Seattle Bands


Below is a list of Grunge bands from Seattle and information on the bands.

Members: Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, and Matt Cameron
Former Members: Dave Krusen, Matt Chamberlain, Dave Abbruzzese, and Jack Irons
Years Active: 1990-Present
Studio Albums
Ten (1991)
Vs. (1993)
Vitalogy (1994)
No Code (1996)
Yield (1998)
Binaural (2000)
Riot Act (2002)
Pearl Jam (2006)
Backspacer (2009)
Untitled 10th Studio Album (2013)

Members: Jerry Cantrell, William DuVall, Sean Kinney, and Mike Inez
Former Members: Layne Staley and Mike Starr
Years Active: 1987-1999, 2005-Present
Studio Albums
Facelift (1990)
Dirt (1992)
Alice in Chains (1995)
Black Gives Way To Blue (2009)

We Die Young (1990)
Sap (1992)
Jar of Flies (1994)

Members: Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd, and Matt Cameron
Former Members: Hiro Yamamoto, Scott Sundquist, and Jason Everman
Years Active: 1984-1997, 2010- Present
Studio Albums
Ultramega OK (1988)
Louder Than Love (1989)
Badmotorfinger (1991)
Superunknown (1994)
Down on the Upside (1996)

King Animal (2012)

Members: Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Dave Grohl
Former Members: Pat Smear, Aaron Burckhard, Chad Channing, Dale Crover, Jason Everman, Dave Foster, and Dan Peters
Years Active: 1986-1994
Studio Albums
Bleach (1989)
Nevermind (1991)
In Utero (1993)

Members: Mark Lanegan, Barrett Martin, Van Conner, and Gary Lee Conner
Former Members: Josh Homme and Mark Pickerel
Years Active: 1985-2000
Studio Albums
Clairvoyance (1986)
Even If and Especially When (1987)
Invisible Lantern (1988)
Buzz Factory (1989)
Uncle Anesthesia (1991)
Sweet Oblivion (1992)
Dust (1996)
Last Words (2011)

Members: Mark Arm, Steve Turner, Dan Peters, and Guy Maddison
Former Members: Matt Lukin, Wayne Kramer, and Steve Dukich
Years Active: 1988-Present
Studio Albums
Superfuzz Bigmuff EP (1988)
Mudhoney (1989)
Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge (1991)
Piece of Cake (1992)
My Brother the Cow (1995)
Tomorrow Hit Today (1998)
Since We’ve Become Translucent (2002)
Under a Billion Suns (2006)
The Lucky Ones (2008)

Members: Mark Arm, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Steve Turner, Alex Vincent, and Bruce Fairweather
Years Active: 1984-1988, 2008-Present
Studio Albums/EPs
Come on Down EP (1985)
Dry As A Bone EP (1987)
Rehab Doll (1988)

Members: Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover, Jared Warren, and Coady Willis
Former Members: Kevin Rutmanis, Mark Deutrom, Joe Preston, Lori Black, Matt Lukin, and Mike Dillard
Years Active: 1982-Present
Studio Albums
Gluey Porch Treatments (1987)
Ozma (1989)
Bullhead (1991)
Lysol (1992)
Houdini (1993)
Prick (1994)
Stoner Witch (1994)
Stag (1996)
Honky (1997)
The Maggot (1999)
The Bootlicker (1999)
The Crybaby (2000)
Electroretard (2001)
Hostile Ambient Takeover (2002)
Pigs of the Roman Empire w/ Lustmord (2004)
(A) Senile Animal (2006)
Nude With Boots (2008)
The Bride Screamed Murder (2010)

Members: Andrew Wood, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Bruce Fairweather, and Greg Gilmore
Years Active: 1988-1990
Studio Albums/EPs
Shine EP (1989)
Apple (1990)

Members: Ron Nine, Kevin Whitworth, Tommy Simpson, and Mike Musburger
Former Members: Dan Peters, Jason Finn, Jim Tillman, and Bruce Fairweather
Years Active: 1989-Present
Studio Albums
Between The Eyes (1991)
Dayglo (1992)
Far Gone (1993)
Straight Freak Ticket (1995)
Confusion Au Go Go (1999)

