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Pearl Jam Member Gets Married

According to a Missoula Montana newspaper Pearl Jam’s lone bachelor has finally tied the knot in what seemed to be a very secret ceremony. The Missoulian mentions two people by the same name as Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament and his long time girlfriend Pandora Andre-Beatty getting married on February 16th, 2016 in the “Marriages” section of their website. Unless there is another couple who reside in Missoula with the same name as the Pearl Jam bassist and his girlfriend, this report seems to be legit. This in the only known reporting of the marriage.

Pearl Jam also released a slew of North American tour dates this past January.

April 8: Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (BB&T Arena)
April 9: Miami, Fla. (American Airlines Arena)
April 11: Tampa, Fla. (Amalie Arena)
April 13: Jacksonville, Fla. (Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena)
April 16: Greenville, S.C. (Bon Secours Wellness Arena)
April 18: Hampton, Va. (Hampton Coliseum)
April 20: Raleigh, N.C. (PNC Arena)
April 21: Columbia, S.C. (Colonia Life Arena)
April 23: New Orleans, LA (New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest)
April 26: Lexington, KY (Rupp Arena)
April 28: Philadelphia, Penn. (Wells Fargo Center)
April 29: Philadelphia, Penn. (Wells Fargo Center)
May 1: New York, N.Y. (Madison Square Garden)
May 2: New York, N.Y. (Madison Square Garden)
May 5: Quebec City, Quebec (Centre Videotron)
May 8: Ottawa, Ontario (Canadian Tire Centre)
May 10: Toronto, Ontario (Air Canada Centre)
June 9-12: Manchester, Tenn. (Bonnaroo)
Jul. 9: Telluride, Colorado (Ride Festival)
Aug. 5: Boston, Mass. (Fenway Park)
Aug. 7: Boston, Mass. (Fenway Park)
Aug. 20: Chicago, Ill. (Wrigley Field)
Aug. 22: Chicago, Ill. (Wrigley Field)

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Pearl Jam Announce 2016 U.S. Tour Dates

Earlier this morning, Pearl Jam posted a tour announcement on their website:

“Pearl Jam announced today that they will perform a series of North American concert dates between April and August of 2016.

A special ticket pre-sale drawing for all dates except the festival and stadium dates starts today for current Ten Club members (as of Monday, January 18th). Memberships purchased after Monday, January 18th are not eligible for the Ten Club pre-sale drawing for any of the shows listed below including the shows in Boston and Chicago. “



The website also notes that all dates are subject to change. The exact performance date and time at Bonnaroo will be announced at a later time, as well as ticket information regarding the dates at Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. However, tickets for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest are on sale and now and the tickets for Bonnaroo go on sale this friday.

These tour date announcements come out of the recent rumors of tour dates announcements, as reported earlier this week by Jeremy Neugebauer :

Pearl Jam have basically teased again what they have been teasing since late last year by announcing on their Facebook page and Twitter that a tour announcement is coming soon.

As far back as October Alternative Nation has been reporting the following tour dates, however a headlining stint at the Bonnaroo Festival has been rumored to be replacing the Nashville date and Canadian radio station 101.5 The Wolf announced a contest to win tickets to a performance in Toronto on Tuesday, May 10th, so the rumored dates below may vary a bit. With the Bonnaroo announcement coming January 18th on Conan, Pearl Jam’s announcement may coincide with the Bonnaroo announcement (antsy Pearl Jam fans are hoping anyway).

Rumored Pearl Jam 2016 Tour Dates from October:
4/8 Ft Lauderdale
4/9 Miami
4/11 Tampa
4/13 Jacksonville
4/15 Atlanta
4/16 Nashville
4/18 Columbia SC
4/20 Charlotte
4/21 Raleigh
4/23 Lexington
4/26 Pittsburgh
4/28&29 Philly
5/1&2 NYC
5/5 Buffalo
5/6 Albany or Hartford
5/8 Quebec
5/10 Ottawa
5/11 Montreal
5/13&14 Toronto

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King’s X Drummer Remembers Pearl Jam’s ‘Historic’ 1994 Tour

I’ve said it once, twice, three times, and will continue to do so until the cows come home – I thoroughly enjoy the rock n’ roll band King’s X, and have for quite some time (since 1989, to be exact!).

The band has issued quite a few recordings that I continue to spin to this very day (‘Gretchen Goes to Nebraska,’ ‘Faith Hope Love,’ ‘Dogman,’ etc.), and they continue to rock to this day (I caught a live show this past summer in NYC, and I can honestly say they sound better than ever – if you get the chance, definitely catch them live).

The group’s long-time drummer, Jerry Gaskill, recently issued his second solo album overall, ‘Love and Scars,’ which shows that he is much more than just a time-keeper, as he also co-wrote and sings lead on all the tunes. Mr. Gaskill was kind enough to answer some questions about the release, King’s X, and his health (he suffered two heart attacks a few years back) for Alternative Nation.

What are some standout memories of when King’s X toured with Pearl Jam in 1994?

I remember every night feeling like I was watching history being made. It was a true honor to be a part of something as special as what Pearl Jam had become. We had known those guys before they were Pearl Jam and to be a part of this historic event was something I’ll always be thankful for. I remember one night, Dug was to sing “W.M.A.” with them, and David Abruzzese asked me to play octobans. He told me they never did this song because there was nobody to play those extra percussion parts. So he kind of told me how it went and I got up there and played along side him. It felt great! We did the encore with them and I remember walking on the stage and the ovation from the crowd was overwhelming. After the song, Eddie introduced Dug to the crowd, but never mentioned me. David stood and started shouting, “And goddamn Jerry Gaskill!” Of course no one heard him, and that’s ok with me. It was just an honor to be a part of it. I also had my oldest son, Jerrimy, out with me, who was 15 at the time. He hung with the guys quite a bit. I believe Eddie would come to the bus and get Jerrimy to shoot hoops together. At the end of the tour Eddie said to me, “Tell Jerrimy wherever we are, he’s always welcome.” When we got home I remember one day taking Jerrimy to school and he said, “You know dad, almost everybody at my school would give their right arm to do what we just did, and that’s just what we do.” I thought that was really special as well…

How would you compare ‘Love and Scars’ to a King’s X album?

To me ‘Love and Scars’ has nothing to do with a King’s X record other than the fact that I am in King’s X and also some of the players on the record are very much influenced by King’s X. For instance, D.A. Karkos (I call him Dan) who I made this record with, says that King’s X has helped shape his musical life. King’s X is a band. ‘Love and Scars’ is a record I made with Dan and other friends. ‘Love and Scars’ is more my vision, along with Dan, whereas King’s X is ultimately the vision of Dug, Ty and me. King’s X, in many ways, has afforded the opportunity to make a record like ‘Love and Scars.’ I am very excited and humbly proud of ‘Love and Scars.’ I hope that it can somehow spread out and reach more than just King’s X fans. I feel like a fan myself…

What are your favorite songs on the album?

Actually, each song is my favorite to the point as I’m listening to one song that I love I’m looking forward to the next one. If I mention one song as a favorite, I feel like I would be taking away from another that is my favorite. They all mean that much to me. I feel as though
I’ve given a big part of me in each song. They are all true musical babies to me…

Will you be playing shows in support of it?

I am definitely hoping to. I have ideas and I really hope they can come to fruition. I feel this music should be on a stage. I want as many people as possible to hear it. I believe in this record and I want to do everything I can to keep it around…

You have a good singing voice, but I don’t recall you singing on many
(any?) King’s X tunes. Why not?

