Billy Corgan discussed 90’s bands and his thoughts on recent Smashing Pumpkins music in a new interview with When comparing The Smashing Pumpkins’ music to other stuff out there Corgan stated, “Certainly nobody’s doing work that’s way better than us.” BillCo also discussed 90’s rock bands, “The bands that are doing 90’s redux from my generation, I don’t see where they’re getting a lot of energy. They might do business and stuff like that, but you don’t feel that energy from up off the street. To me, the DIY artists of the past that’s the real difference maker. People can go on kind of making carbon copies of what they once did, or say that’s what they do and they’re a surf band so they’re just going to keep playing surf music and all that kinds of stuff, that’s not the kind of tradition I’m from.”

  • Andrei

    I’d wish SOUNDGARDEN would have made a Superunknown carbon copy and not the snooze fest that King Animal is.

    Fuck off, you know I’m right.

  • Keith

    Agreed…King Animal is kinda weak.

  • Mayan2013

    Better than this bald dick and his stupid opinions

  • kingchaz

    BillCo needs to chill on the caffeine.

  • Butthead

    I agree with Billy Corgan. King Animal was a snoozefest and I wouldn’t even call it a good album. I also hate the album cover because it looks so similar to Creed’s Human Clay album cover.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    King Animal is weak? I know im always in for a good laugh when i come to this site. I’m pretty disppointed too that after 16yrs,Sg made an album that fits seamlessly after Dotu and wasn’t a half assed reunion gimmick.
    I just wish everyone could be perfect like Corgan though,he could have written the exact same songs and he’d be tooting his own horn of how good they were and that he’s the ONLY musician left in the world who can still write rock songs…..oh wait he does think that his albums are the most amazing creations to ever bless the human ear.
    Corgan is the definition of DIY,since he is a control freak who must have control over all of the music.
    Maybe if Corgan had let other people write songs for Oceania i might actually listen to it more.
    On King Animal everyone writes on it and the songs sound really distinctive because of it, Corgan could really learn something from that because Corgan has this obvious,desperate fear of having contemporaries.

  • Aaron

    I agree with Shadow on the Sun. King Animal is by far the best “comeback” album of any of the ’90s bands (Pumpkins, STP even if it was decent, AIC) and much stronger than anything Pearl Jam has released since the ’90s. What’s great about it is that it sounds like Soundgarden but at the same time is different and something new. Why the fuck is everyone always so negative?

  • Butthead

    Obvisously King Animal is better than anything Pearl Jam has released since Vitalogy, but almost anything is. But can honestly look at with a straight face and say King Animal is a great album.

  • +1

    I completely agree with Shadow and Aaron, King Animal is amazing and fits perfectly with the SG catalog.

    If you really don’t like it, sucks to be you!!!

  • GwynnKatie

    Billy Corgan said:

    “I don’t see where they’re getting a lot of energy. They might do business and stuff like that, but you don’t feel that energy from up off the street.”

    What?! WTF?!!! I mean – Alice In Chains AND Soundgarden have evolved, grown, changed their respective styles.

    BGWTB & the new *Hollow* may not be Dirt, but it’s good, BGWTB sold lots of copies, pleased the fans, and still sounds like AIC – but the music has evolved and adapted without Layne, due to his untimely passing.

    King Animal is really good — you can still tell it’s Soundgarden — but once again it’s evolved — to adapt to Chris Cornell’s mellowing voice. He can’t peel the wallpaper (<~~~Thank You Henry Rollins) with his monumental screams anymore — but his voice is as beautiful and mellow as a shot of Glenfiddich 18 year-old Scotch. I wouldn't want a repeat of Superunknown anyway.