Members: Layne Staley, Mike McCready, John Baker Saunders, and Barrett Martin
Years Active: 1994-1997
Studio Albums
Above (1995)

Former Members: Tad Doyle, Joel Elman, Joe Garner, Gary Thorstensen, Kurt Danielson, Steve Wied, Rey Washa, Josh Sinder, and Mike Mongrain
Years Active: 1988-1999
Studio Albums
God’s Balls (1989)
Salt Lick/God’s Balls (1990)
8-Way Santa (1991)
Inhaler (1993)
Live Alien Broadcasts (1994)
Infrared Riding Hood (1995)

Former Members: Selene Vigil, Stefanie Sargent, LeeAnn Rose, Elizabeth Davis, Valerie Agnew, Roisin Dunne, and Lisa Faye Beatty
Years Active: 1990-1997
Studio Albums
Sick ‘Em (1992)
¡Viva Zapata! (1994)
Gato Negro (1996)

Members: Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Mike McCready, and Matt Cameron.
Years Active: 1990-1992, One off reunions- 2003, 2009
Studio Albums
Temple of the Dog (1991)

Members: Donita Sparks, Suzi Gardner, Janis Tanaka, and Demetra Plakas
Former Members: Jennifer Finch, Gail Greenwood, and Roy Koutsky
Years Active: 1985-2001
Studio Albums
L7 (1988)
Smell The Magic (1990)
Bricks Are Heavy (1992)
Hungry For Stink (1994)
The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum (1997)
Slap-Happy (1999)

Members: Adam Czeisler, Cole Peterson, Paul Uhlir, and Rich Credo
Years Active: 198?-2000, 2007-Present
Studio Albums
Ter (1990)
Sweet Water (1992)
Superfriends (1995)
Parc Boys – Two Weeks To Live (1998)
Suicide (1999)
Clear the Tarmac (2009)

Members: Eddie Spaghetti, “Metal” Marty Chandler, Dan “Thunder” Bolton, and Scott “Scottzilla” Churilla
Former Members: Dancing Eagle, Rontrose Heathman, Rick Sims, Dusty Watson, and Eric Martin
Years Active: 1988-Present
Studio Albums
The Smoke of Hell (1992)
La Mano Cornuda (1994)
The Sacrilicious Sounds of the Supersuckers (1995)
Must’ve Been High (1997)
The Evil Powers of Rock ‘N’ Roll (1999)
Motherfuckers Be Trippin’ (2003)
Paid (2006)
Get It Together (2008)

Members: Michael Anderson, Geoff Robinson, Tracy “T-Man” Simmons, and Doug Day
Years Active: 1988-1990, 1992, 2007
Studio Albums
Primal Rock Therapy EP (1989)
Primal Rock Therapy CD (1992) re-release

Members: Ben McMillan, Tom Niemeyer, Tim Paul, and Scott McCullum
Former Members: Alex Sibbald and Josh Sinder
Years Active: 1989-1993, 1996-2002
Studio Albums
Inside Yours (1990)
Push (1992)

Former Members: Ben McMillan, Jack Endino, Daniel House, Pat Pedersen, Matt Cameron, Steve Wied, Greg Gilmore, Jason Finn, Scott McCullum, Barrett Martin
Years Active: 1985-1993
Studio Albums
Skin Yard (1986)
Hallowed Ground (1988)
Fist Sized Chunks (1990)
1000 Smiling Knucles (1991)
Inside the Eye (1993)

Members: Carrie Akre, Harris Thurmond, James Atkins, and Dave Bosch
Years Active: 1990-1994
Studio Albums
Hammerbox (1991)
Numb (1993)

Members: Robert Roth, Mark Pickerel, and Hiro Yamamoto
Years Active: 1989-2000, 2008- Present
Studio Albums
Fast Stories…from Kid Coma (1995)
Feeling You Up (1997)

Members: Andrew Wood, Kevin Wood, and Regan Hagar
Former Members: Dave Rees and Dave Hunt
Years Active: 1980-1988
Studio Albums
Return to Olympus (1995)

  • AIC

    Add babes In Toyland!

