Watch Depressing Scott Weiland Footage From Performance At Bar In Texas

UPDATE: We have a new story where it is confirmed that Scott Weiland was drinking before this concert. Weiland said in his 2011 book Not Dead & Not For Sale, ““For years I’ve known goddamn well that I’m a drunk, but who wants to admit that? After kicking the strong stuff, why couldn’t I have a little drink now and then? What harm was there in a small indulgence? The answer was serious harm – potentially fatal harm. For me, putting a drink in my mouth is something like putting a lead blanket over my heart.”

Filter frontman Richard Patrick has shared some sad video footage from Scott Weiland’s recent performance at the Brewster Street Icehouse in Corpus Christi, Texas. Weiland sings off key in several songs and misses the cue to hit the chorus during “Modzilla.” One of Weiland’s people also assists him in putting his jacket back on in the first video.

We here at are huge fans of Weiland’s and are rooting for him to be at his best, both personally and professionally, after all of the beautiful music he has given us over the years. Everybody wants to see him kick ass and take names like we know he can. It would be a lot more fun to write about incredible concerts, or about Weiland enjoying a long break from touring with his friends and family.

  • Susan

    I rarely post on this site, but wow, overdose of tranquilizers mixed with alcohol? Just saw them last month-great show. He’s been my favorite singer since the beginning but I think it’s time to get off the road for good after listening to and seeing this nearly comatose performance.

  • Jesusswept

    wow. just wow. this is sad

  • Eddie Yarler

    This is horrible but to be honest this is probably the only really bad show he’s had this year. In 2013 for Purple to the Core it was really this for nearly every show. He sounded and looked awful. He may be an ass but this man does live a hard life.
    He doesn’t have full custody of his kids, his brother died of an overdose, one of his best friends died this year, he used to play arenas now he plays to under 100 people, he had 5 multiplatinum albums yet his latest record sold 5,300 copies. Fuck what a fall from grace. All his (former) best friends STP, VR, Doug Grean, and Mary want nothing to do with him for legitimate reasons. I thought 2015 would be his comeback considering how well he’s been doing, Blaster coming out and Art of Anarchy getting fair press. But nope. Its a constant battle between good and evil In his life. Whether he brought upon himself or not is irrelevant to me. I don’t think I’d wish his life on my worst enemy. I love Scott Weiland though and I do hope he prevails. “Give it away now motherfucker now keep it away”

  • Corndog

    Wow. He looks really old and frail. Reminds me of my grandfather towards the end of his life.

  • http://www.cuntcertfy.nut/ Whip
    • JWalt

      Wow what a difference!

      • Heather

        This was good. DAMN. It’s either full on HIT or total MISS with him. Sorry, it was. Oh man, depressing.

  • http://www.cuntcertfy.nut/ Whip

    If that’s the performance you’re going to give, just don’t show man. I’d have rather wondered what would have been than to see “what is and what should never be.” If you go out there you hav eno chioce but to give it your goddamn best. This was pathetic. Hopefully I’ll be jamming out with the “real” STP tonight to help me forget about this

  • Bill Austeh

    Voice was pretty penny good. The whole jacket thing was bizarre and yet touching between the two. He looked very stiff and might be arthritic.

    All hail the emperor with no clothes on as he is now on his way to stardom. It’s just a paycheck.

  • Bruno Sílvio Martins

    He’s obviously really fucking high (I’m guessing heroin), so Patrick is kind of right. If it was only for this show is irrelevant. The fact is he does have a problem that’s fucking his life up. But, like anyone with an addiction (or that has had an addiction) knows, no one can help him if he doesn’t want to be helped. Really fucking sad, man…

  • rustyshackleford462

    Geez, he’s zonked out of his mind. He looks and sounds handicapped.

    • meme floyd

      get with it. people dont use “handicapped” anymore.

      • Dom

        PC twit

      • rustyshackleford462

        Geez, he’s zonked out of his mind. And by the way he looks and sounds I’m surprised he’s not wearing Velcro shoes and pushing shopping carts.

        • Heather

          Or drooling in a helmet? Fuck PC mind police. Say what you think!

  • Rizz

    Smoking Gun right there.

  • geezum

    This is really sad.

  • Rusty Stroker

    Richard Patrick is right and all the anti STP w/Chester fans are wrong. I just don’t follow why people support and make excuses for this behavior. He should be off the road and quite possibly never back on it if it means staying clean.

  • Dom

    With friends like Richard Patrick, Scott sure doesn’t need enemies. What an arsehole (and I don’t mean Scott).

  • Lisa

    I hope someone close to him, that’s NOT an enabler, can get him the help he needs before he ends up dead. There’s nothing going on behind his eyes; they are completely devoid of life.

  • Jim Kirk

    The video of vasoline on blabbermouth is even worse…poor scott

  • Robert Brooks

    This is sad. He needs to get help asap.

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