Why thank you! I sing lead on three King’s X songs…”Six Broken Soldiers,” “American Cheese (Jerry’s Pianto),” and “Julie.” Like I said earlier, King’s X is a totally different thing than making my own record. I don’t necessarily feel like a lead singer in King’s X. Dug is the lead singer of King’s X, yet there are times when it seems appropriate for either me or Ty to sing lead as well. I say whatever works best for the song…

Looking back, what is your favorite King’s X album and why?

I feel like whatever record we’re working on is my favorite. I have fond memories of all the records, and at the same time, a lot of hard work and some maybe not so fond memories come with all the records. There is a part of me that always feels I can do better or I should have done better. The first four records are special to me because they are like a certain era. It was the beginning era for King’s X. Then ‘Dogman’ came, which was produced by Brendan O’Brien, and a new era was born, along with ‘Ear Candy’ produced by Arnold Lanni. From there, we did a few records of writing together from scratch. It started with ‘Tapehead’ then ‘Bulbous’ and ‘Manic Moonlight.’ Again, a whole new era. We ended up doing two records with Michael Wagener, ‘Ogre Tones’ and ‘XV.’ Again, a whole different vibe. I see all the records as times in my life. I prefer to think of them all as profitable for me in one way or another…

How are you doing health-wise?

I’m doing great great! I feel as though I’m doing better than ever in many ways. I have a better understanding of my body now. I’m learning how to take care of it. I work out every day now and I’m seeing a personal trainer once a week. I’ve been seeing him now for about six months. His name is Danny Weltman and I love him. I started out seeing him two to three times a week. I wake up every day now and start my day with a pretty intense workout. I generally feel healthier and stronger than I did before I died. I wouldn’t change a thing. Our bodies tell us what it wants and what it doesn’t want. I’m learning how to listen. Heart attacks have done me well…

What are the future plans for King’s X?

We’ll be doing some shows in 2016, and we’re also talking about a new record. A new record will most likely happen. I don’t know exactly when. I want to feel ready when we get together to do it. I want it to be right. I want to make the best King’s X record that we can possibly make. I will say though that I’m still very much focused on ‘Love and Scars.’ Sometimes I think if anything is holding up the King’s X record it’s probably me. But it’s all good and one day in the pretty near future we’ll get together and do that next King’s X record…

Eddie Vedder Used To Play Surprising Album Before Every Pearl Jam Show

While yours truly was recently interviewing Ian Anderson (former singer/flautist for Jethro Tull) for BraveWords, the chat took a turn towards discussing Tull’s classic 1969 release, Stand Up. And surprisingly, Mr. Anderson mentioned a certain renowned grunge singer who was a fan:

“You could have also asked Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, because apparently that was his favorite album. He used to take it to Pearl Jam gigs and play it before every show, so he told one of my road crew, when they went to see him in concert.”

Anderson is currently on the road performing a rock opera entitled…Jethro Tull: The Rock Opera, for which dates can be viewed here.

Watch Pearl Jam’s Full Global Citizens Festival Performance

Pearl Jam were the headlining act from the 2015 Global Citizens Festival on Saturday. You can view their full set below!

Alternative Nation reporter Jeff Gorra had the chance to attend the 2015 United Citizen’s festival. The following is his review:

“Feel the sky blanket you, with gems and rhinestones. See the path cut by the moon, for you to walk on.” — Eddie Vedder (“Unthought Known”)

About halfway through Pearl Jam’s headlining set of Saturday’s Global Citizens festival, Eddie Vedder tells a story about writing Backspacer’s “Unthought Known” in New York City. “I really should have been asleep, but the light of the sky overlooking this park we are in right now, was just too good to pass up,” says Vedder.

A perfect day for a festival, it seemed that song, and the moments surrounding it, served as the emotional foundation for the entire day. 60,000 people jammed into New York City’s Great Lawn – Central Park. What makes this festival different is that the crowd had to participate in the activism before the actual show. It’s the only way you have a chance to get in (without shelling out huge money for VIP). With that, the artists and celebrity speakers showed great appreciation for all that was done before a single note was played.

Coldplay kicked off the show at 4pm and got the crowd moving with a jumpy “Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall.” They continued on their path to get the juices flowing with an uptempo set and a few surprises mixed in – including Ariana Grande joining Chris Martin on stage for an acoustic performance and a new song entitled “Amazing Day” to close their set.

Next up was English singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran. If you only know Sheeran by his radio songs, go see him live. He performed his entire set solo with simply a guitar and his loop pedals. If you miss one note or are off beat by a split second when using loop pedals, you have then ruined your entire song. Sheeran was flawless, incredibly entertaining and is remarkably talented. The highlight of his set being – Chris Martin joining him (on piano) for a rendition of “Thinking Out Loud.”

The night certainly had its run of collaborations including Sting joining Common on stage 2 before Beyonce’s performance, who many were there to see. Beyonce had a strong message to deliver throughout her set that fit the theme of the festival and organization. Sheeran would join her mid-set for an acoustic performance of “Drunk in Love” (though this festival does not serve alcohol).

The nights hosts’ – Stephan Colbert and Hugh Jackman then returned for their MC finale which included a lineup of CEO’s to lead up the nights headliners, the one and only Pearl Jam.

“Good Evening. I think a toast is in order. Here’s to New York City, here’s to Central Park, here’s to you,” said lead singer Eddie Vedder, before a thunderous “Mind Your Manners” opener. The Seattle rockers came out swinging as “Do the Evolution” and “Given to Fly” followed.

A bit of a shorter set than usual for Pearl Jam, even for a festival, the band did a great job of mixing hit songs in with songs appropriate for the setting and purpose. They carried the torch of gratitude for all Global Citizens does and for what those in attendance had done in order to be apart of festivities. They too kept on the theme of surprises. For one, their encore started with a full band version of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” where Eddie gave a beautiful tribute to Lennon, speaking of how relevant Central Park was to his music and advertising the gathering that will be taking place in the park in honor of Lennon’s would-be – 75th birthday. Though Vedder has played “Imagine” solo numerous times, this was the first time Pearl Jam played a full band version. It was stellar, and got all 60,000 people singing in unison.

Then came perhaps the nights most unique pairing as Vedder welcomed Beyonce to the stage for a duet of “Redemption Song.” It’s not everyday you get to sing with the queen,” said Vedder.

To close the evening, all artists were welcomed on stage for a celebratory “Rockin in the Free World.” During a week where faith and spirituality were ever-present in New York City, Pearl Jam did a perfect job tying it all together with the motives of the concert. Often, their own movement is compared to that of a spiritual journey. How fitting we would find them at the musical helm to unify the masses at the conclusion of it all.