  • oldsoul

    How come Pat Smear isn’t considered a member of Nirvava?

  • Krass

    64 Spiders
    Alta May
    Local H
    The Methodists
    My Sister’s Machine

    There’s most likely more that I can’t think of at the minute.
    What a poor excuse for a Grunge site.

  • jogja_grunch

    yeeahhhh add too , grunge band out of amerixa,,,

    the vines
    …..and many more….thanks

  • Steve

    Greg Dulli and Afghan whigs-Twilight Singers – Gutter Twins NEED TO BE ON THIS SITE! Why would Mark Lannegan be mentioned and not Greg DUlli! First band ever signed by SUB POP was the Afghan Whigs!

  • Spencer

    its missing Bush, and Foo Fighters… i feel Foo fighters is still kinda grungy, the first album (when it was just Dave) was Grunge.

  • oldsoul

    I agree that the Foo Fighters should be on here, but BUSH???
    Seriously BUSH, we might as well put CREED on here too.

  • al

    Foos def need to be included. Bush, uh, no.

  • Ed

    How about Stachel? They have a new album you know….

  • Swedish Grunge Kid

    Foo fighters isn’t even grunge! Just cause they got a member who played in a grunge band doesn’t mean all his music is grunge. That’s like calling Chris Cornell’s last studio album grunge.

  • PT


  • Dillon

    Very good list. Krass knows his/her shit.
    My votes would be for
    U-Men, I mean come on, they’re on DEEP SIX & not on THIS?
    Fecal Matter (Pre Nirvana Kurt/Melvins)
    Mr.Epp & The Calculations, hello? This is what is responsible for the term “Grunge”
    Red Red Meat!
    Gas Huffer
    Thread. Half their songs get mistaken for AIC songs! Listen to them, I bet you think they’re AIC! 😛
    Steel Pole Bath Tub

    Also Mad Season has a few Live albums you don’t have on there.

  • adrien

    please put a photo of mark arm on the top of the page with the main bands.. he’s the one who invented the term grunge. mudhoney are as important as nirvana, pearl jam or alice in chains. and please don’t forget Hole.

  • Adam

    How about Some Velvet Sidewalk?

  • Nate

    No love for Candlebox?

  • faye

    Foo Fighters are not grunge.

  • lei

    how bout take Hole off this list

  • RödeOrm

    Anybody knows what Truly’s 2010 album is called?

  • Mars

    and what about the album Incesticide of Nirvana?

  • niktus

    You are missing Candlebox

  • MGS

    I agree, Babes in Toyland

    or My Sister’s Machine

  • James
  • Bruno

    Foo is still kinda grungy… they should be on the list too…

  • johnny208

    put dinosaur jr and the afghan whigs.

  • http://aliceandreinchains aliceandreinchains

    alice in chains vem pro brasil swu

  • chris

    Kurt Cobain actually performed in a TAD show because Tad Doyle passed out. It actually sounded kinda good!

  • Joe

    Foo is too pop
    (and Pearl Jam still sux)

  • David Betz

    Pleeeeeeeeease, add the U-Men, Big Black (hey, SP are on here!), Local H (again, SP!), The Mono Men, Overlord, and Nudeswirl. Kindly, please

  • Ty C

    Chris cornell’s last cd was grunge. If you don’t think so you suck. Track one sounds like… okay maybe not track one but track two sounds just like…… Well I can’t think off the top of my head but I’m sure maybe one song sounds grunge. Just like scream. Grunge all the way!! Who am I kidding damnet!! 🙁 I miss grunge.

  • Ty C

    Silverchair.. No! Bush… No! Candlebox and collective soul were close. The cranberries, Kind-of in a way.

  • DM Kyuss

    Bush no. Candlebox no. Chris cornell fell of the wagon. Foo’s fucking rock but not grunge. How about kyuss?

