The Toadies released their new album Play.Rock.Music. today. Frontman Todd Lewis described the process of making the album to, “The whole idea behind this record was to go in the studio and make up songs, which was kind of cool. We had never done that before. I got fed up with the ‘80s revival thing going around. I’m not much into that. I like guitar rocking. We went in the studio with ideas, fleshed them out into songs, and within a day it was tracked. It was a lot fun.”

1. Rattler’s Revival (3:09)
2. Get Low (3:14)
3. Summer of the Strange (3:40)
4. Magic Bullet (3:49)
5. Beside You (4:23)
6. Animals (4:39)
7. Sunshine (4:22)
8. Laments of a Good Man (4:17)
9. Epic Castles (3:22)
10. We Burned the City Down (2:54)
11. The Appeal (6:13)

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Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Strange Man/Long Progression will be released digitally on August 7th in the United Kingdom and Germany according to Previews for the songs are not currently available. This will be the first in the series of releases of I’m With You B-sides that will conclude in early 2013.

The Chili Peppers are set to headline Lollapalooza this weekend, and next weekend they will kick off their North American tour in Los Angeles.


This new recurring feature is dedicated to forgotten 90s alt rock gems. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something obscure, just anything that’s been unfairly overlooked over the years.


It’s an all-too-familiar tale: boy meets girl, they fall in love, girl dumps boy, boy’s band records concept album about their breakup for Interscope Records. And in the epilogue, the bassist of the band wins the third season of Project Runway.

Yes, the story of Lifter is a Shakespearean tragedy in many ways, but the saddest aspect is the fate of the band’s sole release, Melinda (Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt). One of the decade’s finest start-to-finish gems, it now survives only in the bargain bins of used record stores and, most likely, still spinning in the CD players of the few listeners lucky enough to be aware of its existence.

Melinda is filled with many of the trademarks of the 90s alternative scene—the soft/loud dynamic, the angst-ridden lyrics, the decidedly random yet oddly compelling cover art—but it elevates them with some of the strongest songwriting this side of the “big four.” Tons of long-forgotten bands released solid records piggybacking on the success of Nirvana and their peers, but Lifter is one of the few casualties that truly stings.

Indeed, what separates Lifter from the others is the fact that the label didn’t just carelessly release an album of crunchy guitar riffs and expect grunge devotees to lap it up via word of mouth. Someone who worked for Interscope back in the 90s told me that the label was very aware of the band’s talent and actually did make an effort for them to hit it big, even sending vocalist/guitarist Mike Coulter to rehab to deal with his heroin addiction before the album was recorded. They also produced a star-studded video for one of the album’s best tracks, the intense “Headshot.” (Ok, perhaps “star-studded” is going a bit far, given that Dave Navarro is its most famous participant, but still, it was enough to score some MTV airplay in 1996.) [In fairness, the label isn’t entirely blameless; they neglected to release a promised single from the album despite requesting that radio stations not play the band’s music before the single was available.]

As one could guess from listening to “Headshot,” with lines like “I’m damn glad I’m better than you are” and a reference to potential arson, Coulter specialized in bitter, phased lyrics that long for something distant that he’s either too angry or too apathetic to reach for. And really, what message could be more appealing to mid-90s teenagers? His indifferent yet agonized vocal delivery really sells what could have easily come across as pretentious, and bassist Jeff Sebelia and drummer John Rozas are strong supporting presences, never overshadowing Coulter but refusing to be overwhelmed by him either. Sebelia’s opening bass line on “Shutout” is one of the album’s best moments, calling to mind the intro to Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”—not coincidentally, Melinda was mixed by Andy Wallace, who mixed Nevermind five years earlier.

But Coulter’s songwriting is ultimately what really stands out, particularly on “402,” an anthem for anyone finding themselves wallowing in the scary depths of the real world: “I want to go back home and mow the lawn for my dad … Where is my honey-dipped life and my pretty wife? / Why can’t I leave this town and tell my mom I tried?” It’s one of the most downright depressing songs on the album, but its painful honesty is something that was beginning to disappear from rock at the time. Nothing on Melinda feels dark for the sake of being dark; there’s a purpose to the reflective anger it’s filled with.

Of course, if it’s catchy hooks you’re looking for, you’ll find them here as well. “Monkee” masterfully combines the band’s hard-edged flavor with pop sensibilities, just like Kurt Cobain so often did with Nirvana. The shimmering, optimistic—perhaps even forgiving—”Shine” is reminiscent of the Foo Fighters’ recent radio hit “Walk”—not the group’s specialty, but not uncharacteristic either.

Melinda may not have been the success it deserved to be, but if you happen to come face to face with the haunting unibrowed man on the cover when browsing the dusty corner of your local record shop, do yourself a favor and let him into your CD collection. He may not be a hot date, but Melinda is definitely a record you’ll want to settle down with…unlike its namesake.


