• coldasice80

    Cornell has more talent in his pinky then this idiot ever had.

    • C.j. Chesser

      Cornell has a very annoying singing voice, which is one of the reasons that, try as I might, I can’t get into Soundgarden.

      • Bram

        Yeah I know same

      • CK

        completetly disagree he is fantastic, now Kurt was awful

        • C.j. Chesser

          Oh, yeah, Kurt isn’t skilled at all as a singer. He just has a good rasp and has basic tone matching.

      • CK

        Listen to some Cornell stand alone from Euphoria Morning or Carry On. He is truly one of the best and most powerful rock singers ever..

        • C.j. Chesser

          He’s amazing when he sings in a lower range, but when he stays in his upper register too long, it gets annoying. I have the same problem with Geddy Lee and even Robert Plant at times. He’s certainly very skilled, but I just dislike his high register.

    • Rob Rom

      He obviously was having fun, doubt he meant any harm, in fact I’ve found myself doing this many times myself with many songs, no reason to be such a cock sucker

  • Raj

    Amusing he’s holding his razor like Cornell would hold his microphone.

  • nomad

    These two look like they smell bad even after a shower.

  • Jon Christopher

    Cornell has the best voice by far of anyone from that era. People who know music know that. Listen to something besides “Superunknown”.

  • Bill Austeh

    The voice is in the ear of the beholder.

    He seems like hes having fun in the bathroom with his younger brother behind him.

  • Bill Austeh

    On another NOTE it looks like he was a fan of Hilter’s with the mustache.

  • disqus_PvTfXiJKnz

    Having seen the movie and not just randomly posting a 5 second blip of a whole sing, Kurt was shaving in the mirror and had a mustache before shaving it off. He was singing ‘Outshined’ as a joke that he had a mustache and nothing more.

    If you don’t ‘get this’, then move along. It’s nothing more than a joke. I’m sure sure Chris would think this is funny, if he wasn’t cheating on his wife, dating models, moving to Paris, screwing over his band-mates, cutting ties with his family, and other incredibly shitty things that he’s done…

    • Razor

      Don’t say anything true about him or he will pay a morbidly obese nut case who lives in a cave at Hogwarts to make up ludicrous accusations about you & go crying to his reel mommy that you bruised & outshined his magnanimous ego.