  • Dom

    So what about the Grunge revival – certainly happening in the UK so why not put some of the new bands emerging under the grunge banner, unless were gong to be stead fast in our interpretation on grunge i.e. it must come out of seattle. Yes these guys started a major music scene, which i would guess changed many of the fans on this site, other wise why would we be looking o here. so i think its a good thing to encourage the new grunge bands springing up that have been influenced by the 90s greats. and we continue to get music we love old and new.


    America – Japanese Voyeurs

    UK – The Black Tears

    and how about The Meat Puppets on the old list

  • paul

    stone temple pilots?
    seven mary three?
    collective soul?

  • harringt0n

    Dinosaur Jr.

  • DSchneider

    How about “dying scarlett” oh thats not a popular group. Grunge is really just underground rock brought out into the daylight.

  • Jon

    alice in chains was much more than grunge,they did so many different things, from Man in the Box to nutshell>>>>> I really wish layne was still alive…

  • ESC

    My Sister´s Machine !!!!!!!!!!

  • Radek W. Watras

    Where is ” These arms are snakes”?I saw them most 3 years ago in Seattle at Bumbershoot Festival.They were incredible and so grunge.Greetings from Poland.

  • Haynes

    wheres THe Fartz and U-men

  • Austin Sheils

    Where is Tad? I love this site but not including Tad is unforgivable.

  • no

    I’ve never thought of Smashing Pumpkins or Stone Temple Pilots as being grunge bands. A lot of good suggestions for bands that should be added!!

  • MattJamez

    Everyone needs to check out –
    Violent Soho.
    New band from Australia.
    Seriously fucking awesome grunge tunes.

  • pepe

    you miss : built to spill, audioslave, hobbastank, sonic yoth etc

  • Kirill

    Therapy? should be added here as well, and Radiohead, too. their early records were grunge enough, more than Smashing Pumpking for sure

  • Kirill

    Also, wheres Sonic Youth?

  • Silicis

    Silverchair’s pre-2000 music should definitely be included here

  • Brydie

    Silverchair should definetely be put up there! Not their “Young Modern” album because that is just pop.
    But all of there albums before that were very grungy.

  • no

    Frogstomp sounded pretty grunge.

  • James

    Silverchair’s first 3 albums could be called grunge but probably fit into an ‘alternative rock’ category better. I think this site is only listing Bands that either were or are ‘pure’ grunge acts. Silverchair, Bush, Cranberries, Seether… not really grunge but definitely grunge-inspired. But damn Silverchair rocked back in the 90’s.

  • floyd the barber

    what about all of nirvana’s bootlegs and live albums. or sliver:best of the box and there box sets…but then again courtney might of sued this site for mentioning nirvana..

  • patrick

    you forgot to list the 3rd gruntruck album shot illusion

  • seattlesound

    the cranberries.the gits,babes in toyland,u-men,the pixies,
    afghan whigs,dinosaur jr.,monomen,dead moon,meat puppets
    the walkabouts,neil young(godfather of grunge),meat puppets
    blind melon,sonic youth,garbage,silverchair,foo fighters

  • elise

    Babes in Toyland!

  • patrick

    black market flowers is a grunge band

  • thefreewheelinMarkArm

    I would not count Sonic Youth as grunge either. They were more of an alternative rock band to me.
    Maybe they weren’t pioneers, but Bush’s Sixteen Stone was grunge.
    Melvins need to get more attention.
    Mudhoney should be on the marquee at all times.
    Foo Fighters deserve a mention, if nothing else.
    Someone mentioned Toadies, but grunge has no room for one hit wonders, or even one album wonders.
    I think Silverchair would’ve been ok to mention, but their most recent albums negate any good, grunge albums they ever released.
    Go see the Meat Puppets in concert and tell me they are grunge.
    Say what you will about Candlebox, but it’s grunge, and they rock(ed). To this day they sound better live than Pearl Jam does.
    Audioslave is about as grunge as Rage Against The Machine was grunge. Probably because they are the same band, playing the same notes and scales as they did with ZDLR.