Pearl Jam’s setlist:
Mind Your Manners
Do the Evolution
Given to Fly
Elderly Woman
Lightning Bolt
Redemption Song (Vedder solo with Beyonce)
Rockin in the Free World

Pearl Jam To Perform On Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Pearl Jam are set to perform on “The Late Show” With Stephen Colbert. CBS has officially revealed the lineup for the third week of “The Late Show” episodes, which includes the popular Grunge group among a range of others. Pearl Jam are slated to perform on September 23rd. You can view the full list below:

CBS’ official “Late Show” listings follow:

Thursday, Sept. 10 Vice President Joe Biden; Uber CEO Travis Kalanick; musical performance by Toby Keith

Friday, Sept. 11 Comedian Amy Schumer; author Stephen King; interview with and musical performance by Troubled Waters

Monday, Sept. 14 Actress Emily Blunt; Justice Stephen Breyer; musical performance by The Dead Weather

Tuesday, Sept. 15 Actor Jake Gyllenhaal; musical performance by Run The Jewels with TV On The Radio

Wednesday, Sept. 16 Actor Kevin Spacey; TV legend Carol Burnett with comedians Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer; musical performance by and interview with Willie Nelson

Thursday, Sept. 17 Actress Naomi Watts; United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

Friday, Sept. 18 Actress Lupita Nyong’o; Senator Bernie Sanders; interview with and performance by “An American in Paris’” Christopher Wheeldon, Robert Fairchild and Leanne Cope

Monday, Sept. 21 NBA MVP Steph Curry; Senator Ted Cruz

Tuesday, Sept. 22 Donald Trump; U.S. Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz; musical performance by Raury

Wednesday, Sept. 23 Actor Hugh Jackman and founder of the Global Poverty Project Hugh Evans; Senator Elizabeth Warren; musical performance by Pearl Jam

Thursday, Sept. 24 Author Andrew Sullivan; Journalist and Activist Maria Shriver; Comedian Jim Gaffigan; Archbishop Thomas Wenski

Friday, Sept. 25 Nobel Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai; Actress Kerry Washington; musical performance by The Arcs

Live On All Legs: A Look Back At Pearl Jam’s Greatest Live Performances

Photo credit: Lance Mercer

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say Pearl Jam wanted to make a career spanning live album, and give the fans the option to nominate, vote, and pick all the tracks to go on this one disc, 18 track, live album. This album will be similar to the Pearl Jam live releases “Live On Two Legs” and “Live On Ten Legs” however, it will be a career expansive track list, hence… “Live On All Legs” (so original!)
With the majority of every show in Pearl Jam’s history recorded, either by an audience recording, by the band professionally, or a radio recording (and there is no telling what other treasures lie in Pearl Jam’s infamous “vault”), Pearl Jam is probably one of the only bands that could be able to pull this off. After brainstorming this idea, and after much research and some very difficult decisions, I have narrowed down my 18 favorite live tracks that I would nominate to go on this album, taking into account many different aspects including band performance, crowd enthusiasm, and quality of the recordings.  You can stream most of these tracks, however all tracks are available to download with the links provided.

Live On All Legs Tracklist:

1. “Of The Girl”
Riverport Amphitheater
St. Louis MO
October 11th, 2000

“Of The Girl”, often used as an opener during the 2000 tour is a great way to begin the evening.  This version in particular stands out with some great guitar effects and fantastic transitions.



2. “In My Tree”
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY
July 8th, 2003
This revamped version of this progressive No Code classic is truly a live standout. Switching it up by opening with the main guitar line instead of the rhythmic drumming approach gives “In My Tree” a much different and fresh feel. Adding a keyboard solo by Boom Gasper during the bridge brings out another surprising element.



3. “Even Flow”
Madison Square Garden
New York, New York
July 8th, 2003
One thing about the track “Even Flow” is if you go to a Pearl Jam show, this is one of the only songs you will almost be assured to hear. For many of the Pearl Jam fans who have seen multiple shows, this is one many would say they could do without. But there is one aspect of “Even Flow” everyone wants to hear and that of course is the Mike McCready guitar solo, Why? It’s always different, always amazing, and it gives McCready the chance to do what he does best… melt your face. Of all the live performances of “Even Flow,” this one in particular, McCready not only gives you one amazing guitar solo, he gives you two, smoothly changing the solo in equally incredible fashion. He even surprises his fellow band mate Stone Gossard who almost loses his concentration because McCready was in such a zone (as evident on the DVD release Pearl Jam, Live at the Garden).



4. “In Hiding”
Riverport Amphitheatre
St. Louis MO
July 2nd 1998
I don’t know what it is about this particular evening, but three tracks from my list came from this show. I believe it’s one of Pearl Jam’s most underrated shows in their 24 year history. Mike McCready was on fire this evening, providing amazing solos on almost every track he could fit one in and Eddie Vedder’s voice was nothing short of stellar. Their longtime producer, Brenden O’Brein was on hand for this show so it could have given the band a little motivation to show him a good time. The band sounded amazing that night, and this version of “In Hiding” is their best ever, Vedder absolutely nailing the chorus is the highlight of this one.

5. “Nothing As It Seems”
Wembley Arena
London, England
May 30, 2000
This live version of “Nothing As It Seems”, the first single off the album Binaural is again layered with amazing guitar lines and solo’s from guitarist Mike McCready. McCready does something different in the beginning of this track by adding a thick slice of distortion to the intro giving this cut quite a bit more flavor. Some of the video versions of “Nothing as It Seems” are better to watch, but when comparing sound alone, this one is tops.



6. “W.M.A.”
Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
Manchester, Tennessee
June 14, 2008
This is a extremely chilling version of this V.S. classic. Bonnaroo 2008 was one of the bands most superlative festival appearances. Lead guitarist Mike McCready adds on a layer of psychedelic guitar lines to accompany Eddie, Stone, Jeff, and Matt’s flawless performance. The band doesn’t play this one much, but this night it became a Pearl Jam live career highlight.



7. “Improv/Habit”
Riverport Amphitheatre
St. Louis, MO
July 2nd, 1998
You can definitely sense the crowd reaction to the surprise elements of this track. The Improv gives a great feel of anticipation, and when the band kicks into the heavy guitar driven track “Habit” it’s absolutely phenomenal.  This is Pearl Jam at their best.


8. “Garden”
Fox Theater
Atlanta GA,
April 3rd, 1994

A very impressive take on “Garden” from the classic album “Ten”.  The band are in tune with each-other and Eddie’s voice is stellar.  The sound of the Fox Theater is also fantastic.   Guitarist Mike McCready playing a great bluesy solo and guitarist Stone Gossard being a steady rhythmic compliment is really what sets this version apart.



9. “Betterman/Save it for Later”
Riverport Amphitheatre
St. Louis, MO
July 2nd, 1998
For this version of “Betterman” and the fairly typical tag of “Save it for Later” by English Beat, Vedder and the rest of the band feed off each other perfectly bringing this version to new heights. Vedder’s voice is flawless with the “Save it for Later” tag which is the definite highlight of this Vitalogy classic.


10. “Porch”
Drop in the Park
Warren G. Magnuson Park
Seattle, WA
September 20, 1992
Early live Pearl Jam in all its glory, with this version of “Porch” being one of their most adrenaline fueled ever. The hard hitting drums of former drummer Dave Abbruzzese are a force to be reckoned with and Eddie Vedder singing the lyrics to Rollins Band “Tearing” while the band is raging behind him brings this version to new levels. Full of surprising tempo changes and heavy collaborative jamming, this version of “Porch” shows the world how well each band member can anticipate the other member’s every move. “Porch” is great add to any Pearl Jam setlist, but this one is a definite standout.



11. “Mind Your Manners”
FedEx Forum
Memphis, TN
October 14th, 2014
The first heavy hitting single from Pearl Jam’s latest effort Lightning Bolt hits even harder with this live version; Vedder sounds better than ever and the band is completely on point.



12. “Black”
GTE Virginia Beach Amphitheater
Virginia Beach, Virginia
September 7, 1998
“Black” is and probably always will be a crowd favorite. Off the Pearl Jam classic album Ten, it’s a track that is played often live and unlike “Even Flow”, it seems to be something everyone is excited to hear. In this version, the band strums through as the track builds into a progressive climax. Again, a highlight is lead guitarist Mike McCready, he is keyed in with the other members of the band and pushes the guitar solo to unfamiliar reaches.



