Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell wishes he hadn’t given up his piano lessons when he was 10, and had learned how to read music.

Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell wishes he hadn’t given up his piano lessons when he was 10.

The ‘Spoonman’ singer regrets never being able to read music properly, after giving up because of a “mean” teacher, with all subsequent attempts proving fruitless.

He said: “I started out as a pianist, but not now. I learned to read music when I was 10 and did piano and took lessons. Unfortunately, I didn’t really have any direction. It just felt like school. It was another subject, another course. I had kind of a mean piano teacher.

“I picked it up very fast and I learned to read music very fast, but I don’t now at all.

“I think in my early 30s, I attempted to take lessons to read music again. I thought well, it’s in there so it should be easy to pick back up again. But it was so not.”

Chris said the fact he can’t read or write music hasn’t hindered him in any way to becoming a successful singer and songwriter, and he can still explain his ideas to people.

He added to “Not that I can’t understand music conceptually, it’s just that I’ve learned now to create music without a language and I work well that way and I work quickly that way.

“And I make decisions in that world in sort of a language-illiterate world. I can hear all the music so unless I’m trying to communicate it to someone else, I can just record or show them, you know?”


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Chris on his next solo album
So I’m releasing in mid-November a record of live acoustic songs that I did over the Songbook tour in the States, a sampling of some of it, and that’ll come out in November. And then I think my next solo record will probably be acoustic based, as simple as I can keep it.

Audioslave sometimes gets a bad rap, do you look back on it as a positive time?
Personally a lot of it was me trying to land on my feet again. I went through a lot of personal turmoil right around the time Audioslave formed and unfortunately I think that affected the band a little bit in terms of me not really being grounded. Having said that, I love all three records, I think they’re all great and I view them as being a super lucky thing to have been a part of.

When Soundgarden got back together, and I’m used to this as a fan too, people would say things they maybe wouldn’t have normally said when it was Audioslave and say “yeah I’m really glad Soundgarden’s back together” and “I didn’t really like *Audioslave as much”, and I’ve heard Rage fans say the same thing, but sometimes I feel like it’s a bad rap and there’s a negativity surrounding it that doesn’t make any sense to me. Audioslave was a great rock band and we wrote great songs and we were very prolific. I love the albums, and I love the songs.


NEW YORK (AP) — Courtney Love is ready to spill.

The hard-living rock star and actress known for her band Hole and for her brief marriage to Kurt Cobain has a book deal with William Morrow.

Morrow is an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. It announced Thursday that Love will “set the record straight.”

Her memoir will address life with Cobain, the Nirvana leader who died in 1994, her drug problems and her Hollywood career.

The memoir is currently untitled and is scheduled to come out next fall.

She’s among several musicians who recently agreed to write memoirs. Those include Neil Young, Pete Townshend, Carole King and Gregg Allman.


In the PDF release it says ‘Screaming Trees- Bitter Dregs (Unreleased Tracks)’ is an upcoming release.

Stanwood, WA – September 26, 2011: Van Conner of Screaming Trees and VALIS today announced the launch of a new record label titled Strange Earth Records. Strange Earth has partnered with the American wing of Germany’s Finetunes Digital Media Services.

Van’s new venture seeks to fill a gap in the Northwest Music Scene with the new label serving as a hub for independent bands that have dedicated their lives to making great music. The website will serve as a “one stop shop” for web surfers who want to find out who is lurking in the backwoods of the Pacific Northwest.

The label will feature singles, EPs and full-length records and videos that can be purchased through all the major online music shops (iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc.). Plans for vinyl releases and distribution are also in the works.
New music as well as tunes from Van’s archives that have never been released online will be featured.

The label’s first release will be by Microdot Gnome on October 21, 2011. Microdot Gnome is the latest project by Gary Lee Conner, best known as a fellow Screaming Trees co-founder, guitar player and songwriter as well as Van’s brother.

Click here to view the full press release online.



Blizzard continues its tradition of closing the doors on Blizzcon with a big concert. Two years ago it was Ozzy Osbourne, and Tenacious D followed — this year it’ll be the Foo Fighters’ chance for post-gaming convention immortality.

