Watch Conan Spoof “Apple’s New U2-Removal Service” Which Removes U2 From Your Memory

Conan O’Brien has spoofed Apple’s recent release of its U2 removal tool to remove U2’s free “Songs of Innocence” album from iTunes to additionally remove the album from your memory as well.


  • #GoogleMyAss

    Amazing how U2 became more hated than Nickelback by selling a very average record to Apple who gave it to free to anyone who has a iTunes account.

    • hatehaters

      Right, lets see who will be filling Arenas next year, U2 or Nickelback

      • #GoogleMyAss

        Well the answer will be Nickelback if U2 adheres to the plan of no touring through 2015. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge U2 fan but the overwhelming digust coming from people over U2 is crazy to me.

        If you look at it… All these celebrities are apart of this “targeted iCloud hack” that Apple gets no real backlash from anyone. Then they pay U2 for a 5 week exclusive on a album that they are not touring on, Apple inserted it into the iCloud accounts, and U2 takes the heat.

        We live in a bizarre world. Society is off its rocker.