• Riley R

    Kind of a cliffhanger… and a bit pointless. But entertaining.

  • King Cornell 20

    First off, Owata is just a miserably horrible song that exemplifies everything SP has become. It combines all of the worst elements of the Teargarden project: f’ing weird ass instrumentation, emotionless vocals, uninspired lyrics, etc. And if this is a “music video”, this 12 minute wresting reality show garbage that looks like a cheesy high school project, then I must be on a different planet. Foo Fighters release a kick ass vid and “SP” aka the William Corgan Debacle follows with, frankly, I don’t even know what. SP died a long time ago along with Billy Corgan. This William guy, his twin maybe, is pissing a lot more people off than just me.

  • Grungy

    No razor blades or chairs what kind of wrestling is this?

  • benwalton

    Owata is a great song. This abomination however, is 12 minutes of my life I am never going to see again. Thanks BC, thanks a fucking lot.

  • Ten

    Such a weird song to choose for a wrestling video. The song’s an instant classic, probably in Corgan’s top 5 or 10 ever, but this video doesn’t add anything to the song. Listening to 10 seconds of the song at a time is kind of pointless.

  • what a pile of shit

    Corgan deserves every ounce of shit that falls on him over this unwatchable fucking disaster. lowbrow garbage and totally uninspired.

  • fsh

    I think the douchbag wrestler guy is a metaphor for Billy. “I’m an arteeest, I’m a maestro..”.

  • Chris

    Song fucking blows. much better live without all the synth bullshit. after hearing song for a son, i instantly thought the teargarden project would be amazing. but its sucked ever since

  • Andrei

    The song is fucking stupid.

  • Russell

    As far as mixing wrestling and fantasy go, this film does a great job of demoting it to the ridiculous. Insulting/exposing the entertainment, I don’t understand how anyone over the age of 10 can appreciate wrestling in the first.