Who The **** Are Orange No.9?!?

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Well, I’m out to answer that question once and for all. I saw these guys play at the Sounds Asylum in Middletown, New York on April Fool’s Day 2013 when frontman Tod Elgnis was dressed up as Kurt Cobain at Nirvana’s infamous Reading concert. I would later catch up with the band in late 2014, after they released their first EP, Straight to VHS. I recently caught up with singer/guitarist Tod Elgnis, who is currently hard at work on the first proper record with the band…

Left to right: Tod Elgnis, Cheyenne Moore, Christopher Liranzo

For those who have never heard of you, can you tell them who the **** are Orange No.9?

Orange No.9 is a three piece Alt-Rock band (I think?) that consists of Me (guitar/vocals), Cheyenne Moore (drums) and Chris Liranzo (bass). Our influence in style, sound, attention to detail and effort comes from bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, Smashing Pumpkins, The Doors, Starfish, Black Sabbath, and Creedence Clearwater Revival, if you want to take the tops but there are so many more.

orange no. 9
“Inhale” is a personal favorite of this writer.

Tell us a little about your first E.P.

STRAIGHT TO VHS! was recorded at a studio called The Loft in Bronxville NY and it was a definite first step to getting the band to go home with the viewers and actually have something carved in time and plastic. But it arrived a little late and it didn’t capture the raw energy of the band from the live shows that people seemed to dig. THE APPROACH TO RECORDING IT, however, was what we are most proud of. We initially wanted to record it on analog tape instead of digital to show the masses that we had nothing to hide behind. But the studio didn’t want to work with a budget or the hassle of recording on such a medium so we decided to RECORD DIGITAL LIKE ANALOG and have all recordings done LIVE. We establish rules that wouldn’t allow us to use recording gimmicks like time correcting shit or quantizing or whatever. Those are TOOLS, NOT INSTRUMENTS! And we are FIRM BELIEVERS IN PUTTING OUT MUSIC YOU CAN ACTUALLY PLAY LIVE JUST AS GOOD OR BETTER!

You had previously indicated you’d be going into a hibernation to work on the debut album and redefine the band’s sound. What exactly is that transformation going to entail? 

The sound of this band has always been a bit of a hard thing to nail down and drag around but after putting out Straight To VHS! and bringing it with us to shows for half a year we decided to go through a line up change on bass and just take a break from shows to work on new music. ENTER BATCH OF NEW SEXY SHIT! During our winter hibernation at a new secluded basement practice cave, we ended up crafting a few new songs: Waves, Too Close, Nomad and a few others that exposed new deeper, focused and grown up layers of our normal heavy/soft/smooth/buzzed formula. Armed with these, we played a few shows at The Chance (opening for Hed P.E and Alien Ant Farm) with new found energy. Afterwards we unintentionally reclused again. So we decided this time that we would gather up all remaining songs from our old cache and a few off the EP to record our first full length which we are hesitantly calling Safe, Secure & On Time, which is a complete and utter tongue in cheek reference to how this band is anything but on time, and secure. We are always safe, though.

Drummer Cheyenne Moore’s Foo Fighters tribute artwork. The official Sound City Facebook page took notice of it and sent Cheyenne the following: “Dave will see it. I just sent it to him!”

We’ve played with them a couple times, pretty cool that they are going for that garage/grunge type stuff, not that many people trying to do that in our area… waaaay more “musical” than us!

– Nick Jakubowski (Bill X Nye)

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