• Andrew

    Excellent. Awesome song.

  • King Cornell 20

    Who can tab this?

  • Marcelo

    Awesome song… I wish Vedder and Cornell could collaborate in a new song just like The Keeper. It would sound so beautiful to see them both playing and switching vocals in different parts… Awesome…

    King Cornell go by your ears… song melody is based on D

  • Mike

    My favorite Cornell solo song by far.

  • Ben

    @ Marcelo

    This would be absolutely brilliant. I have been wishing and hoping for this for a long time.
    Even just one song… although a whole solo album collaboration would be even better!

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    he should perform JCP with that awesome beard

    and i agree 100% with marcelo

  • Grungy

    This song has a special vibe to it , that I just didn’t feel when I first downloaded it. To be fair I don’t know what other songs are possibly up for an Oscar but it would be cool if this got nominated and even better if it won!

  • Mom in the Box

    I have to agree with Marcelo also…this song would sound amazing as a duet with Eddie. Beautiful song.

  • Robert

    I hope someday Chris does a song with Eddie Vedder but overall this is a pretty good song.

  • Gaboy

    great song
    not digging the video to much
    reason being where is the drummer? sounds like a track playing

  • NYRexall

    This song isn’t bad, but it’s not great. And great is the only standard I’m holding Chric Cornell to at this point. With the exception of “Long Gone”, this is better than anything on Scream, but I wish wish this guy would just make some f**king noise in his songs already! We’ve been treated to two mediocre, muted (primarily) solo acoustic albums from him, plus that God-awful Timbaland collab, since Soundgarden’s disbanding.

    I LOVED his stuff with Audioslave, if only because it was Cornell doing what he does best: making NOISE.