Blizzcon takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center on October 21 and 22. If you were unable to score yourself a ticket, Blizzard is offering a pass to take part in the festivities virtually for $39.99, either via the internet or through DirecTV. For more info on live streaming, check out the Blizzcon site.


Chris Cornell will be releasing an album of live Songbook tour performances  on November 21st (UME), featuring his own songs as well as a few covers. All fans who purchase their Songbook tour tickets online will receive a digital copy of the album with each order.

Songbook Full Track Listing

1.  As Hope and Promise Fade
2.  Scar On The Sky
3.  Call Me A Dog
4.  Ground Zero
5.  Can’t Change Me
6.  I Am The Highway
7.  Thank You (Led Zeppelin)
8.  Cleaning My Gun
9.  Wide Awake
10. Fell On Black Days
11. All Night Thing
12. Doesn’t Remind Me
13. Like A Stone
14. Black Hole Sun
15. Imagine (John Lennon)
16. The Keeper

Chris has also added four more dates to his Fall/Winter Tour.  These are in Torrington, CT, Pittsburgh, PA, Indianapolis, IN and Louisville, KY. See below for full list of tour dates and tour section for all details of presale and onsale dates and times.

Songbook Tour Dates Fall/Winter 2011

11/1/11     Memphis, TN                Minglewood Hall – Buy Tickets
11/2/11     Nashville, TN                 War Memorial Auditorium –  Buy Tickets
11/4/11     Orlando, FL                   Hard Rock Live – Buy Tickets
11/5/11     Tampa, FL                    Tampa Theatre – Buy Tickets
11/6/11     Miami Beach, FL           Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater – Buy Tickets
11/9/11     Buenos Aires                Grand Rex Theatre – Buy Tickets
11/10/11   Buenos Aires                Grand Rex Theatre – Buy Tickets
11/12/11   Santiago, Chile              Maquinaria Festival – Buy Tickets
11/13/11   Sao Paulo, Brazil           SWU Festival – Buy Tickets
11/17/11   Albany, NY                    The Hart Theatre at the Egg – Buy Tickets
11/18/11   Ridgefield, CT                The Ridgefield Playhouse – Buy Tickets
11/19/11   Torrington, CT               Warner Theatre – (link to follow)
11/21/11   New York, NY                Carnegie Hall (link to follow)
11/22/11   Red Bank, NJ                 Count Basie Theatre – Buy Tickets
11/23/11   Allentown, PA                 Symphony Hall – Buy Tickets
11/25/11   Atlantic City, NJ              Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa- Music Box – Buy Tickets
11/26/11   Atlantic City, NJ              Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa- Music Box – Buy Tickets
11/29/11   Burlington, VT                 Flynn Center For The Performing Arts – Buy Tickets
11/30/11   Poughkeepsie, NY           Bardavon**
12/2/11     Pittsburgh, PA                 Carnegie Music Hall of Oakland (link to follow)
12/3/11     Lakewood, OH                Lakewood Civic Center – Buy Tickets
12/4/11     Ann Arbor, MI                 Michigan Theater (link to follow)
12/6/11     Kalamazoo, MI               Kalamazoo State Theatre – Buy Tickets
12/7/11     Indianapolis, IN              Egyptian Room (link to follow)
12/8/11     Louisville, KY                  Brown Theatre (link to follow)
12/10/11   Salina, KS                      Stiefel Theatre For The Performing Arts – Buy Tickets
12/13/11   Mesa, AZ                       Mesa Arts Center- Ikeda Theatre – Buy Tickets
12/15/11   San Francisco, CA          Palace of Fine Arts Theatre (link to follow)
12/16/11   Los Angeles, CA             Orpheum Theatre – Buy Tickets
12/17/11   San Diego, CA                Balboa Theatre – Buy Tickets

**Tickets from April’s Poughkeepsie cancelled show will be honored



Corgan and the current Pumpkins — drummer Mike Byrne, bassist Nicole Fiorentino and guitarist Jeff Schroeder — are hopeful that “Oceania” will not only sate Pumpkins fans’ appetite for a more conventional album but also help to energize the ambitious “Teargarden…” concept. “We feel pretty confident this is going to help make the progression of ‘Teargarden’ make sense to people,” Corgan says. “If we’re able to get that sense that something is happening again and get people to rally behind us a bit, I think the next three, four years will be very interesting for the band. I think if (‘Oceania’) basically hits the same wall a lot of the other stuff has hit, we’re going to have to step back and really evaluate where we’re going, because it’s a tremendous amount of energy to put out to just feel like you’re throwing a pebble in the ocean.”