    I know this is evil – but with his oh-so negative opinion, and that whirl-a-gig thing behind his skull — he kind of reminds me of an angry hooded lizard, especially the way the blue is shooting straight from his ears… Aheh

    AIC Forever

  • Tecido Humano

    billy corgan stopped doing music a long time ago, unfortunatly I heard the new smashing pumpkins album and its totally crap! (I dont even consider that music); as for soundgarden FU trolls & kids that never lived things at theyr moment or just dont understand whats goin on. soundgarden made a great album, it has its flaws but judging by all the crap that was released this year … yeah it was a pretty good album and I know what i’m talking about. (in case of doubt check my (under re-construction) blog :p)


  • General Zod

    I’ve bit my tongue long enough on this Corgan fluff site, and these KA haters above, you know who you are, have no clue what your talking about! If you are a fan of Soundgarden how could you possibly not love this album? You obviously aren’t listening to it loud enough. I’ll tell you what; grab yours headphones, crank it, go front to back, and if you don’t like it then, take your cd, stolen mp3, or radio taped copy and smash it over your head because you don’t deserve to own it. This guy really said he didn’t like it also because the album cover looked like Creed, I almost fell over laughing, WHO THE FUCK OWNS A CREED ALBUM!!! That in its self should ban you from ever letting Soundgarden cross your DSLs!!! Fucking Creed….you got to be kidding me! What a laugher!!!

  • drew

    anybody on this site ever heard built to spill?

  • Joe

    The more Billy talks in these interviews, the more and more I lose respect for him. If he doesn’t have anything nice to say about his peers, he should shut the fuck up. Pearl Jam pretty much NEVER talks shit about other bands (there’s been a few exceptions), but Billy just seems to constantly do this about everyone around him… and its getting really old. I’m under the impression that he’s just pissy because bands like Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Foo Fighters are getting stronger receptions than his work…. he’s behaving like a fucking crybaby. Not to mention an egotistical bragart… “certainly nobody is doing work that’s way better than us”??!? I can’t stand that self-centered attitude…

    Btw, I for one LOVE King Animal. Give them a freakin break guys, its their first album since 1997… a carbon copy of Superunknown would’ve been really lame, glad they’re still moving forward with their musical progression.

  • Raj

    Umm, Billy is one to talk. He’s trying to recreate Mellon Collie so wouldn’t that make him a hypocrite.

    He’s just directing these comments to get under Chris Cornell’s skin, which he probably doesn’t care.

    If guys like Cobain and Stayley were alive, they wouldn’t be doing what Corgan is doing.

  • Joe

    @Butthead, sorry, but you’re just flat out wrong… Pearl Jam has released amazing music their entire career. Sounds like you’re one of those people who gripe that Vs was their last good album or something… you just don’t get it. Open your mind.

  • warriorwoman25

    Geez I wish Billy Bob would just shut up! HE sounds like a carbon copy of what he’s been saying for the last year.

    And for what it’s worth … .King Animal is quite the handsome beast!!! Love, LOve, LOVE this new album by Soundgarden!!!!

  • enough

    poor sad billy. cant get his point across or speak about himself or his band without insulting other peoples work. since when is making music about insulting others and giving yourself props for the work youve done. Hes not about the music, hes about promoting himself to achieve some sort of fabricated notoriety that he has built up when more than likely he wont be remembered for the bullshit he wants to to be remembered for. Im going to remember him for the bald headed penis troll fuck who couldnt say anything without insulting other musicians. theres a special place in hell for ‘BillCo”

    oh and hes a pussy for always referring to “other bands in my generation” if you have a specific beef with someone quit being a little bitch and same a name. Congrats billy you look like a dick and act like a pussy.

  • SuperSG

    Yes Ive heard Built to Spill

  • Christine

    2012 BillCo has made me not only STOP buying reissues of the original discs, but has the new disc purchased sent to the library, and has me planning altering my ‘gish’ tattoo into a QofSA tat.

    Thanks Billy, for ruining listening to your work for this one fan, you’ve lost me for now.

    :shakes head in disgust at his slagging those who should be his peers:

    I’m glad none of the bands he is implying are doing wrong are bothering to step forward, because it’s not worth anyone’s time.

    Sir-vana , Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Dinosaur Jr., and Soundgarden for the win.

    Billco for the epic fail in 2012. Sad Sad Sad.

