Lou Lumenick of The New York Post has a new interview up with Cameron Crowe that I found out about on  Here’s part of the interview:

Crowe calls it “our equal-part tribute to Bob Dylan’s ‘Don’t Look Back’ and The Who’s ‘The Kids Are Alright.’ When I first moved to Seattle in the mid-’80s, that now-hallowed music scene was starting to come together and I was fortunate to have a front-row seat to the formation and the early shows of Pearl Jam. We gave them jobs on ‘Singles’ to keep the band afloat.

“They became good friends of mine, and about 10 years ago we started talking about a project that would use all the archival stuff the band had never shown to the public. The time finally came to tell that story. Jeff Ament, the bassist and creative architect of the band in many ways, said to me, ‘I’m expecting to learn things about our little band that I never knew. I hope it’s a little bit like group therapy.’ ”

  • Tchelo Palmeiras

    Jeff Ament is kind of the silent lucidity of the band.
    He is always into the songs, feeling it raw.

    I really like Jeff and how down to earth he is

  • http://naotenho BERNARDO

    the friend up .. because the photo of the palmeiras in the profile? live in Brazil? Here I am cruzeiro esporte clube! hahahaha

    you are Brazilian? 🙂

  • Bruna

    Hope to see that project soon! Just as Live on ten legs.

    By the way, here I am clube atlético mineirooooo GALOO (=

  • Leon

    Nossa, ´todomundo Brasileiro? kkkk
    Aki eh verdão tbm, e espero mesmo que nesse aniversario de 20 anos, o PJ tome vergonha na kra e venha pro brasil.

  • Andrew


  • Bruna

    Pois é, passou da hora deles voltarem!

  • Zach

    Jeff is the man! Maybe he should take over the band direction and where they will go with their sound instead because Ed seems to care more about money these days.