From the Ten Club board:

01. Walking The Cow-(Daniel Johnston)
(Ed starts “Trouble” but stops immediately. He talks about a prank he used to pull that involved flashlights and smacking a friend with a pillow. He says that all the flashes from cameras feel like that prank is being pulled on him. He offers to make all the faces he is going to make for five seconds while people take pictures in the hopes that the flashes will stop after that.)
02. Trouble-(Yusuf Islam)
03. Can’t Keep
04. Sleeping By Myself
05. Without You
(Ed talks about the venue and all the great bands that have played here and how he never imagined he would see the place let alone play it. He has the lighting mixer turn up the house lights so he can see it better. He remarks that with all of the flags in the audience it looks a lot like The Olympics, except the seats are full here)
06. More Than You Know-(Rose, Eliscu, Youmans)
(A very young girl brings out a Ukulele for Ed. He comments that child labor laws in England must be lax. He then thanks Harper for bringing him the instrument)
07. Broken Heart (played on an old electric ukulele)
08. I Am Mine
09. Brain Damage-(Waters)
10. Dead Man
(Ed tells a story about an older gentleman that worked at tiny grocery on a small island. Lester would be gone from the grocery for several weeks and when Ed asked him where he had been Lester would say he had been to Switzerland or some other distant place. Ed later found out that “Lester the Traveller” hadn’t left the island in 30 years. Ed would still ask Lester where he had been traveling.)
11. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
12. Setting Forth
13. Far Behind
14. Guaranteed
15. Rise
16. Long Nights w/ Glen Hansard
17. Good Woman-(Chan Marshall)
(Ed’s other daughter Olivia brings out a guitar for him. He jokes that if another young girl brings out a guitar he is going to be confused because he only has two daughters)
18. Better Man (high string version)
(Ed talks about being asked to perform this song for “I Am Sam”. He describes how he went about investigating the song and what he learned about how it may have been written)
19. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away-(Lennon, McCartney)
20. Lukin
21. Porch
Encore Break 1
(Ed tells a story that ranges from him reading an article about corn communicating with other plants with audible clicks, to a friend that liked to make hallucinogenic tea that would make you think plants had eyes, could see and communicate with you. This eventually leads to Ed living on a small island alone and naming plants and trying to communicate with them. When a palm tree drops a coconut at his feet he likes to think the tree was offering him sustenance but admits it could have been trying to kill him)
22. Unthought Known
23. Society w/ Glen Hansard-(Jerry Hannan)
24. Sleepless Nights w/ Glen Hansard-(Boudleaux Bryant, Felice Bryant) [played at the edge of the stage with no mics or PA)
25. Falling Slowly w/ Glen Hansard-(Hansard, Irglová)
26. Open All Night-(Bruce Springsteen)
27. The End
28. Arc
Encore Break 2
29. Hard Sun w/ Glen Hansard-(Peterson)


Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell stated in a new interview with that Jane’s Addiction will begin writing their 5th studio album after they wrap up their tour for The Great Escape Artist in September:

“Yeah the plan is, as soon as we get off the road [in mid September], we begin writing our next record. I’d like to give it a six month window and just get another Jane’s record out, coming off the heels of The Great Escape Artist. I think that’s the way to do it for us. I don’t think we’ll wait eight years (laughs) to do another record. You know, we didn’t plan on getting back together, so that was part of– we had broken up. That was part of the reason that we took so long, but these days, the best thing that an artist can do or a group can do is stay busy and stay on the trail. And that’s what our plan is.”

Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell Talks Growing Up NYC and Lollapalooza with from LocalBozo on Vimeo.


Courtney Love tweeted this last night to Lana Del Ray regarding her cover of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box:

“You do know the song is about my Vagina right? ‘Throw down your umbilical noose so I can climb right back’ umm.”

“Some of the lyrics about my vagina, I contributed.”

“So, umm, next time you sing it, think about my vagina, will you? lol xc.”


Norm on the forums has uploaded Pearl Jam Radio on SiriusXM’s new interview with Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament where he discusses his new solo album While My Heart Beats. Listen to the interview here.

Jeff said “Give It A Name” and some others could have possibly been eventually worked up into being Pearl Jam songs if they were worked on differently, but he thought the 11 songs he had written worked together for a solo album.


From the Ten Club board, spaced out on posting this yesterday:

01. Don’t Be Shy-(Yusuf Islam)
02. I Am Mine
03. Can’t Keep
(Ed says that he has spent more days in Manchester in the last two months than he has in the previous 20 years. And he still hasn’t seen the sun. He amends that by noting he went outside to smoke just before Glen’s set and saw the sun but the rain was still coming down)
04. Sleeping By Myself
05. Without You
(Ed discusses the West Memphis Three and all the work that went into getting the innocent men off of death row and out of prison. He also talks about how he recorded “Satellite” about ten years ago that was about them. He says that on the “Ukulele Songs” album you can hear a phone ring just as he finishes recording the song. The phone call was from Damien’s wife Lorri.)
06. Satellite
07. Sometimes
(Ed talks about meeting a man named Ognan (sp) who had just recently been married. His arm was in a sling and he explained he broke it at the wedding party. Ed asked where his wife was? Ognan said they could only get one ticket. Ed got Ognan’s wife Monica a ticket for the show as a wedding present. He invites them to come up to the stage but they don’t appear.)
08. Picture In A Frame-(Kathleen Brennan/Tom Waits)
(Ed still looking for Ognan and Monica tells security that if they see a guy with a blue cast to bring him up to the stage)
09. Untitled
10. Off He Goes
(Ognan finally makes it on stage. Ed congratulates him and gives him a copy of the “Ukulele Songs” songbook)
11. Far Behind
12. No Ceiling
13. Guaranteed
(Rise is dedicated to some people from Manchester that Ed met.)
14. Rise
(Ed talks about his friend, Dennis Flemion of The Frogs, who had recently passed away. Ed dedicates “Long Road” to him.)
15. Long Road
16. Better Man (high string version)
(Ed talks about a Palm’s guitar shop in Amsterdam and his old Black Gibson that he got after recording “Into The Wild”.)
17. Unthought Known
(Ed says this song was written about Ronny Wood. Ed says he might fuck it up but that Ronny wouldn’t care, not that Ronny ever fucks up or remembers it if he does.)
18. Speed Of Sound
19. Lukin
20. Porch
Encore Break 1
21. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
22. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away-(Lennon, McCartney)
(Ed talks about Chris McCandless and what he learned about living on your own and having great friends to help you out. Ed says that he is very glad Glen is out on stage and on tour with Ed and what a great friend he is.)
24. Society w/ Glen Hansard-(Jerry Hannan)
25. Sleepless Nights w/ Glen Hansard-(Boudleaux Bryant, Felice Bryant) [performed at the front of the stage with no mics or PA]
25. Falling Slowly w/ Glen Hansard-(Hansard, Irglová)
26. Crazy Mary-(Williams) [played on electric guitar]
27. The End
28. Arc
Encore Break 2
29. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)
30. Hard Sun w/ Glen Hansard-(Peterson)


Thanks to Mike and Jaye:

Coming December 2012
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A fan based photo journal over two years in the making documenting Soundgarden’s reunion.

We’re looking for fan photos! If you are a fan photographer, or photographer who is a fan, and interested in participating in Spoondog Entertainment Group, LLC photo book Photofantasm™ Soundgarden Edition 2010-2012 please request to join the following closed facebook group for submission details or email us at We are looking for Soundgarden photos AND great fan/crowd photos between 2010, 2011 and 2012 shows. You need to solely own the photos to participate. Please see for additional updates.


Here are the best comments on in the last week or so, according to me.

Platinum Bo$$ said:

Fo real G Mayn, ain’t enuff hip hop news in this bitch… Nirvana and them White boys is wack as hell on the real tho. Whuts good ne way ma ballin ass partna? Shaniqua say u ain’t been keeping up with the child support, bitches be trippin, welfare cheques n shit, ain’t that about a bitch.

Rodrigo said:

the day Billy will turn into a porn actor, I will start to talk bullshit about the pumpkins I promise

Anth said:

Update on the breaking Corgan fart story: sources are reporting that it was silent but had a “powerful” aroma. “I didn’t think it was possible,” remarked one observer who spoke under the condition of anonymity, “but he actually did something that stunk worse than Zeitgeist.”

Reached for comment, Corgan said, “Don’t look at me. It was [former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist] James [Iha].” Iha refused to speak on the matter.

This is not the first time Corgan has farted: producer Butch Vig recalled an incident during the Gish sessions that later inspired the song “Rocket,” and it’s widely rumored that a post-concert fart in the dressing room was the catalyst for the Zwan breakup (though Corgan insists that “David Pajo smelt it and therefore dealt it”).

We’ll continue to update on this breaking breaking wind story as more details come in.

Iso said:

The delightfully scented bowl of shit known as MAYAN CALENDAR strikes again! Balls to your chin Mayan. May the beef-stick of justice rest comfortably in your throat. Feel those testies slapping against your taint? That’s that same cock up yer butt now. Takin’ it in both holes Mayan, good on ya, champ. Perhaps we ought unload an AR-15 in yer cornhole. Then evaluate your well-placed comment once more…

bon3z said:

The [2nd Mad Season] album cover is revealed! OMG!!!


Dave Grohl is set to appear on CBS’ Teachers Rock on August 18th according to RTTNews. On the show musicians and famous people will say nice stuff about teachers and how they helped them when they were growing up in regards to music, along with a performance. Jack Black, Adam Levine, and others are also confirmed. Money made from the show will go to, Feeding America and Teach for America.


Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s kids (aged 18 and 20) have been having trouble with their mother recently due to her erratic behavior since divorcing Kelso, and is reporting that they have turned to Frances Bean Cobain for advice. Frances has had her fair share of problems with her mother, that have been well documented on, including an incident where Courtney accused Frances of sleeping with Dave Grohl. Reportedly Frances has told Demi’s daughters to show her some tough love in response to her behavior.