  • Christine

    PS: Apparently Billy hasn’t heard the new Dinosaur Jr. LP.
    Or the Sound City track(s).

    :shakes head again:

    I can’t wait for new NIN and QofSA next year, and Jane’s. MMmmMMmmmm

  • GwynnKatie

    Raj said:

    “If guys like Cobain and Stayley were alive, they wouldn’t be doing what Corgan is doing.”

    Christine said:

    “I’m glad none of the bands he is implying are doing wrong are bothering to step forward, because it’s not worth anyone’s time.

    Billco for the epic fail in 2012. Sad Sad Sad.”

    :::Applauding::: 😀

  • fuzz

    Corgan shouldn’t really talk… He put out the most boring release of his entire career and is playing with a “Smashing Pumpkins” line up that is weaker than its ever been in the history of the band.

    I don’t really get the Oceania praise… It’s a total snooze fest and lacks the cohesive power that he had on his Chamberlin releases and even his solo effort.

    But the truth is most of the artists from his generation are just as bad… The only grunge artists still making quality music are Alice in Chains and Dinosaur Jr…. And Stone Temple Pilots atleast still put on a rocking show… Unlike Corgan with his sloppy drummer and the other nobody LA musicians.

  • NevertheMachine

    Who is this Billy Corgan? Is he a musician I am guessing? Anyway……SOUNDGARDEN rules

  • NickHolmes

    Billy Corgan is the Dave Mustain of Grunge !!!
    He should better be quit sometimes…
    But Oceania was a wonderful Album ! And one of the Best reunion Cds !
    King Animal was good, but its a grower ! I miss the mega Hits but it
    is a good start for the future !

  • GenXLady

    Billy Corgan is surely one negative guy. Whatever his opinion, it’s not cool to publically diss your peers all of the time in the press.

    Gee- way to inspire, Billy!

  • pa

    Billys fat ass is just jealous of all the positive attention soundgardens getting from their album and all he hears from oceania are crickets.

  • Iso

    “I’d wish SOUNDGARDEN would have made a Superunknown carbon copy and not the snooze fest that King Animal is.

    Fuck off, you know I’m right.”

    No fuck YOU Andrei, we know you’re wrong. Really, must you? What’s the point penis? This thread is another Billy Corgan rant- but you simply HAD to start things off with a dick-dishing on Soundgarden. “Wishing” Soundgarden had made KING ANIMAL a carbon copy of SUPERUNKNOWN instantly voids your point of view and plugged-up-asshole opinion. That’s a preposterous thing to want. That was 1994. Do you know what year it is? The new album turned out as it should, reflecting the continued growth and journey from DOWN ON THE UPSIDE (which I’m sure you also hated) plus 16 years more experience and life. It sounds fuckin amazing. All the components are there in force that make a Soundgarden album. You’re looking for something else instead of paying attention. Your snoozing is from the valium, which you should keep right on taking.

  • Sonic_Junkie

    King Animal sounds like Soundgarden…. the problem is, the songwriting is not at their previous level. It’s several notches below what they did in the past. It is what it is.

  • Butthead

    Please, Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie was his beat work, but Oceania was still a million times better than King Animal. People just don’t want to face the facts King Animal was attempt at trying to sell more records to keep up with Lady Gaga and Green Day, and they failed. Christ Cornell voice sucks now and can’t scream like he did circa 1994. So fuck off, you know I am right.

  • BlownUpWorld

    I actually enjoy the shit out of King Animal. Is it as good as the older stuff? It sounds good to me, almost beginning to end, so I’ll say it may be as good, and certainly better than just about everything else out there that I have heard. I don’t wanna disrespect the SP fans here, so I won’t even comment on their music, but Billy … get an analyst or something. This whiney-ass diatribe borders on the insane and only serves to make you look like a spoiled little dork.