13. “Crazy Mary”
Shoreline Amphitheatre
Mountain View, CA
June 1, 2003
Pearl Jam is known for their amazing performances, but one aspect of the live performance that is sometimes overlooked is their touring B3 organist and session keyboardist, Boom Gasper. Boom’s talent shines through on Pearl Jam’s best take of the Victoria Williams track “Crazy Mary.” The highlight of this version is when McCready and Gasper jump into a guitar/keyboard duel towards the end of the track, making this a must listen.


14. “Daughter / The Wrong Child / Romance”
Phillips Arena
Atlanta, Georgia
August 7th, 2000
This is a pretty typical live cut of Daughter, but Eddie Vedder being Eddie Vedder finds a way to make it more special as the track builds into another stellar tag. At some point, maybe during soundcheck, Eddie discovered that Phillips Arena had a very distinct echo in which he could use to his advantage in the performance. Vedder utilizes his profound voice and the sound features of the arena to make his voice uniquely echo and reverberate throughout the entire arena, and it is also distinctly evident in the recording. You might want to grab a jacket before you listen, because Vedder’s vocal performance may give you chills.



15. “Red Mosquito”
Austin City Limits Music Festival
Zilker Park
Austin, Texas
October 4th, 2009

When in attendance of a Pearl Jam show you never really know what is going to happen, such as with the Austin City Limits Festival in 2009.  Ben Harper came out as a special guest to play a little slide guitar and along with McCready playing his style of bluesy guitar solo on the other side, this tandem was really a spectacle to behold.



16. Parting Ways
Riverport Amphitheatre
St. Louis, Missouri
October 11th, 2000
“Parting Ways” is a live rarity and this is their best version.  McCready’s use of guitar effects in this performance is fantastic. “Parting Ways” is a great way to close out a set or an encore, and this particular evening in St. Louis was right on point, with McCready seemingly channeling other worldly elements.


17. “Fuckin’ Up”
Boston, Massachusetts
Orpheum Theater
April 12, 1994

The band ending a set or encore with this classic Neil Young cover is always a treat.  With this one, PJ brings down the house with an incredible jam session closing out an epic night in Boston.  Vedder was in good spirits and motivated the crowd to ‘stand up!’  Again, this is Pearl Jam at their best.



18. “Yellow Ledbetter/Star Spangled Banner”
United Center
Chicago, Illinois
May 24, 2009

The typical show closer of “Yellow Ledbetter” is always given a boost when the “Star Spangled Banner” is played Hendrix style by axe master Mike McCready.  This night in particular, with the house lights on, it was a perfect cap to a perfect evening in Chi-town.



This list is very subjective and ones opinion (how can a persons opinion be wrong!).  There are many other great live recordings of these tracks and other tracks not on this list which you can download any track mentioned here and the majority of others before 2008 at for free; everything 2008 to present can be purchased at

What would your Live On All Legs look like?  Feel free to post in the comments below.

Hear all these tracks plus many other great Pearl Jam live cuts at Rock Show Radio’s Alternative Nation Radio.

Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Mark Hoppus & Others Celebrate Independence Day

Across the United States Saturday, Americans are celebrating the 239th anniversary of their country’s independence from Britain. Likewise, many of the rock and roll community took to social media to acknowledge this monumental day:

Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready To Partner With Elton John For Expansion Of Public Music Education

RTT News reports that Mike McCready will take part in the expansion of Turnaround Arts. The legendary Pearl Jam guitarist will join Elton John and Jack Johnson in working at participating high-poverty schools across the nation. More on this developing story to come…


In other Pearl Jam news, the band is being sought after by Mountain Jam Festival founder Gary Chetkof for next year’s festival, alongside Eric Clapton. Chetkof told Alternative Nation, “I was looking at Eric Clapton, Pearl Jam as the artists I’d love to bring to Mountain Jam… Pearl Jam, if you’re reading this… gimme a call! [laughs] I’ll be calling you in a couple months!”


Pearl Jam have announced that they will be kicking of a South American tour. The band’s tour begins in Santiago, Chile on November 4, and wraps in Mexico City, Mexico on November 28. In between, Pearl Jam will play five shows in Brazil.

Pearl Jam 2015 Tour Dates:
11/4 – Santiago, Chile @ Estadio Nacional
11/11 – Porto Alegre, Brazil @ Arena do Gremio
11/14 – Sao Paulo, Brazil @ Estadio do Morumbi
11/17 – Brasilia, Brazil @ Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha
11/20 – Belo Horizonte, Brazil @ Estadio Mineirao
11/22 – Rio de Janerio, Brazil @ Estadio Maracana
11/28 – Mexico City, Mexico @ Foro Sol Stadium

Pearl Jam’s Albums Get Ranked Up!

It seemed inevitable that as a music site, there would be some form of album ranking series, so here we are with the debut of ‘Ranked Up!’ We decided to begin with the Alternative Nation community’s favorite band, Pearl Jam. Although many other sites and blogs may have previously attempted to sort albums in a qualitative manner, we hope that the attribution of multiple factors regarding the overall process and release of the album will create a more informative and fair ranking. Please note that this list is pure opinion (from yours truly) and you are free to disagree. We are also including Lost Dogs, the band’s B-sides collection.

Do you feel so strongly for or against this ranking? Share your opinions and personal ranking in the comment section below. Enjoy.

11. Riot Act

Release date: November 12, 2002

Record label: Epic Records

Producer: Adam Kasper, Pearl Jam

Lineup: Eddie Vedder (guitar, vocals), Mike McCready (guitar), Stone Gossard (guitar), Jeff Ament (bass guitar), Matt Cameron (drums, percussion, rhythm guitar)

Singles: “Bu$hleaguer,” “I Am Mine,” “Save You,” “Love Boat Captain”

Sales: Gold

Opinion: Taking on a more political stance, this record has a larger focus on lyrical content than memorable musical characteristics. Even though the addition of keyboardist Boom Gaspar allowed the sonic qualities to possess a more mature and cohesive flow, both the vocal and instrumental aspects throughout are mostly dragged down by a cloud of dullness.

10. Lightning Bolt

Release date: October 11, 2013

Record label: Monkeywrench Records, Republic Records

Producer: Brenden O’Brien

Lineup: Eddie Vedder (vocals, guitar), Mike McCready (lead guitar), Stone Gossard (rhythm guitar), Jeff Ament (bass guitar, background vocals), Matt Cameron (drums, background vocals)

Singles: “Mind Your Manners,” “Sirens,” Lightning Bolt”

Opinion: For the most part, this a risk-less release. With influences of punk and classic rock dispersed evenly across the board, there are very few eyebrow-raising worthy tracks. The modern hooks of “Infallible” show progress, but a cover of Eddie’s solo “Sleeping by Myself” uke-piece seems a bit unorthodox. I doubt the full band would ever include a tune from the other members’ projects on an official PJ album.

9. Binaural

Release date: May 16, 2000

Record label: Epic Records

Producer: Tchad Blake, Pearl Jam

Lineup: Eddie Vedder (vocals, rhythm guitar, ukelele), Mike McCready (lead guitar), Stone Gossard (rhythm guitar), Jeff Ament (bass guitar), Matt Cameron (drums)

Singles: “Nothing as It Seems,” “Light Years”

Sales: Gold

Opinion: The continuation of sharing on songwriting roles between the five musicians showcases a larger diversity of melodies. There seems to be a found balance between the anthemic ballads, acoustic mid-tempo numbers, and upbeat hard rockers. Regardless of the less successful hooks, singles, and overall impact of the record, there is still a lively energy and push for experimentation.