  • SuperSG

    I hated all Audioslave except for I am the Highway, but even then, my hero, Chris Cornell, sounds like he doesnt wanna be there.ZDLR annoys the shit outta me with his Corgan-Wigger ( sorry everybody but that is the only term ZDLR causes to pop into my head- I AM NOT RASCIST- also, black people, Native Americans (<- myself included) and hispanics and asians need to quit being so fucking sensetive to derogitory terms. Its not an insult unless you allow it to hurt you! Dont be so fucking vulnerable to words.

  • SuperSG

    what im saying is that audioslave shouldnt be covered.

  • Spoonman

    audioslave kicks ass. gasoline, set it off, cochise, the curse, dandelion, show me how to live, your time has come, getaway car…all great tunes

  • wbcn1041


  • jjc19461


  • patrick

    is r.e.m grunge music ?

  • patrick

    army of anyone is a grunge band.

  • joe

    90% of all the names you ppl want on the list are not from Seattle…this is the Seattle Bands section

  • echoblurs

    from indonesian….

    NETRAL……is grunge band

  • Matt

    L7 should not be on this list. They were from LA.

  • patrick

    i have a question is guns n roses a grunge band i know that velvet revolver had guns n roses band members and i know that walking papers had duff mackegen from guns n roses and velvet revolver so would guns n roses be rock or grunge ?

  • Matt

    GnR would have been good without that pimple Axl Rose.

    They wouldn’t be on this list though, because it’s supposed to be Seattle bands. Like L7 should not be.

  • Older Grunge


  • Older Grunge


  • SuperSG

    King Animal! Need to update that Brett!

  • Aníbal

    CANDLEBOX should be on the list!!!!

  • Laura

    Sleater Kinney

    Ten Minute Warning

    Faith No More

  • darren

    Most people have misinterpreted the title of this page. It’s not a list of ‘grunge’ bands, but a list of ‘Seattle bands’. For starters, L7 and many other ‘grunge bands’ were not from Seattle – nor Nirvana or the Melvins if you wanna get pedantic. If it’s a list of ‘Seattle’ artists then it perhaps should list those like Queensryche and even Jimi Hendrix. I don’t want to disrespect young people who love some of the great alt. rock around in the late 80s/early 90s but know little about it …. which is why I urge ALL OF YOU, and I mean every single one of you who see this message to check out Mark Yarm’s book ‘everybody loves our town’ for an excellent oral history of Seattle ‘grunge’

  • BjRed

    Can people stop posting “grunge bands” the top of the page states SEATTLE BANDS!!!! not worldwide Grunge bands.

  • hasan

    netral from Indonesia is not grunge musik, they play punk rock. Bunga perform Galang Rambu Anarki is Grunge.. Indonesia have many grunge band, but they not record major.

  • patrick

    screaming trees made a awesome song called the end cover its on youtube

  • Grunge Revival

    Nukeateen – awesome UK Grunge band from the 90s!

  • Steven

    People please stop being so ignorant! The term “Grunge” characterizes heavy rock with elements of punk and metal played by groups who are formed in washington. This means that if a band was outside of washington and was formed after 1994, THEY ARE NOT GRUNGE!

  • Plú

    List is perfect.. Postgrunge is something different. I also like Puddle Of Mudd, Alter Bridge, Foos and so on, but…

  • Dusty

    You dirtbags are missing the Heaviest Underground Grunge Band of the 20th Century.

    WILLARD “The sound of f*ck” W. Seattle circa 1989 to 1994

    Johnny Clint Vox
    Otis P Otis Guitar
    Mark Spiders Guitar
    Darren Peters Bass
    Steve Wied Drums

    Of course if you listed them they wouldn’t be so Underground would they?