  • Brett Buchanan

    I’m not big on King Animal. After the initial excitement of having a new Soundgarden album faded away and I was continuing to listen to it, not too many of the songs stuck with me. A Thousand Days Before is the standout really. I respect Soundgarden for making a new album and am happy with have a few songs on it I like, but I’m not going to pretend I love the whole album just because they’re one of my favorite bands. I didn’t like Smashing Pumpkins’ Zeitgeist/Teargarden, Pearl Jam’s Avocado, or Foo Fighters’ Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace either and I love those three bands.

    While Oceania isn’t a masterpiece, it’s better and sounds more inspired imo. Pinwheels, Violet Rays, One Diamond One Heart, My Love Is Winter, Oceania, and Pale Horse just have an emotional quality that I don’t hear on King Animal. They’re songs about heartbreak, trying to hold onto love, being cheated on etc. The album also sounds sonically different than past Corgan/Pumpkins releases, it feels like a progression. A lot of people here won’t really give it credit because of what Corgan says in his interviews/his arrogance. I don’t give a shit what any of these guys say or who is the nicer guy, all I care about is the music. Christine, you shouldn’t remove your Gish tattoo because of what Corgan says in an interview. Just like I didn’t take my Soundgarden poster down when I heard Cornell was doing an album with Timbaland.

  • Iso

    “Christ Cornell voice sucks now and can’t scream like he did circa 1994. So fuck off, you know I am right.”

    Christ are you an asshole Butthead/ Andrei. His voice “sucks” because he doesn’t scream like he did in 1994? You asshole. His voice still sounds awesome, in spite of his age. No it isn’t the EXACT same voice as a man 20-years-younger. Point me out someone who possesses that. Go ahead prick, we’ll wait… You’re such a dirty shit shaft gobbling moron, christ I’m sick of your shit! Whenever you ‘contribute’ here, typing away with your little sausage fingers, you’re choking on your own dick.

  • Mikewails

    Best rock album of 2012? Van Halens. Not Grunge, but wow. Haven’t heard Oceania because BC doesn’t deserve my attention. He’s a dick. AIC still rocks, If you don’t like PJ, then you don’t get it. Plus McCready is badass. I listened to KA samples but have yet to listen from start to finish. Sounded good to me though.

  • SuperSG

    Butthead…that was an ignorant statement…

  • thefreewheelinmarkarm

    I don’t care about carbon copies. I like what’s good. I don’t think there can be a carbon copy unless you remake the same song really. No one has done that as far as I know.
    The only carbon copy I see is Billy saying the same shit every day. And if there was any energy coming from SP I might have bought the new album. SP is as tired as Billy’s negative criticisms on every band BUT his own.
    Honestly tho King Animal is lacking of energy so I can agree with that. AIC on the other hand is quite the opposite.

  • Nxg

    It’s painfully clear this Brett character is a hopeless Corgan fanboy. This might as well be a Corgan fan site tbh. Billy is a sad, pathetic, bitchy, irrelevant, penis-looking c#%t. Constantly taking potshots at his peers is straight insecurity. He’s embarrassing himself.

    As for King Animal, the more I listen to it, the more I love it. If you only like a couple of songs I feel sad for you. People are different I guess. A lot of people disagree with you & love it though. More people than seem to be into Oceania. SG have 4 members who all contribute as opposed to one asshole with delusions of grandeur & a bunch of ring-ins.

    Totally agree with everything Shadow on the sun said… and Corgan’s voice sounds like nails down a blackboard. Enough already. Sad prick.

  • lilrockable

    Billy Corgan is amazing, you may not agree with everything he says but the man knows how to make great music. I don’t know what to say about soundgarden’s new album bc I’m not a huge fan, but I listened to it in its entirety a few days ago and based on what I heard I don’t understand why it’s so dividing among their fan base. By Crooked Steps, Black Saturday, and Eyelids Mouth are all great songs, and the record blends very well in with their previous five

  • Philip

    The near-constant feed of slagging everyone else, has to grow tiring for even the most devout Billy Corgan fans here. I mean come on, for crying out loud… What the hell does the man have to gain by continually doing that? If you were observing that behavior in some anonymous individual, you’d say he was incredibly insecure and completely dysfunctional.

