Thanks to Nick Gray:

@Noiseheads on Twitter asked Alice In Chains singer William DuVall, “So are you still writing your own material? Any new AIC that features you on lead vox?

William DuVall responded “Yes and yes.” On Black Gives Way to Blue DuVall sang lead vocals (without any backing vocals or layered vocals with Jerry Cantrell) on “Last of My Kind” and wrote the lyrics/melody to the song. His only other co-songwriting credit on the album was “A Looking In View.” DuVall wrote a song called “Tongue Tied” about his friend that committed suicide that was cut from the album. Alice In Chains are set to release their fifth studio album this year.

  • thefreewheelinMarkArm

    Last Of My Kind is an awesome song; listening right now. AIC really did Get Born Again. Seriously, I’m always overly critical when it comes to bands I like retooling. I think AIC is the only band I’ve continued to really like after such a massive change of the original lineup.

  • LoveHateLove

    Can’t wait to hear DuVall take the rains, although, I have a feeling Jerry’s voice will always be present (as it was in most of the original albums…of which, none are bad). LOMK and Acid Bubble, you got a real taste of what he could do for AIC. I think BGW2B was a feeling out process for Jerry…as well as a final chapter he needed to write. Looking forward to the next chapter. I’ll be at the Fillmore in Miami…what a great venue to see them in!!

  • LoveHateLove

    Sorry…”reins”…too early!!

  • Kris

    While I like Duvall, I kinda like the thought of Jerry having a more vocal lead. I suppose the reason for this is because it seems more like the old AIC in a way. I’m sure either way, I’ll love the new album! I can’t wait till it is released!

  • JON

    to me duvall has such even toned, kinda boring singing voice. Its not that he cant sing, he just inst that dynamic. i understand there is never gonna be another layne on this earth, but i think the new stuff would sound so much better with some one who has some “bite”.

  • MJ

    Good for him. I’m probably not going to listen to the nww album, but good for him.

  • kingchaz

    “Last of My Kind” was probably my favorite track off that album. So much imagery from the sound alone.

  • kingchaz

    @JON, watch the video of him singing “Am I Inside” live.

  • kingchaz

    Sorry, “Right Turn.”


    To realize how awesome William Duvall sings (not to mention, plays guitar and writes songs), you guys have to listen to his previous band COMES WITH THE FALL. I especially recommend the album “Beyond the Last Light”. Check out the songs “Pale Horse Rider” and “White Hot”. I hope Will sings lead on most of this new AIC album. Way better singer than Jerry and even Layne. Don’t get your panties in a bunch b/c I said “Layne”. Everybody’s entitled to their opinion and Layne Staley was not Elvis Presley or even Chris Cornell.

  • JON

    @kingchaz, that did sound better than the previous stuff i have seen. good point! he is better than i thought he was.

    @SUICYCO, your a funny guy, will is better than layne, wow. you must have gotten redirected here from TMZ, or a deaf help site.

  • kingchaz

    @JON, I know how it goes. I was vehemently and decidedly against the reuniting in 2008, but as I watched each studio update, fell back in love with the band in new form. Layne is probably my favorite vocalist of all time in the alternative world.

    @SUICYCO, Cornell is a great vocalist, but you can’t compare him to Layne. That’s like comparing Phil Anselmo to James Hetfield; they stand alone in their own right.

  • GwynnKatie

    Ok, so this is fantastic news. I love Will.
    His voice is beautiful.
    No doubt there will be dual harmonies with Jerry as well.
    Can’t wait until the record is released.
    AIC Forever

  • GenXLady

    You can’t compare Layne and Will, other than the fact that Will can do justice to Layne’s songs that he sang lead on. It is like apples and oranges really. Good thing for me that I like apples and oranges. They both make up good parts of different chapters in AIC, but they are not the same. To try to “replace” Layne with Will doesn’t work. They both have their own places in the overall picture. RIP Layne and kudos on taking lead, Will.

  • Paul

    Along the lines with SUICYCO said, check out the bridge of “Still Got a Hold On My Heart” from the same album. Not only is it lyrically one of the coolest things ever- but the notes are sick. Up there with some of Cornell’s finest.

  • Jeff

    Barf. This is not Alice in Chains.

  • GwynnKatie

    Good statement GenXLady. Well said – as usual.
    Thanks Paul & SUICYCO – I will check out those CWTF songs…
    Jeff – honey we all know how you feel —
    ^ if this is Jeff from WA State.
    AIC Forever


    @Paul Thank you bro! Right on. “Still Got A Hold On My Heart” is one of Comes With The Fall’s best.

    Layne was a great vocalist for AIC / metal, but the guy never sang anything beyond gloomy / angry songs. He lacks the SOUL that Duvall sings with, as well as Cornell.

    A lot of “metal” fans are real close minded and don’t listen to other forms of music. A lot of the “singers” we hail in the world of metal are really no big deal. They just rant / yell, or do something slightly melodic. Slightly.

  • Ace

    GenXLady nailed it.

  • MJ

    @SUICYCO Uh, that’s not true at all. Besdies several of AIC’s songs not being “angry” or “gloomy” (have you even heard the Jar of Flies EP?), Layne has done other singing away from AIC. Go look up the “Ring them Bells” cover he did with Heart. Also, Mad Season was very different from AIC. If you want “soul”, listen to “Above”.

  • MJ

    Lord, for someone to think DuVall (or even Cornell) is a better singer than Layne was…

  • Butthead

    I heard Kurt Cobain hated AIC, because he thought they were more metal than grunge.

