Watch Trailer For Dave Grohl & Zac Brown Band’s EP ‘The Grohl Sessions Vol. 1’

Dave Grohl will be producing and drumming on Zac Brown Band’s upcoming EP titled “The Grohl Sessions Vol. 1.” The EP will be released on December 10th on iTunes.

The 4-track EP includes the tracks:
Day For The Dead
All Alright
Let It Rain
The Muse

The Grohl Sessions Vol. 2 is expected next year along with physical releases and a documentary.

  • paulonious

    well this is an obvious cash-in on Dave’s name just to sell records.

  • John

    You’re ignorant. Listen to the music this band has released before compared to this small sample of what they did with Grohl. There is an obvious change in style and growth as artists. This mentality and fear of new music is the reason no new bands are being given a chance anymore.

    Congratulations pal, you’re among the legions contributing to the slow death of music.

  • Yo

    Let’s not kid anyone Dave, if you didn’t have your own band you’d be in QOTSA. This will interesting to hear though, Zac Brown Band has some incredibly talented musicians.