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I know that we as dedicated Pearl Jam fans don’t care what the movie made in terms of box office receipts but I think it is a very good indicator of the popularity of the movie, given that it was only released, domestically in less than 99 theaters… Using that as a gauge and knowing that in most of those theaters there were only two or three showings in one day, the movie made $280,343, according to UPDATE: I know what you are saying about the title of this post… Lion King 3D was #1…. that’s true but…This weekend, PEARL JAM TWENTY was Number 1 in Platform theaters of 99 or less…. It was only shown in 9 theaters this weekend (Sept. 23 – 25) and it avg. $9,946 for a total of $89,514 for THREE DAYS on NINE screens. So, yes Pearl Jam Twenty is Number 1(Sept. 23-25 in catagory of movies showing on 99 screens or less). Kinda of misleading I agree…. but true. Note: these numbers do not reflect the sales of PPV viewings this weekend…


Thanks to Peter:

I love Grunge Report and I love reading stories from concerts, so I guess it’s my turn. I attended the 2011 Vancouver Pearl Jam show last night – my 6th PJ show (yeah I know – rookie) – and it was the best one I’ve been to.

I didn’t even have tickets till the last minute… I guess they opened up section at the side/backside of the stage the day of because I was able to snag a ticket on Ticketmaster that was beside the stage row 6. Well I got to my seat and saw that rows 1-3 were taken out to make room for a walkway by the stage and rows 4-5 were chained off… so I was essentially row 1. I’d never sat directly to the side of the stage, and it’s pretty cool. The downsides were 1) there was a light directly in our eyes from the opposite side of the stage, and 2) McCready was on the other side. so we didn’t get much of a good look at him.

The sound was great – I was worried being on the side would affect it. I’ll dispense on the standard concert report stuff and just mention some things I noticed during the concert:

– First things first. Matt Cameron is a beast and we need to all say our little prayers at night for him. Between PJ and the Soundgarden concert in July I saw him play 50+ different songs.
– The amount of gear needed for a concert like this is absurd. All the boards and computers etc are insane.
– Vedder sung about 4 songs then had to blow his nose a bunch of times – anyone think he was sick? I didn’t notice anything off in his singing but I’m no vocal expert
– Vedder was flipping pages on a lyric book in multiple songs – I really noticed it during Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns.
– Garden was played, which made my night personally! Check off another “Ten” song off my bucket list!
– Cameron would sing backup vocals on a bunch of songs, but would head bunt the mic away when he was done for the song… clearly he wasn’t comfortable with it right there in his face
– The band looked to be legitimately having fun, like they were just enjoying playing music for each other – that bodes well for the future
– Vedder asked the crowd two separate times to put up their hands if they were from Seattle – I’d ballpark at least 1000, it was a significant portion of the crowd. Vedder seemed amazed.
– I’ve watched a million hockey games at this arena, so I can estimate crowds fairly decently there I’d think… I’d say between 6-8,000 fans

The highlight of the night for me was during Rockin in the Free World, Vedder running around bashing tambourines…. he came to our side, down the stairs right in front of us, so I was grabbing my phone to get a pic – and then all of a sudden a tambourine came flying directly at my face, ninja-star-style! I caught it with one hand, but didnt get a pic!

The woman beside me got one too – and immediately we saw Eddie Vedder’s hand was cut and bleeding fairly bad… his left ring finger…. He 100% cut it on the tambourines… they have shitty little nails in them to keep the cymbals (or whatever you can the metal discs) and on the one I caught it was missing a set and the nail was exposed. And Vedder’s blood was splattered on it.

Yeah, so I’m going Jurassic-park style and cloning Eddie Vedder as we speak to start up my own Pearl Jam cover band! Call me to book a show!