8. Lost Dogs


Release date: November 11, 2003

Record label: Epic Records

Producer: Tchad Blake, Adam Kasper, Brendan O’Brien, Rick Parashar, Pearl Jam

Lineup: Eddie Vedder (guitar, vocals), Mike McCready (guitar, piano), Stone Gossard (guitar, vocals, bass guitar, percussion), Jeff Ament (bass guitar, guitar, vocals), Matt Cameron (drums, percussion, guitar), Jack Irons (drums, guitar, vocals, percussion), Dave Abbruzzese (drums), Dave Krusen (drums)

Singles: “Last Kiss”

Sales: Gold

Opinion: While a band’s typical b-sides and rarities compilation is usually a bit of a drag with acoustic demos and raw material, this collection of outtakes proves to be mostly enjoyable. Although never released as an official single, “Yellow Ledbetter” is undeniably important in Pearl Jam’s career and radio airplay. Unfortunately, there are many pieces on the two discs that are far less notable to make an impact.

7. Backspacer

Release date: September 20, 2009

Record label: Monkeywrench Records

Producer: Brendan O’Brien

Lineup: Eddie Vedder (guitar, vocals), Mike McCready (guitar), Stone Gossard (guitar), Jeff Ament (bass guitar), Matt Cameron (drums, percussion)

Singles: “The Fixer,” “Just Breathe,” “Got Some,” “Amongst the Waves”

Sales: Gold

Opinion: The polished, production-heavy sound created a mixed reception for critics and fans alike. There is a handful of forgettable tracks that are faltered by a predictable and cliche format. But in the end, this 36-minute bundle contains some of the most serene, reflective, and thought provoking compositions released by the band.

6. Yield

Release date: February 3, 1998

Record label: Epic Records

Producer: Brendan O’Brien, Pearl Jam

Lineup: Eddie Vedder (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Mike McCready (lead guitar), Stone Gossard (rhythm guitar, vocals), Jeff Ament (bass guitar, vocals), Jack Irons (drums, percussion)

Singles: “Given to Fly,” “Wishlist”

Sales: Platinum

Opinion: The Single Video Theory documentary creates a greater respect for the effort and struggles that went into the material. The album features hidden gems and soaring choruses are dispersed amongst the other non-conventional pieces.

5. Vitalogy

Release date: November 22, 1994

Record label: Epic Records

Producer: Brendan O’Brien, Pearl Jam

Lineup: Eddie Vedder (vocals, guitar, accordian), Mike McCready (lead guitar, vocals), Stone Gossard (rhythm guitar, vocals), Jeff Ament (bass guitar, vocals), Dave Abbruzzese (drums)

Singles: “Spin the Black Circle,” “Not for You,” “Immortality”

Sales: 5x Platinum

Opinion: Easily the most odd concoctions to be garnered together and considered an album in their discography. Interludes including “Pry, To,” “Bugs,” and “Aye Davanita” may leave you scratching your head, but that is simply the beauty of it all. This release freed the band from their arena rock pigeonhole. Nonetheless, there is still an abundance of fan favorites and crowd-shakers laced across.

4. No Code

Release date: August 27, 1996

Record label: Epic Records

Producer: Brendan O’Brien, Pearl Jam

Lineup: Eddie Vedder (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica), Mike McCready (guitar, piano), Stone Gossard (guitar, vocals), Jeff Ament (bass guitar, guitar, vocals), Jack Irons (drums)

Singles: “Who You Are,” “Hail, Hail,” “Off He Goes”

Sales: Platinum

Opinion: In the same vein that Vitalogy opened new doors for the group, this record paved the way for a softer and more intimate experience. Elements of worldbeat and a larger dependence on minimalism let each riff or vocal wail truly stand out. With each progressive verse, there is an underlying catchy melody, making No Code an unforgettable mark in the PJ catalog.

3. Pearl Jam

Release date: May 2, 2006

Record label: J Records

Producer: Adam Kasper, Pearl Jam

Lineup: Eddie Vedder (lead vocals, guitar), Mike McCready (guitar), Stone Gossard (guitar), Jeff Ament (bass guitar), Matt Cameron (drums, percussion, backing vocals)

Singles: “World Wide Suicide,” “Life Wasted,” “Gone”

Sales: Gold

Opinion: With four years since their last album, the anticipation level was high for this album. Yet the Bush administration re-sparked the band’s early angst and gave them a surge of inspiration as the energy and urgency shines through in numbers. The dynamics consistently excel as all musicians are vital cogs in the clockwork.

2. Vs.

Release date: October 19, 1993

Record label: Epic Records

Producer: Brendan O’Brien, Pearl Jam

Lineup: Eddie Vedder (vocals, rhythm guitar), Mike McCready (lead guitar), Stone Gossard (rhythm guitar), Jeff Ament (bass guitar), Dave Abbruzzese (drums)

Singles: “Go,” “Daughter,” “Animal,” “Dissident”

Sales: 7x Platinum

Opinion: Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains were already creating a concrete name for themselves in the ‘grunge’-trending music industry by 1993, but with this sophomore release, it was clear that Pearl Jam was an unstoppable force. Punks, geeks, thrashers, and the diverse collective of cliques could latch on to the various styles within this album. Vs. was not just a well-rounded musical monument, but also a guarantee of a prolific future.

1. Ten

Release date: August 27, 1991

Record label: Epic Records

Producer: Rick Parashar, Pearl Jam

Lineup: Eddie Vedder (vocals), Mike McCready (lead guitar), Stone Gossard (rhythm guitar), Jeff Ament (bass guitar), Dave Krusen (drums)

Singles: “Alive,” “Even Flow,” “Jeremy,” “Oceans”

Sales: 13x Platinum

Opinion: To have not expected seeing Ten being the highest ranked LP on this list would be slightly preposterous. The group’s debut harbors some of their most well-known masterpieces. The lyrics, cohesion, song structure, and production value allow for both intimate acoustic performances and stadium-filled concerts. Every single track held flawless qualities. And overall, Ten is essential for any grunge fan, a necessity of 90’s rock lovers, and a certain classic in music history.

Interview: Mountain Jam Festival Co-Founder Expresses His Desire To Book Pearl Jam

New York’s Hudson Valley has a rich musical history, being home to the original Woodstock Festival (as well as its infamous little brothers, Woodstocks ’94 and ’99). Radio Woodstock founders Warren Haynes of The Allman Brothers Band and Gov’t Mule and producer Gary Chetkof founded the Mountain Jam Festival in Hunter, New York as a one day, four band event in 2004 to honor the spirit of the original Woodstock.

In the decade since, the festival exploded into a weekend long Woodstock tribute, becoming a summer tradition for both residents of the Hudson Valley and tourists of Upstate New York. In what is probably the biggest year for the festival yet, the Black Keys (who played the festival before headlining stadium shows) and Robert Plant will be headlining. I had a chance to speak with founder Gary Chetkof, who elaborated on the festival’s continued expansion and which Alternative Nation regular he’s pursuing for next year…

Can you describe from your own point of view what Mountain Jam is really “about” to people who may not be familiar with the festival? 

It’s a big production, a top tier talent festival that is very intimate. We only sell 15,000 tickets. Nothing’s split or crossed; we’re on hundreds of acres of flat land. You’re sort of in a bowl in the beautiful Catskill Mountains, and the stage is at the bottom. It’s a natural amphitheater. There’s not tons of walking. Besides camping options, there’s plenty of hotels and condominiums in the area for rent… plenty of options for lodging. It’s set up so that it is affordable to come for only a day.