  • Raj

    @Butthead Kurt Cobain never hated metal, he hated the attitude. He despised machismo and sexism, etc. In an interview, he said he liked a lot of heavy metal.

    Back to AIC, Jerry Cantrell is a backing/dual harmonizing vocalist, I don’t he should be doing lead. His solo stuff was great, but he should stick to what he does best. I can’t see Jerry ever singing lead.

    William was brought in to sing the lead parts, so Jerry could do the backing vocals and dual harmonize. Will’s vocals should be turned up, on BGWTB without a couple of songs it sounded like Jerry was doing lead. I don’t have a problem with Jerry doing lead, I like his voice but the AIC sound is always a vocal tandem style.

  • Kris

    I can’t believe there are people that are saying Duvall is a better singer than Layne?! REALLY!? I’m not discrediting the other guys in the band but Layne’s hauntingly beautiful and powerful voice made the unique and brilliant sound that made AIC so popular. I admire Duvall and think he’s good in his own right but he cannot come close to Layne’s voice, magnetism and stage presence.

  • Pedro

    Layne was a better singer than Cornell. DuVall is good, but he’s no Layne.

  • Southern Discomfort

    Fuck, I’m pissed because I was put out in the same sentence as James Hetfield ! Just Kidding I love the guy .

  • Dan

    GenXLady I love you!


    too bad we cant ask laynes opinion.

  • Daniannie

    I think I’m going to reserve my judgement until after I hear the finished product. I would guess that I’ll like it since I liked the last one,

  • Jeff

    1. @SUICYCO – Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion except you. Will is a better singer than Layne? Layne’s corpse could sing better than Will. Nobody even knows who Will Duvall is outside of old ass AIC fans like me and some of you. Although I think this might be Will’s account. Nice try.

    2. Layne is known for his soulful voice. Did I mention that nobody has ever even heard of Duvall? You are literally the only person I have ever come across that has that opinion. Jerry Cantrell himself would think you were an idiot for saying that.

    3. Layne sang with 4 other bands plus random appearances here and there.

    4. Kurt Cobain would not have said that. He knew Layne and respected him. Kurt didn’t consider his music grunge. Nobody from that era even said that word.

    I can’t believe someone is so stupid as to think Will Duvall, a total nobody, could even come close to Layne Staley. The big four from the best era in music will always be Staley, Cobain, Vedder, and Cornell. Not Cantrell. Not Duvall. No one else. Cantrell is growing on me a little, mainly because I’ve gained a new appreciation for a lot of his guitar work. But Duvall himself would admit that he couldn’t touch Layne’s sound or soul, so for you to be a little bitch and say some shit like that is just retarded. Your opinion is invalid and stupid. Die.

  • Jeff

    One last thing. Comparing Will and Layne is not like comparing “apples and oranges.” It’s like comparing an anchovy to a 5 course meal from a 4-star restaurant.

  • Josh

    I’ve personally come to appreciate Duvall much more over the years to the point where I’ve become a big fan of his. I really got into his previous band Comes With the Fall. His overall musicianship is just incredible and I hope he has more influence on this upcoming album.

  • Shadows Collide with People


    Ha! You make me laugh. To say that Layne had no soul in his voice is probably one of the most absurd and ignorant things I ever read on this website. Please listen to the following albums: (in which I am certain you will quickly change your opinion)

    “Above” Mad Season- Key tracks- All of them
    ‘Jar of Flies” Alice in Chains- Key tracks- Nutshell, Rotten Apple.
    “Dirt” Alice in Chains- Key tracks- Rooster, Down in a hole, Rain when I die.

  • Kris

    @ Jeff: I SO agree with everything you said! Loved the line about “Layne’s corpse could sing better!” I laughed my ass off on that one.

    Again … I’m not disrespecting Duvall because he has some talent and certainly seems like a nice enough guy, but he is not in the same league as Layne … not every a tiny bit close!!

    Layne will always be the heart of AIC; however, while it took me some time to accept the “new” AIC, I guess they’ve grown on me mainly because I miss the really good music from the 90’s and at least this comes semi-close. Their last effort was surprisingly good – not nearly anything close to their stuff with Layne, but at least a good album I could listen to.

  • laynelivesforever

    Well, at least this development–if true–will save us from Jerry trying to sing lead. Ol’ Jer definitely has many musical strengths, but singing lead ain’t one of ’em.
    We miss you always, Layne!

  • GwynnKatie

    ALICE said:
    too bad we cant ask laynes opinion.

    Yeah… ain’t that the truth. :::sighs:::

  • ShaneC

    I like William DuVall.

    I hate the new AIC song. Hollow.

    Maybe it’s time for me to consider that I’m stuck in the past when it comes to this band. I just can’t seem to dig there new tunes aside from Last Of My Kind and Your Decision.

    I’ll check out the new album, but I’m expecting BGWTB.5

  • Kevin

    It’s ridiculous that people are saying Duvall is better than Layne. Saying that he has more soul. Haha Will is never going to come close to the soul and emotion that Layne sang with, the man had a gift. That said, I really like new AiC and Williams voice, I’m excited to see him on lead vocals, new album will be excellent

  • Dave


    I’m glad I read your comment… up till now I have been listening to and wanting more than anything, to love AIC with Will. Up till now I haven’t been able to. But when I read your comment I think I realized why… I’ve naturally been comparing to AIC w/Layne. That’s impossible/unfair to do. I think I will re-listen to BGWTB and the new songs and try not to compare, even subconsciously. I need to give it a chance on it’s own, for what it is. I do like apples AND oranges…here’s hoping this will change my perspective. Great comment.