.

Minotaur’s Redemption – Folk metal act from New Paltz currently undergoing a transformation with new member, Alternative Nation’s own Birdman Dan of Roargh!, a thrash metal outfit.

Necroptic Engorgement – These rising death metal stars have already opened for their idols in Cannibal Corpse.

Rooms of Ruin Thrashy, industrial laced stoner doom.

Striven Self-described “grunge metal” band from the Westchester area.

Submit to Suffering – Melodic death metal with impressive guitar work.

cloud district
Cloud District, 2015


Cloud District – Cloud District is an Orange County indie rock band for fans of Modern Baseball, Bad Books, and The Front Bottoms.

Common Folk – This folk punk band’s singer/guitarist Jay Uhler also runs the popular venue, The Elephant Graveyard.

Kaybee Fun, Zappa-influenced folk act.

Moe & Tom – These two Warwick girls (who aren’t actually named Moe and Tom) just set off on a cross country road trip on the proverbial pilgrimage to California. Their debut album, The Earth Is Much Like You and Me, was released in October of 2014,



Who The **** Are Orange No.9?!?

 Geosonic Magazine Issue 1, Page 5 

Well, I’m out to answer that question once and for all. I saw these guys play at the Sounds Asylum in Middletown, New York on April Fool’s Day 2013 when frontman Tod Elgnis was dressed up as Kurt Cobain at Nirvana’s infamous Reading concert. I would later catch up with the band in late 2014, after they released their first EP, Straight to VHS. I recently caught up with singer/guitarist Tod Elgnis, who is currently hard at work on the first proper record with the band…

Left to right: Tod Elgnis, Cheyenne Moore, Christopher Liranzo

For those who have never heard of you, can you tell them who the **** are Orange No.9?

Orange No.9 is a three piece Alt-Rock band (I think?) that consists of Me (guitar/vocals), Cheyenne Moore (drums) and Chris Liranzo (bass). Our influence in style, sound, attention to detail and effort comes from bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, Smashing Pumpkins, The Doors, Starfish, Black Sabbath, and Creedence Clearwater Revival, if you want to take the tops but there are so many more.

orange no. 9
“Inhale” is a personal favorite of this writer.

Tell us a little about your first E.P.

STRAIGHT TO VHS! was recorded at a studio called The Loft in Bronxville NY and it was a definite first step to getting the band to go home with the viewers and actually have something carved in time and plastic. But it arrived a little late and it didn’t capture the raw energy of the band from the live shows that people seemed to dig. THE APPROACH TO RECORDING IT, however, was what we are most proud of. We initially wanted to record it on analog tape instead of digital to show the masses that we had nothing to hide behind. But the studio didn’t want to work with a budget or the hassle of recording on such a medium so we decided to RECORD DIGITAL LIKE ANALOG and have all recordings done LIVE. We establish rules that wouldn’t allow us to use recording gimmicks like time correcting shit or quantizing or whatever. Those are TOOLS, NOT INSTRUMENTS! And we are FIRM BELIEVERS IN PUTTING OUT MUSIC YOU CAN ACTUALLY PLAY LIVE JUST AS GOOD OR BETTER!

You had previously indicated you’d be going into a hibernation to work on the debut album and redefine the band’s sound. What exactly is that transformation going to entail? 

The sound of this band has always been a bit of a hard thing to nail down and drag around but after putting out Straight To VHS! and bringing it with us to shows for half a year we decided to go through a line up change on bass and just take a break from shows to work on new music. ENTER BATCH OF NEW SEXY SHIT! During our winter hibernation at a new secluded basement practice cave, we ended up crafting a few new songs: Waves, Too Close, Nomad and a few others that exposed new deeper, focused and grown up layers of our normal heavy/soft/smooth/buzzed formula. Armed with these, we played a few shows at The Chance (opening for Hed P.E and Alien Ant Farm) with new found energy. Afterwards we unintentionally reclused again. So we decided this time that we would gather up all remaining songs from our old cache and a few off the EP to record our first full length which we are hesitantly calling Safe, Secure & On Time, which is a complete and utter tongue in cheek reference to how this band is anything but on time, and secure. We are always safe, though.

Drummer Cheyenne Moore’s Foo Fighters tribute artwork. The official Sound City Facebook page took notice of it and sent Cheyenne the following: “Dave will see it. I just sent it to him!”

We’ve played with them a couple times, pretty cool that they are going for that garage/grunge type stuff, not that many people trying to do that in our area… waaaay more “musical” than us!