There’s real infrastructure, bathrooms… that’s what sets us apart. We’re probably the most accessible of the festivals, and we give people tons of options. I know a lot of people that hate portapotties… it’s nice to have real bathrooms and running faucets in the middle of nowhere.

Plus, in a sense, you carry the torch of the original Woodstock Festival.

Yeah, we carry the torch! It’s always what we’ve done. There’s always lots of peace, love, and good vibrations. It’s one of the reasons we always book Michael Franti… he carries that spirit. Richie Havens, Edward Sharpe… socially advanced and very progressive with a sense of social consciousness. That’s the tone we set out to achieve.

I bet setting up this festival is all you can think about for most of the year!

Yeah… you might get a week off after the last festival! The cleanup alone takes weeks. Not too long after that, you get the offers for next year’s lineup!

This year’s lineup includes headliners The Black Keys and Robert Plant. That’s pretty huge. Is this a step towards targeting a broader audience?

That’s exactly what we’re trying to do. We’ve always been very diverse musically, much more diverse that a lot of other festivals. Radio Woodstock is a strong component in the booking. It’s a pretty aggressive, eclectic and nationally respected radio station. We’re more inclined towards booking to that audience, but now we’re branching out to indie and alt, pretty much anything that is exciting. Music today is very encompassing in that people’s tastes vary. We’re not focused on any one genre.

The whole summer music festival scene in America has gone through a revival over the past few years. Mountain Jam predated fests like Firefly by six or so years, yet you must have to try and keep up with that market. 

You need to be aware of what the new competition is. There’s no doubt about it. Two things have happened in the past ten years: the economy has tanked, and more festivals have grown. So we’re really chasing limited dollars, we have to up your game. Having Robert Plant, the Black Keys, Alabama shakes… it’s about upping our game and being competitive, staying fresh and being unique. That’s important to us.

We’ve been webcasting our festivals for a constant 10 years, spreading awareness throughout the country and people coming from all fifty states all the time. The five hour radius around is obvious with people driving in. We get the bulk of people from there.

The festival has pretty much gone off without a hitch since its inception, with the exception of a controversy last year surrounding possibly overzealous security guards and local law enforcement. You yourself said that you’d make sure the issue was rectified this year. Do you have any update on that? 

Obviously, things get blown out of proportion. People said it was really not that bad, for the 95%. The 5% had a problem. We have changed security companies. We want to bring that spirit that we’ve always wanted for Mountain Jam. We got rid of the people who went to far. I’m gonna be hanging out and making sure security is really friendly and not too intrusive. We work with the state police to make sure they are more respectful of what we do, and they know the boundaries of what’s legal and not legal. I’m really looking forward to putting that behind us this year.

Now that the everything about the festival is finalized, are there any artists that you tried booking this year, or possibly looking to book in the future? 

We got all the artists we went after this year, as the headliners! I haven’t thought too much about next year…

Maybe it’s too early for me to ask. You still have a few weeks… 

I was looking at Eric Clapton, Pearl Jam as the artists I’d love to bring to Mountain Jam…

That would be great!

Pearl Jam, if you’re reading this… gimme a call! [laughs] I’ll be calling you in a couple months!

Photographer Danny Clinch Talks Hanging Out With Eddie Vedder & Sean Penn, New Shannon Hoon Documentary

As recently reported on the Alternative Nation site, photographer Danny Clinch is currently working on completing the much-talked about film comprised of Hi-8 video footage that late Blind Melon singer Shannon Hoon shot between 1990-1995 (for which a sneak peak can be viewed here).

Danny was willing to chat with me for the Songfacts site about the Shannon film:

“I knew all the Shannon footage existed, and we decided we would ask Lisa [Shannon’s girlfriend] and Nico [Shannon’s daughter] if we could use this footage that Shannon had shot. She agreed, and we started to look through the footage. And really, it was Brad Smith [Blind Melon’s bassist] who kept saying all along, ‘This should really be a film about Shannon through Shannon’s eyes.’ And we were like, ‘Yeah. This is such a big story.’ At the end of the day, I came to the conclusion that it was a really cool idea. We started to dig through, and really the important thing to us was, ‘Could we sustain the film with just this footage?’ What we realized was that Shannon was a really dedicated filmer – he filmed a lot, and with purpose. I feel like he felt all along that he was going to make a film with it at some point, so we thought that we would oblige him and help him make the film.”

And he discussed photographing other rockers, such as Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder (including the story behind a new famous photo session, of Mr. Vedder holding a ukulele while floating on a paddleboard in a pond – of which the photo above was taken):

“The cover of my book, called Still Moving, is a photo from that session: the cover of his ukulele record. My friend, Gary Ashley – who’s my assistant for over 15 years – we had a conversation of, ‘What was one of the best photo shoots in this book?’ And we had to agree that going to Oahu to hang with Eddie Vedder for three or four days was one of the best shoots ever. It involved going surfing, going paddleboarding, driving around Oahu with Ed in his Jeep to location scout, sitting around at night after the shoots, having a beer with Ed and Sean Penn. It’s like living the dream.”

You can read the rest of the interview (including memories of photo sessions with Neil Young and Tom Waits) by clicking your clicker here.

Eddie Vedder Selected As “Most Proud Interview” By Greg Prato For ‘Grunge Is Dead’ Book

Recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the Nirvana Legacy site about my 2009 book, Grunge Is Dead: The Oral History of Seattle Rock Music, by the author of the forthcoming Nirvana book, I Found My Friends: The Oral History of Nirvana, Nick Soulsby. Some tidbits included the following:

Nick Soulsby: When was your first contact with the grunge scene, how did it come about?

Greg Prato: The first grunge band I fancied was Soundgarden, first via seeing the “Hands All Over” video on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, but I truly became a big-time admirer of the band after seeing them live in Brooklyn, NY in March 1990, on a bill that also featured Faith No More and Voivod (the latter of which headlined!). I then bought Mother Love Bone’s ‘Apple’ later in the year (after reading great things about it in Rip Magazine), followed by Alice in Chains’ ‘Facelift’ in spring 1991. From there, I discovered Nirvana and Pearl Jam just like the majority of other non-Washington folks did…

Nick: Similarly, at what point did you decide that the kind of epic work you must have put in to construct “Grunge is Dead” kick in…?

Greg: I felt very disappointed that seemingly as soon as Kurt Cobain died, rock music regressed to the largely unoriginal copycats that plagued rock music in the late ’80s (and that the very progressive way of thinking that Nirvana and Pearl Jam championed had regressed back to the groupie/rock star vibe of the Sunset Strip in the ’80s). This only seemed to get worse throughout the late ’90s and early 21st century (Creed, Kid Rock, etc.). While there were a few books written about grunge before ‘Grunge is Dead,’ many were either hard to follow chronologically or were written before main events took place (Cobain’s death, Soundgarden’s split, Layne Staley’s death, etc.). So, I set out to put together a definitive book that told the complete history of Seattle rock music, and interviewed as many people as possible.

Nick: Is there an interview you were particular proud to acquire and why…?

Greg: Without a doubt, Eddie Vedder. To the best of my knowledge, his interview for ‘Grunge is Dead’ is the only time he was willing to open up and recount Pearl Jam’s early history (he declined to do so for a Rolling Stone cover story around the same time) – years before he was interviewed for the book that Pearl Jam eventually did, ‘Pearl Jam Twenty.’ He was also kind enough to be interviewed for nearly 2 hours, willing to give thorough answers to all my questions. It remains one of my favorite interviews I’ve ever conducted (and having begun doing interviews in 1997 as a journalist, I’ve done hundreds over the years).