    And that has nothing to do with the music he writes & has written. That’s not what I’m talking about here.

  • Sonic_Junkie

    I completely agree with everything Brett said. I am a huge fan of both Smashing Pumpkins and Soundgarden but Oceania is clearly the better record. What makes Oceania all that much more impressive is that Corgan did it with an entire new lineup. Soundgarden has all 4 original members and as several people have pointed out KA doesn’t cut the mustard. It doesn’t stick with you. Oceania is a record that sounds better and better the more I hear it. Corgan might be an asshole but he’s an extremely talented asshole.

  • Butthead

    Billy Corgan also said he hated Pearl Jam after Eddie Vedder threw a cup of beer at him while touring together in 1996. He said that Vedder was “The most stuck-up son of a bitch I have ever fucking met!”

  • Hecubus

    Says the man who opened up the oceania record with a carbon copy of the siamese dream opener, chrub rock. Billy corgan is sych a brilliant musician, its such a shame he has to ne SO needy and desperate for attention. Hes such a jackass



  • Iso

    You know, regarding “King Animal”, for all the fowl diarrhea getting sprayed on it through a blow horn jammed up some people’s asses here, it’s funny how Brett’s little site poll over which is the better album- does not reflect that. Funny. There have to be a dozen other records listed there, though “King Animal” is winning handily over “Oceania”. Seems to show that plenty of people are loving that album. The minority is just more corn-hole-hurt in their discontent, so it would seem.

    You either get it or you don’t. Some of you don’t get it. Therefore nothing’s being added to your life, just taken away. Subtracted. For it is an excellent album, and you’re missing it. And all that aforementioned
    shit spray of yours isn’t tarnishing it in the least. Not one bit. You don’t get it that’s your fault, not mine, and not Soundgarden’s.

  • Brett Buchanan


    I’m not a hopeless fanboy of Corgan or anybody covered on here. If I don’t like music they put out I’ll say so, just my opinion. I thought the majority of the Teargarden material was steaming horse shit, the worst music of his career. I enjoy Oceania though and think it’s his strongest work since Zwan.

    Corgan always wrote all the songs, Oceania is no different. His disadvantage is he doesn’t have one of the best drummers alive today (Jimmy Chamberlin) drumming on it.

    There will be those who continue to like King Animal years from now, but the album came out less than 2 months ago. I think once the hype fades away there will be a group who won’t like it as much. Right now there’s got to be some people who like it because it is SOUNDGARDEN’s comeback album, one of the greatest bands of the last 20 years. Kind of like when Smashing Pumpkins’ Zeitgeist came out and I forced myself to like it and then it just didn’t stick with me long term. Maybe there will be some who like it more as time goes on, I don’t know.

    IMO, it basically sounds like them picking up and trying to sound like they used to, kind of playing it safe. For people who claim that somebody like me wishes they would go back and try to make Superunknown 2 or Badmotorfinger 2, they’re dead wrong. That time is dead and gone, while the same spirit should remain I wish they had gone in a COMPLETE different direction and made a really daring album. Something that people would intensely love AND hate. Anyways, I still love Soundgarden, I really like a few songs on King Animal and am happy about the songs I like.

  • Kirill

    @ Brett Buchanan (author) you are 21 one year old sucka who didnt get to experience grunge era music. at its prime. When i was 15 (17 years ago) i met ppl who liked Beatles and they were my age and they argued that this music was timeless. I never got into it, cas it wasnt relevant to my age or my life experience and troubles at that time. We called those ppl wannabee oldies or just hipsters. Sorry Brett, but you are just one of those spaced out hipsters who cant find a place of his own. Its a nice site, well used to be until some irrelevant bands to you liking got added on it. Furthermore, Fat Mike Mazzerfuckerone is just a overloaded on sperm teenager who doesnt really know how to jerk off and you grouped up with him. Its becoming a sad place to visit. where 21 year old trolls troll/thrive about anything which has grunge era terminology offer.