    These guys rocked, (and drank) like their life depended on it…

  • francesfarmer

    seether should never be on here, they have goog songs yes, but it is not grunge. they just cover nirvana songs and write a hit here and there. there nothing special. sorry to burst your bubble

  • Jason

    Yeah I know this was already mentioned but I’ll say it to. Yes there are most Seattle bands out there that should have made this list, however many of the one’s that people have mentioned hear were/are great grunge bands. However, they aren’t from Washington. Many of the bands in the actual list aren’t even from Seattle, Nirvana, Melvins, Screaming Trees, etc. etc. These bands are from Washington yes, but not Seattle. Anyway bye.

  • patrick

    flowerhead is a awesome grunge band

  • CAS


  • Scott

    Flop should be included here. Swallow too. The U-Men predate most of these bands, and were one of the first to venture out of Seattle. The Wipers were from Portland, but a huge influence on Seattle bands. Feast were heavy before almost anybody else in town.

    Say what I will about Candlebox? Okay. They suck. They’ve always sucked.

  • el mechini

    SILVERCHAIR was the best grunge band after NIRVANA !!!

    How could they’re not included in here !!

    Listen to their 1st and 2nd albums !! Sounds great even they were teens !!

    Also, there are many Grunge bands from Indonesia which are sound quite good !!

  • el mechino

    SILVERCHAIR was the best grunge band after NIRVANA !!!

    How could they’re not included in here !!

    Listen to their 1st and 2nd album !! Sounds great even they were teens !!

    Also, there are many Grunge bands from Indonesia which are sound quite good !!

  • Harry Bahls

    As f’ing stupid as this list is, it’s for Seattle bands. STP, Bush, etc, argue all you want if they should be included, but they are not Seattle based bands.

  • JID

    The way you guys interpreting here are as if Seattle Sound has its own ‘untouchable class’….wowwwww. I think that wouldn’t be the first thing which comes into the pioneering minds of the genre…..

  • hourvari

    UNION YOUTH – awesome band from germany
    BLACKMAIL – more rock’n’roll but kicks ass as well
    NAVEL – from switzerland
    THE CHOCOLATE from france
    THE DIVERGENTS from france

  • Rob

    I would have to add the Toadies. They are a great grunge band not from Seattle but Texas….

    I think Bush, STP, and Silver Chair should be included. I disagree with the assumption that Grunge is only from Seattle or Washington.

  • saitzev


  • max

    sleep capsule and sore jackson were my favorites

  • Jason

    The Afghan Whigs were not the first band to be singed to Sub Pop. The first album signed to Sub Pop was called Sub Pop 100 with bands Sonic Youth, Naked Raygun, Wipers and Scratch Acid. The first band that was going to be signed was Green River, but sub pop couldnt afford it yet. Eventually Soundgarden’s first EP Screaming Life in result the first band signed. There’s a confusion between whether The Afghan Whigs or The Fluid were the first non-seattle band to be signed to the company. So there you go. Now the history is correct.

  • Jason

    Ok so I made a mistake. I rechecked my posting and Green River were the first band signed to the company. They signed in 1986 but the album wasn’t put out until a year later in July of 1987. Soundgarden first EP didn’t come out till October of 1987. So boom. GREEN RIVER!!!

  • Jason

    There were more bands on sub pop 100. those whom I have listed are only a few.

  • juanypei

    the title of this section is seattle bands, so i can’t agree with sonic youth (NYC), L7(LA), smashing pumpkins (CHI), Bush (somewhere in England) silverchair (somewhere in Australia) stone temple pilots (somewhere in california)
    and to me, it shouldn’t matter where the individual members came from (eddie vedder came from evanston IL by way of california somewhere) so long as the BAND came from seattle.
    on the other side of things, Presidents of The United States of America are from seattle but are too happy to be grunge.

    just my two cents.