– Nick Jakubowski (Bill X Nye)

Previous page: Sounds Asylums

Beale Street Music Festival Lineup: Pixies, Slash, Cage the Elephant, & More

Beale Street Music Festival has just announced their lineup. The festival will occur will occur from May 1st-3rd in Memphis, TN. Some notable alternative rock artists featured include The Flaming Lips, Pixies, Breaking Benjamin, Awolnation, Slash, Cage the Elephant, St. Vincent, Scott Weiland, and more. You can click here for ticketing info and more info on the event.

Lineup: Lenny Kravitz, Ed Sheeran, The Avett Brothers, Paramore, Hozier, John Fogerty, Five Finger Death Punch, Wilco, Pixies, The Flaming Lips, Cage the Elephant, Ryan Adamsn, Rise Against, Band of Horses, St. Vincent, Slash, Awolnation, Breaking Benjamin, Bleachers, Wale, Flogging Molly, Lindsey Sterling, G-Eazy, Jenny Lewis, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Kaiser Chiefs, Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, Of Mice & Men, Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn, Lecrae, Spin Doctors, Myslovitz, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, In This Moments, Shovels and Rope, Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts, Soul Asylum, and more


Top 10 Old School Death Metal Throwback Bands

The balance of heaviness and technicality the atmosphere and the overall evil sound old school death metal brings is the perfect mix for many metalheads. Alternative Nation showcased 13 of the most underrated albums of that era, and now we (Anthony?) have (has?) picked ten of the best modern bands paying tribute to this style.


Blast Furnace

From Middletown, New York. This band only formed last year but they are already taking the local scene by storm. The band plays death metal that sounds just like when the genre first started. If you are a fan of the very early bands like Death, Autopsy and early Pestilence, then this band is for you!



Chicago is a huge breeding ground for metalheads. Many obscure extreme metal bands from the 80s and 90’s are in regular talks among the areas metal crowd and there is even a metal themed burger place there. The guys (and girl) in Mordatorium are among these. With a sound similar to Dismember it is very surprising this band is not from Sweden.



From Trenton New Jersey comes another band that’s shocking to be from the US. Like Mordatorium, Funebrarum sound like they could have come out of the 80’s-early 90’s Swedish Death Metal scene. Elements of death doom can also be heard in there sound. The band played MDF 2011 and had a great performance.

Cannabis Corpse

From the mind of Land Phil, the man behind Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan, comes this hilarious entry in the genre. Cannabis Corpse is a weed themed parody of Cannibal Corpse, taking their gore themed song titles and lyrics and changing them to weed references. The band is a parody in lyrics and imagery only, as they have original riffs and music. On later albums they parody song titles by other death metal bands such as Gorguts and Morbid Angel.



Not to be confused with the classic rock style band of the same name. This Graveyard is from Spain but sound like they’re from Sweden (like most of this list). This band not only plays old school Swedish style death metal but, also add in hints of melodic death. For fans of Necrophobic.


Dead Congregation

This Greek band plays old school death metal with a slow, atmospheric, crushing style, but done in a way where the band doesn’t fall into death doom. The band played MDF 2011 and the first year of the NYC metal festival Matrydoom Fest. The fest is even named after one of their songs!



Most known for having Tobias Forge from Ghost in the band (wink wink nudge nudge); in this band he uses the name Mary Goore. The band is from Sweden but have a sound that’s closer to classic American death metal. The band played MDF 2011 along with Ghost (BECAUSE ITS THE SAME VOCALIST!); the band has been on hold since then.


Morbus Chron

Another helping from Sweden. On the band’s debut they played their country’s classic style of death metal but with their own spin on it. On the second album the band developed a sound of their own, playing a very psychedelic take on melodeath. Both albums are well worth checking out!


Formed by ex-Incantation vocalist Craig Pillard. The band gained wide acclaim shortly after. The band style is very similar to Incantation but with crushing, ultra-thick guitar riffs added in. If you like Incantation you will most likely like Disma.


Though this band formed in 1990, they released nothing during their first run and would split up 8 years later. In 2008 the guitarist decided to give the band a second chance releasing two demos the next year, and since then 3 full lengths. The band plays, you guessed it, Swedish style death metal. But since this band was originally meant to come out during that era, their sound is authentic. The band is pretty much influenced by what was meant to happen in the early 90’s instead of paying tribute to the greats from that era.