  • Ron J

    Why is everyone here so sensitive? Billy has always been very opinionated. People saying that they don’t want to listen to his music anymore because of the stuff that he says is ridiculous!

    And to the person above who says that he is trying to sound like MCIS again obviously has not listened. SP is all about evolving. Oceania sounds nothing like SP has ever done before. People need to stop taking this stuff too seriously. He has opinions and Grunge Report loves him for it.

  • Mikewails

    I appreciate the site. I am pushing 40 and the bands Brett covers meant something to me. I like that you cover some of the bands that weren’t as big as the others. I have a family and a career and this is a great way for me to stay in tune with what’s happening. It is a one stop shop for me. Well done Brett. You are appreciated. Maybe a 90s era band is doing a club tour, I wouldn’t know otherwise. Gives me a chance to possibly go. Like I did when I was 20. Grunge is alive, it just isn’t a major media thing anymore, which I think is great!!! It makes it feel like mine.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    @ Ron J – Its not ridiculous to stop listening to someone because of who they are as a person. Frank Sinatra made timeless music that is loved the world over, but he was a despicable fucking asshole and i don’t listen to his music because of that.
    This is an EXTREME example, but what if Hitler or Bin Laden wrote the best music you ever heard in your life, knowing who they were as ppl, would u still listen to it?

    To quote Maynard “calculate what you will or will not tolerate”. I live by that line, and i choose not to ‘like’ ppl just because they have musical talent.

  • Philip

    “There will be those who continue to like King Animal years from now, but the album came out less than 2 months ago. I think once the hype fades away there will be a group who won’t like it as much. Right now there’s got to be some people who like it because it is SOUNDGARDEN’s comeback album…”

    No Brett. From album reviews to ‘fan polls’ and word on the street in general, the album is getting MUCH more stronger reviews than complaints and negativity. It just is. Stop it. The demarcation line with Soundgarden generally was “Down On The Upside”, the same idiots who hated that album because it “wasn’t Badmotorfinger” are the same group who are crapping on “King Animal”. Except for you of course, who was only 5 years old when “Down On The Upside” came out. So that’s another 16 years some fans had given up on them and their last record. I read some forum asshole stopped listening to “Down On The Upside” a month after it came out… a great pity should be felt for a fool like that, missing a complete masterwork.

  • GenXLady

    I’ve got to agree that too many threads on here evolve into a “this album is better than that album”, “this singer/band sucks/is mediocre, blah, blah, blah…”. Some of you seem to like to hear yourselves have big opinions on things, simply to be able to write out your big opinion in a public forum. Not that it is wrong or bad to have your own opinion, but really everything does not suck.

    If you are thinking you are all about the “grunge” attitude, you are missing the point. Bands in the 90’s, especially friends in bands from Seattle, were more supportive of each other than many on this forum are. Some of you do sound like testosterone filled teenagers trying to see who can piss the farthest in the snow. Sure, we all have our opinions, but some of the same old same, old bashing stuff on here gets old and uninspired pretty quickly. Sort of like Billy Corgan’s ragging all of the time. After awhile, it erodes your credibility and the focus turns from your opinion to what a negative moron you are.

    You don’t like stuff? Certain music does’t speak to you? Give an intelligent opinion why. Otherwise just move on and comment on something you do find some merit in.

  • Brett Buchanan


    My favorite Soundgarden album is Down on the Upside. I’m also a massive Euphoria Morning fan. I think Cornell/Soundgarden were at their best when really pushing their sound forward. I don’t hear the sound going forward on King Animal, just my opinion. When you listen to their old albums each album just seems to go up another level. It sucks they broke up when they did during their creative peak.

    People criticize me for posting a long comment because I want to hear myself talk. Then people say I’m not being detailed enough in why I don’t like King Animal. Okay. Also the album has been out a month and a half, nobody was going to shit on King Animal initially due to Soundgarden’s legendary status. None of these comeback albums get shit on by critics initially any more outside of Zeitgeist (even though they shit on albums by some of these bands in their primes). For people wondering why I’m not big on it, I think most of the songs are pretty boring melodically and they don’t really go anywhere. Just middle of the road rock. I’m happy there are people who like it better than me, and I’m not saying I’m ‘right.’ I’m just saying my opinion, like other people here saying they like the album. I’m also saying that in the future opinions on new albums by these veterans acts could change.