Keep your peepers peeled to this site, as I will soon be returning the favor, and interviewing Mr. Soulsby for Alternative Nation about his book!

To read the rest of the interview, click here.

For ordering info/read some samples of Grunge is Dead, scoot on over to here.

grunge is dead

Pearl Jam Announce South American Tour Dates

Pearl Jam have announced, that they will be kicking of a South American tour. The band’s tour begins in Santiago, Chile on November 4, and wraps in Mexico City, Mexico on November 28. In between, Pearl Jam will play five shows in Brazil. There’s still one date yet to be announced so we’ll soon find out just where Pearl Jam will play on November 7. Ticketing information will be announced on the group’s official website.

Pearl Jam 2015 Tour Dates:
11/4 – Santiago, Chile @ Estadio Nacional
11/11 – Porto Alegre, Brazil @ Arena do Gremio
11/14 – Sao Paulo, Brazil @ Estadio do Morumbi
11/17 – Brasilia, Brazil @ Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha
11/20 – Belo Horizonte, Brazil @ Estadio Mineirao
11/22 – Rio de Janerio, Brazil @ Estadio Maracana
11/28 – Mexico City, Mexico @ Foro Sol Stadium

In other PJ news, Keith Cameron has published a new interview with Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard (conducted last summer) where Gossard discusses the band’s creative dynamic, and differences they had in the past regarding songwriting, and why the band ultimately stuck together. Cameron mentioned to Gossard that any long-term relationship has its ups and downs, and Gossard agreed.

“Absolutely. And there might not even be anything going on at a certain period of a band’s existence, but somebody just wakes up and goes, ‘I’m gonna change…’ Glorious things can come out of somebody saying, ‘I’m not gonna put myself in this process any more, I’m gonna choose a different process.’ There’s nothing wrong with that. But our particular band has been stubbornly persistent at just saying: ‘Nope, we’re gonna keep doing it.’ And there’s been times when that has probably not benefited us. There’s been times when we’ve been stagnant and times where it would have been nice to have somebody come in and break the thing open and say, ‘No, try it this way’ – where we were incapable of doing that. But I think in the long run our persistence and stubbornness paid off in the sense that now I think we’re better at challenging ourselves internally. Going back in time and thinking about songs that I hated – ‘Oh, this song’s not a Pearl Jam song’ – and then just loving it 10 years later and going, ‘God, I was just in a shit mood, because I wasn’t in charge of some particular track or it wasn’t going the way I wanted it to’. I had a predisposed notion about how I felt about it.

Everybody in the band has gone through moments like that, where they’re like, ‘I’m not happy right now.’ But, you can’t be happy every day! And anyone that’s ever tried to put a new band together knows you’re going to run into a whole new set of personalities and whole new set of problems, and anyone that thinks they can just go out and do it by themselves and have that same momentum is… Y’know, Ed’s as good as anyone at generating that energy by himself, he’ll go out and do solo shows, but I think at some point during those tours he’s like, ‘Ahh, I’m excited to be getting back to my band,’ just because those faces and the support that he gets and the energy he gets from the history of it and the song catalogue and the crowd’s response to it, is all still evident.”

Pearl Jam Declined To Play Major 2015 Music Festival

In a new Reddit AMA, the promoters and producers for the Governors Ball Music Festival, which is held annually at Randall’s Island, NY, discussed their dream acts to play the festival. Two out of the three promoters listed Pearl Jam:

If you could build your dream lineup (artists still alive or passed away) who would headline?

Each of us are gonna answer this one:

Talking Heads, Bob Marley, Pearl Jam

I’d say Talking Heads Reunion, Phish, Radiohead, and for passed away (or partly passed away): Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, The Beatles. Also quite bummed we don’t have Alt J, Sylvan Esso, and Jungle this year. Pumped about Ratatat -YR

LCD Soundsystem. Pearl Jam. Beyonce. Radiohead. Eddie Murphy.

Speaking of Pearl Jam, the producers also answered a question on which artists they tried to get to perform at this year’s festival, but ultimately couldn’t. With Pearl Jam being on that list:

Were there any artists that you tried to recruit for Gov Ball this year but couldn’t quite land (similar to Eminem last year)?

Pearl Jam. Beyonce. June didn’t work for their schedules.

The 2015 Governor’s Ball Music Festival comes to New York’s Randall’s Island from June 5th to 7th. You can view the full lineup below:

Gov Ball 2015

Fans Campaign To See Pearl Jam Headline Major Festival

According to Delawareonline, Pearl Jam won a fan vote of nearly 200 submissions to be voted as the top dream headliner for the 2015 Firefly festival. The band bested the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Green Day, Arcade Fire, Muse and a whole list of others.  Other massive festivals such as Coachella and Governors Ball have already announced their lineups, but a spokesperson for Firefly has stated that the official lineup will be announced early next month.

It should be noted that Firefly and Coachella recently announced a partnership. Overlap should be expected, however it’s not confirmed that headliners for the Coachella Festival (Drake, AC/DC and/or Jack White will be pulling double duty.  Kings of Leon and The Killers have been rumored as being potential headliners on Reddit.


Bruce Springsteen To Join Eddie Vedder In Honoring Bob Dylan

We reported last year that Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder would be one of many acts to perform when music legend, Bob Dylan, is honored as MusiCares Person of the Year at a special tribute ceremony at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Friday, February 6th. It is now being reported that more names have been added to that list and are set to perform at the ceremony. The confirmed list includes: Bruce Springsteen, Jack White, Eddie Vedder, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Beck, The Black Keys, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Norah Jones, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks, Aaron Neville, Los Lobos, Taj Mahal, Alanis Morisette and John Mellencamp, among a few others.

The event takes place just two days before the 57th annual Grammy awards. Former President, Jimmy Carter, will present Dylan with the award.

In other Vedder news, NBC News reports that President Obama’s visit with Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder was shorter than Backspacer, lasting under 30 minutes. The White House described Vedder as a ‘friend of the Obama family.’ The visit capped off Obama’s two week vacation in Oahu. The Obamas are renting a vacation home not too far away from Vedder’s home in Kailua.

Vedder played a set at a Florida fundraiser in 2012 for Obama, and has been a longtime supporter of his. Vedder told Repubblica (via translation) in 2009, “The night he was elected, I wanted to go out and dance in the street. The next day, Seattle had a rare day without rain, the sky was clear.”

He added that the people who had not voted for Obama were recognizable at first glance as they were, “Sad, disappointed, pathetic.” He added that he was disgusted when President Bush was reelected in 2004, “When Bush was reelected, I could not help but think: ‘Fuck you Americans, because you are ill-informed and base your vote on values that I can not accept.’”

Pearl Jam Fans Raise $75K For A Concert In Queens, NY

A group of Pearl Jam fans are currently raising money in hopes of the band plays a live concert in Queens, NY at the Forest Hills Stadium. So far, they have collected more than $75,000 in just one month. The idea originated from a recent successful crowdfund by Foo Fighters fans, who raised about $70,000 earlier this year in an effort to get the band to play in Richmond, VA. “We couldn’t be more amazed or thrilled by the success for the Pearl Jam fan crowd fund and we never expected the outpouring of support from the Pearl Jam and Queens community,” said Dan Sheffer, who started the campaign on November 5th.

The campaign was run through Tilt, a crowdfunding site, which allows participants to pledge $80, allowing them a ticket to the show, or $1,000, which gives fans four tickets and a “mystery’ box of PJ goodies.” The goal, the group said, is to raise $100,000, but eventually they hope to collect more than $500,000, so that they can cover the costs involved in bringing the band to Queens and pay the musicians as well.

