• kiki

    I think Layne might hold the record for rockstar with most hairstyles.lol

  • chris

    kiki, i’m afraid Scott Weiland might have him beat

  • mondig


    Im afraid scott weiland copied layne in everyway

  • cosmicatomic

    I know what I’m doing after work! 🙂

  • Junior


    I concur

  • Brett



  • DownUpSide

    @mondig and Junior

    I also concur

  • cosmicatomic

    @mondig and Junior and DownUpSide:

    I concur as well.

  • rodrigo

    I also think that scott weiland had a different hairstyle for every year since STP started, but i like his look back in the core-purple-tiny music era

  • Maurica

    @mondig and Junior, DownUpSide and cosmicatomic:
    I too concur.

  • Mitch

    lol no. Scott Weiland hasn’t copied Layne Staley. But I bet that joke was funny when you neanderthals were in high school.

  • GrungeJunkie

    I think with the exception of Brett and 2 other people we unanimously concur that Weiland ripped off a lot of Layne’s style. Not that I blame him… Layne is ten times as talented as Scott and Scott is talented as fuck.

  • Casper

    As Bret and many others will agree with, history speaks for itself. See: MJY Demo. Besides, Scott admittedly copies idols (i.e. Bowie, Morrison), not his peers.