    Your comment seems to have no point at all. If you think I’m a hipster then you are mentally retarded. Look at the faces of the guys on top of the website.

  • GenXLady

    Was not talking to you, Brett. You state your opinions well with intelligent reasons as to why you have formed the opinion you have. There are some who post here that seem to post stuff just to criticize. That gets old.

  • Nxg

    Not true Brett. Most people I know (who are SG fans) were HANGING for King Animal! Then it came out & they were massively disappointed at the first few listens because of their expectations & just the fact that SG made a new record. Then a couple of weeks later they love it! This was the case with me too! It didn’t grab me at first but like I said, the more I listen the more I love it. My favorite song on the record has changed constantly! Taree, Bones of Birds, Rowing, Worse Dreams, Eyelid’s Mouth, By Crooked Steps… All great songs. Attrition is my fave atm.

    Down On The Upside was the same for me when it came out too. It took not only a lot of listens but a lot of time to digest the record. Soundgarden albums have a tendency to be like that. I think a lot of people miss the subtleties of that band. The best albums that stay with you are often the ones that don’t give you that cheap, instant satisfaction.

    Nothing from Oceania stuck with me. I listened to the record over & over. I saw them perform it live in full & was completely underwhelmed & bored. I also watched 1000’s of people head to the bar in a mass exodus half way through their live performance of Oceania as well. It was embarrassing. Like I said, people are different. Give King Animal time & it’ll probably grow on you but to say that after the initial excitement of having a new SG album people will get sick of it is kinda foolish. Maybe some will but I wouldn’t generalize.

  • fuzz

    Come on guys… Oceania and King Animal are both tremendously forgettable… Oceania has a few cool tracks: Violet Rays, Quasar…

    But come on Oceania borrows on the past A LOT too… Chimera is a straight up rip-off of rocket… Purple Horse rips off 33 a lot, Quasar: Cherub Rock, Special K: Disarm…

    Oceania is the better album but its still tremendously boring for a Smashing Pumpkins release… No energy or emotion really.

  • fuzz

    Pale horse I mean haha.

    Corgans great but hes gotta get Chamberlin back or a drummer of similar talent… The great drumming was one of the important reasons why I love the band…Now its glaringly absent

  • JID

    I hate everyone…

  • Philip

    Nxg says it all perfectly, thank you dude. Especially this, this is key:

    “Down On The Upside was the same for me when it came out too. It took not only a lot of listens but a lot of time to digest the record. Soundgarden albums have a tendency to be like that. I think a lot of people miss the subtleties of that band. The best albums that stay with you are often the ones that don’t give you that cheap, instant satisfaction.”

    And this:

    “but for you to say that after the initial excitement of having a new SG album people will get sick of it, is kinda foolish.”

    Thank you.

  • Philip

    And Andrei can choke on the sum total of his genitals.

  • Eu

    King Animal is hardrock like Slash. Not even a Grunge sound like the Alice in Chains or Hole return. I’m disappointed. It’s not a record made for me, but i think the classic rockers or headbangers will still remain interested in the band.
    Slash made it so well working on attracting the Guns fans.
    Slash can’t be Guns. But can sell albums to them.
    Soundgarden can’t be the old band anymore. But can sell albums to grunge nostalgia or hard rock keepers.

  • Eu

    I think Billy considers him like a 90’s John Lennon.
    No, he is not him or like this.
    Billy is sappy.
    Billy is mawkish.

  • sitin

    “King Animal is hardrock like Slash”.

    -Categorically wrong.

    ” It’s not a record made for me,”


    “I’m disappointed”

    -Good. Now go away.

    What uh… what grade are you in? Is English not your primary language?

  • Edmond Pribish

    musicians are great since they can create new melodies which can touch our emotions.:

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