• Shadow on the Sun

    Only Corgan could turn a book of SELF-discovery into such a self-indulgent mess. The guy has spent 9 hours literally making noise over top of an audio book?There\’s no way people are sitting through this right?Right?

  • Jason

    You know he’s going to someday go to bed after this and lie awake saying “I did it! I did it master!”

  • Jeff

    Less public masturbation and more sit-ups, William!

  • pLEnTY oF gUM

    Bill can do situps only while singing “I Am One”
    9 hours shows his endurance and only a pro wrestler like him could pull this off.

    Ed Ved would die of a heart attack with all the chimney tricks his lungs have been through. Chris Corn wouldn’t make it to hour 4 as he would be looking for a guitar to smash. Jerry Cantwell would not even try as he is only able to do songs with Duvall humming and watching him, waiting to sing when commanded to.