Watch Failure’s Entire Amazing Multicam Reunion Show

Space-rock band Failure reunited at Los Angeles’ El Rey Theater February 13th, almost 16 years after the influential 90’s band broke up in 1997. Singer/guitarist/bassist Ken Andrews, guitarist/bassist/keyboardist/backup singer Greg Edwards, and drummer Kellii Scott put on an enthusiastic show for about 800 rabid fans which included mostly songs from their 2nd and 3rd albums 1994’s Magnified and 1996’s Fantastic Planet.

Playing as a trio on a stage consisting of 3 glowing circular platforms with strands of lights illuminating their mic stands, speakers, and drums, Andrews at one point asks the crowd, “How many of you saw us in the 90’s?” A few in the audience cheer but it’s unlikely many saw them. Failure had one minor hit in its heyday, “Stuck on You”, which reached #23 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs Chart. Since their breakup Failure has garnered a massive cult following and seen A Perfect Circle cover “The Nurse Who Loved Me” and Paramore cover “Stuck on You.” Their reunion is finally bringing Failure some long overdue acclaim.

Failure open for A Perfect Circle and Puscifer at Cinquanta, Maynard James Keenan’s 50th birthday celebration, May 10th at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Failure will also open for Tool on their upcoming U.S. tour dates between March 9 in Reno and March 27 in Phoenix, marking the first time the bands have toured together since 1996.

Failure Reunion Fan-Made Full Show Multicam at the El Rey Theater:

Failure’s El Rey Theater Reunion – Full Set with Individual Fan-Shot Video Links:

Another Space Song: Click here.
Frogs: Click here.
Saturday Saviour: Click here.
Sergeant Politeness: Click here.
Dirty Blue Balloons: Click here.
Undone: Click here.
Pillowhead: Click here.
Segue 3: Click here.
Blank: Click here.
Wet Gravity: Click here.
Solaris: Click here.
Heliotropic: Click here.
Stuck On You (Multi-cam): Click here.
The Nurse Who Loved Me: Click here.
Daylight: Click here.

Let It Drip: Click here.
Smoking Umbrellas: Click here.
Screen Man: Removed by YouTube, see Full Show.



Before their performance Failure showed a film montage featuring some of their favorite movies and TV shows which they revealed “provided inspiration as well as subject matter for much of our material.” The montage included: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), sci-fi favs Solaris (1972) and Fantastic Planet (1973), Ren and Stimpy’s ‘Space Madness’ episode (1994), and more.

Intro/Film Montage: Click here.

  • Chris J.

    I drove down from SF for this show. They were on another level. Ken Andrews is the man, and Failure is fucking amazing, Best thing out there right now, and I believe their going to make more music.

  • John

    Fantastic band. Glad to see them back.

  • Rob Pollard

    I hope they do a national tour. Regardless, I’m glad they’re back.

  • Shane

    One of my favorite bands, it’s so good to see these guys back…come to Maine!

  • DaBadass

    Some knucklehead yells, \”WHERE\’S TROY?!!!\” Van Leeuwen at the start of \”Dirty Blue Balloons.\” Troy played on Failure\’s final tour. Actually Troy was playing The Joint in Las Vegas with QOTSA but he tweeted that he was there in spirit.