  • patrick

    velocity girls seattle band has over 50 awesome seattle bands not mentioned on grungereport bands such as holopaw , king tuff , migala , dead moon , zumpano , patton oswalt , coco rosie , chixdiggit , flight of the conchords , memory house , cosmic psychos , the walkabouts , the thermals , shearwater , fruit bats , the grifters , kinski , shabazz palaces , the ruby suns , plexi , mister heavenly , vue , flop , robin pecknold , damien jurado , foals , the evil tambourines , the black halos , heather duby , rogue wave , gluecifer and many other seattle bands not mentioned on grungereport i buying all the albums record music label website will help you find more music brett of grungereport i hope this helps revive lost seattle bands music history

  • patrick

    for seattle bands 5ive style and visqueen and the posies and the dead moon band are my favorite seattle bands

  • TVface

    Why on earth i dont read any news about Radiohead here?! are they k-pop?

  • Doug

    Dillon mentioned thread. They never made it out of Seattle, but they were a great band. Check out their Facebook page:

  • Justin

    Seaweed’s album Four is stellar and a huge influence on Pearl Jam on thier middle records like Yield. Check it out!

  • Animal35

    What’s is with people mentioning bush and silverchair It says Seattle Knobheads
    !!! Not English or australian list

  • rkb

    Silverchair and Bush were considered “Scrunge” aka post grunge

  • ross

    I prefer to think of “grunge” as a time and a place. Seattle in the mid-to-late-80s and early-90s. I would even say that grunge began to fade away as soon as Nevermind and Ten became so popular. The bands that came out of here were punk (Mudhoney), heavy (Soundgarden), or even pop (Pearl Jam). The genre of the band didn’t neccesarilly matter, as long as they were part of that scene of bands that bounced ideas off of eachother and supported eachother. Screaming Trees was definitely a grunge band (they’re even mentioned in the thank-you section of Soundgarden’s Louder Than Love record). They weren’t from Seattle, but that’s where they went and where they really started playing shows, which is where a band should start anyways.

    And, just a question: there’s another name mentioned in Louder Than Love that I’ve never heard before. Is there a band called Living Colour? or was it not a band, just something else? Anything you can lead me to would be great.

  • Deviate

    Living Colour was a band from NYC.

  • Deviate

    Actually they still exist apparently.

  • Black Eye

    Bundle of Hiss

  • charlie2times

    Living Colour are still going, and on tour right now.

    Great band, but deffo not grunge OR from Seattle

  • Ian

    Pearl Jam…pop ?. Really ross. Fuck right off btw.

  • Christopher Wilcox

    Don’t forget SubPop’s first published artist Girl Trouble!

  • devine

    HEY if anybody wanna talk Iam totally ready to chat.

  • Mark

    Please stop saying “grunge” is only from Seattle.. Some great bands were from Portland? Some bands for Tacoma? So why not all over the world?
    Anyway, Here’s a few cool names you could put on the list:
    PASTE, released an album in 1993 called Big Banger, but split up before it was released.
    THRILLHAMMER, Released a 7″ in 1991, and a full-length album called Giftless in 1993.
    BATHTUB GIN, don’t know much about these guys, but they released an album in 1993 and are from Seattle – heard they were about to make it big, but then grunge pretty much died.
    GLÜCK, great crappy grunge! They released a cassette back in 1996 called “He Hopes Help Will Come Down From Heaven, Which Never Happens” – it is one of my favorite bands of all time!
    LIQUOR BIKE, released a bunch of albums with a great tune during the 90’s! Think they were from Boston or something like that.
    MONOXIDES, what can I say? They are from Canada – released a lot of records from Superbob Records along with HONEYBUCKEY (another cool grunge band) during the 90’s.
    LOCAL FARMER, released Miss Emma in 1994 and followed up by Seven Day Cruise in 1997 I think it was.
    PODUNK, they were pretty rough, released a couple of albums.. I don’t really know where they are from, but they had a great sound!
    BUCKET, released Brother Fear in 1994 – they were like.. Pretty grunge-metal-ish and from Tacoma..
    Rhino Humpers, awesome spaced-out grunge rock right there! Don’t really know what they have released, but they have a myspace with 10-12 songs.

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    The new Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave-In Cream also resembles the sebum which is
    one of the many features of this product.
    Exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays can trigger the release of free radicals that hastens aging and appearance of wrinkles.