Nicole Vandenberg, a spokeswoman for Pearl Jam, recently stated in an email that “the band just finished up a 2-year tour cycle and are on a break. I won’t be connecting with them before the new year, but it’s always exciting to see the passion of fans for the band’s music!”

Interview: Cheetah Chrome Talks Dead Boys Covers; Punk Rock’s Early Days

For a long time, I’ve felt that one of the more underrated guitarists from punk rock’s first wave was Cheetah Chrome from the Dead Boys (a band that was originally from Ohio, but eventually found a second home in NYC, with the CBGB’s set). In addition to co-penning the group’s two best known tracks: “Sonic Reducer” (which was covered by Pearl Jam and sampled by the Beastie Boys) and “Aint It Fun” (which was covered by Guns N’ Roses) – you have to check out how he picks the opening to “Reducer” rapid fire style in the vintage video clip below. Recently, Mr. Chrome was kind enough to answer some questions via email for Alternative Nation – read it/enjoy it!

How different is a typical day for Cheetah Chrome nowadays compared to say…1977?

The biggest differences are I don’t have to wash my hair, and I’m not in NYC, but there are just too many changes in my life since then to compare them. And that’s good, I’d be worried if I was still as nuts as I was then.

What are you currently up to today musically?

Right now mainly doing some limited live shows and writing new stuff, might need to make another record in 10 years or so.

Since you co-wrote “Sonic Reducer” and “Ain’t It Fun,” and both songs were either covered or sampled by Pearl Jam, Guns N’ Roses, and the Beastie Boys, you must have made a respectable amount of dough over the years from publishing, right?

Yeah, but assholes like Seymour Stein and Warner Brothers got a chunk too, so not as good as it should have been. Careful what you sign, kiddies.

Do you enjoy the other bands’ versions of the songs?

For the most part yes. Not narrowing it done more than that.

What are some memories of writing both “Sonic Reducer” and “Ain’t It Fun”?

Both just remind me of the old Rocket from the Tombs’ loft in Cleveland, where we were when we wrote those, and of the intense rehearsals..

Do you ever regret the lyrics of the song “I Need Lunch,” which can be construed as being misogynistic?

No, because I was just the guitar player and didn’t write them. I didn’t even know the lyrics to most of the songs, didn’t need to.

What is the biggest misconception about the Dead Boys?

That we were Neanderthal dumbasses. There wasn’t a dumb guy in that band. If anything we were too clever for our own good.

Were you sad to see CBGB’s close down in 2006?

Yeah, but I wasn’t in NY then, it took a while to sink in. Now that whole stretch of the Bowery just looks wrong.

Who were some of your favorite punk bands back in the day and why?

I really liked the Damned, the Stranglers, Magazine, the Feelies, Steel Tips. But you had a new favorite band every week back then, so…

Are you happy with how your autobiography from a few years ago, Cheetah Chrome: A Dead Boy’s Tale From The Front Lines Of Punk Rock, turned out?

Yeah, I’m very proud that I achieved what I set out to do there, which was give the reader a sense of getting to know me, like I was sitting in a pub telling war stories with a recorder going. I wish it had been that easy!

Something I’ve always wondered – after viewing quite a few vintage Dead Boys pix over the years, how and where did you locate a pair of spandex trousers with a cheetah fur design in the ’70s?

I got the one pair in King’s Road, London, on the Damned/Dead Boys tour. I think the others were from Frederick’s of Hollywood or something…

Check out more Cheetah on his Facebook page.

Photo by Anna O’Connor.


Why Pearl Jam’s ‘Do The Evolution’ Is The Greatest Music Video Ever

Music videos are normally created for commercial reasons rather than artistic ones. Surely, that is nothing new, but imagine what if they could be something more than hot chicks and the band members playing instruments? Simple, we’d get more music videos like Do the Evolution.

The video for Pearl Jam’s “Do the Evolution” should be a golden standard for what music videos should and can be, for many reasons. It is the polar opposite of the generic music videos; it can be seen as weird, amazing, dumb, smart, thought-provoking, and probably many other things, but I fail to see how the one could view it as typical.

It does not actually feature the band members

Why is it a good thing the band doesn’t appear in it? Well because it’s really redundant for them to appear in their own videos. Musicians are AUDITORY artists, not a VISUAL artists. People like bands for how they sound and that’s why we buy songs and albums (or illegally download them, which AlternativeNation does not condone!).

But why have the music video if the band’s art is purely sound-based? The music video can add a visually stimulating quality to their music. Something that Do the Evolution does, as opposed to something like this:

Now you may be thinking that musicians would then not get enough credit for their music if they were not to appear in their videos. Okay, but if people cared enough about the music, they would know who made it, especially with the advent of Google, Bing, and Wikipedia.  Let me ask you this dear reader, is Dave Grohl famous for his sweet facial hair or for being apart of Nirvana AND Foo Fighters?

As for “Do the Evolution”, the band of course does not appear in the video which is good because, well, look at the music video for “Iris”. It turns a great song into one of the most generic music videos I have ever seen.

The Visual Style

Good god! The visual style honestly speaks for itself. When you have a guy who directed episodes of Batman: The Animated Series working on your music video, you’re in pretty good hands.

Instead of trying to justify my love for this video’s beautiful comic book style animation, here’s a collage of imagery from Do the Evolution, and hope that you understand the appeal:

Strong Imagery with a Point

While the animation is pretty, what’s being animated is pretty awesome. Look at the collage. The imagery itself can be cool, especially the pilot who is a skeleton.  Okay, does that tie into the story, you may ask yourself? Well sorta, just like how the song is only sorta about evolution.

To summarize what Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder has said about the song, it’s about how Earth has been around a whole lot longer than humans, and yet humans are essentially claiming this world to be their own.

So it is about a evolution of man ascending from low-level apes to being grade-A idiots with Earth. Now how does the music video do in conveying this message?

Well when you really get down to it, this music video is essentially a series of clips showing humanity being a dick about ruling Earth, like showing a series of people being crucified (and then cuts to a guy selling crucifixes) and showing a little girl stepping on an ant hill. Sure, for about the first 30 seconds it’s about animals being dicks to each other for survival of the fittest and what-not, but then it shows people doing stuff like making a baby factory and create a deer-eating tentacle thing.

In short, there’s so many images with a point, that one species cannot run a planet all by itself without committing mass genocide and making baby clone factories.

But the biggest reason this is a golden standard for music videos…

It’s Attention-Grabbing

I once thought Do the Evolution was just one sweet music video, but then I looked into it. Would sweet be the right word? Yes and no. Sure the visuals are captivating, but what’s sweet about watching a bunch of businessmen jump out of a window?

Really, after pondering it, it is essentially a great work of art. It has a way of preaching to you in a way that you don’t even feel preached at. Now let me explain why a little preachy can be good.

Bill Hicks, one of the most legendary comedians of all time, stated how better music came from the heart. But he also mentioned oral sex with Satan to add comedy to his point. There’s also John Carpenter’s They Live, a movie with lots of action, aliens, and one of the greatest one-liners of all time. Did I mention it is anti-consumerism?

Now instead of saying why we’re all horrible people, we see it in a way that’s visually captivating, but then when we realize what we’re watching. Then from there on, the point is driven home in part by the sheer auditory and visual stimulation.

Plus you can never go wrong when your music video has…



And it looks like Jurassic World took a thing or two from the Do The Evolution playbook: