• Jake

    Say what you want about the whole Chester joining the band not being a true version of STP, but one thing is for sure: Chester has got some pipes. Songs sound great, especially compared to modern day Weiland.

  • Lexxa

    Dude at least get your own dance moves. Trying to play Scotts stunt double

  • Is he one?

    I wonder why people never discuss how Kretz isn’t a good drummer. He plays too slow, changes tempos all the time and doesn’t even have the excuse to have hard parts to play.

    Definitely the “grunge” drummer I like the least. No wonder the Deleos didn’t ask him to play with Army of anyone. Seriously he hurts the band’s live performances.

    On records I would definitely rather have a drummer that can play a lot better but it can pass.

  • Me

    Scott has spoken about Kretz not being a good drummer for the same exact reasons you listed, Is he one?

    Why would Chester even want this gig? Especially if LP is still staying together? Seems like a step down professionally somehow…

  • Pingfah

    It’s true, sometimes listening to Eric’s live performances is like watching an egg roll down a hill.

    His work on the albums is exemplary though, tasteful and perfect for each track, far superior to Luziers stomping all over the AoA record.

  • Is he one?

    And Scott was right about Kretz. I feel like his (non-) skills are the elephant in the room with that band.

  • Is he one?

    Seriously thought I know it’s easy to say and he is part of the sound of the band and blahblahblah but imagine Josh Freese, Jimmy Chamberlin or Matt Cameron playing on the STP records instead of Kretz. WOW!

    These awesome drummers know when to not play too “big” but when it takes the crazy fills, crazy transitions, they do. Kretz is honestly just not really good. IMO it is a problem, it keeps STP to be as good as the other main bands covered here. (SP, PJ, AIC, SG)

  • http://eatabagofdicks.com CORE

    What the fuck are you guys talking about. Kretz kick ass. The other drums you guys speak of lack one thing that Kretz has a FUCKING GROOVE! You guys are high.

  • Is he one?

    Allow me to strongly disagree. ^^

  • Pingfah

    I agree, he does have a groove, I love his drumming. He’s just not that great at holding a beat live.

    Nobody can listen to say that live DVD they put out recently, and tell me that he does not speed up and slow down.

  • http://eatabagofdicks.com CORE

    youtube anyone covering a STP song and watch the drummer fall short. They always add to much,hit to hard, and have no groove.

  • http://www.tunecore.com/widgets/show/86815 danny axel

    Kretz, for me falls into the Larry Mullen category… great memorable parts in key moments. As a live player he’s pretty crap.

  • Matt

    He’s got good ideas. I love the drums on Still Remains and pretty much all of Purple…He just needs to spend some quality time with a metronome is all. Vasoline was painfully slow in this video.

  • Arthur Chagas

    I don´t like Chester, but the reason they picked him is even more disgusting.

    Chester is a “good guy” singer, easy to control.
    And that´s pretty comfortable for the rest of the band, but where the fuck is the rock´n´roll?

    Thanks, but I prefer my fucked up, unpredictable, suicidal and junkie idols.

  • Raj

    It ain’t STP without Scott Weiland, CB is a nu-metal singer and while a lot of people say he’s a good singer that maybe true for LP songs not STP ones.

  • the keeper

    Scottless Temple Pilots ain’t the same without their homeboy Weiland, even if he is a fuckup

    I propose a change in band name to compensate the loss of an important dude

  • Alternadude

    Kretz isn’t good enough. true story.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Kretz is great for STP, Ray Luzier (who is the more proficient/showy player) didn’t sound as good on the STP tracks during Army of Anyone, nor did I think he meshed as well with the DeLeos as Kretz. Kretz’s style is a key to the sound of STP. He also played a part in writing some of the band’s biggest hits (co-writing the lyrics to Plush, writing the music to Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart).

  • Rob

    When did Scott ever say Kretz isn’t a good drummer?

  • CagedTiger

    You can tell Chesters a big fan of STP, he’s obviously watched and studied their live DVD so many times that as he now has scotts moves down to perfection!

  • CagedTiger

    The kretzel brings the style and swagger to STP and is the main reason the band have many female fans also.

  • Cantrello

    Jesus, Chester sounds like a fucking fairy when he sings.

    Too nasally, Scott please!

  • Brett Buchanan


    He never did, people are making it up. Kretz is a solid drummer, he may not be Jimmy Chamberlin or Matt Cameron but he fits STP’s sound perfectly and he is also a good songwriter.


    How about Scott Weiland plays drums on Dean Deleo’s ass and call it a day? 🙂

  • Nick

    Cantrello..if you think Chester is nasal sounding you obviously havent heard Scotts recent solo tour. Scott sounds even more nasal.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    The best part about Chester being the new singer is his voice. He sounds pretty much like Scott used to sound like when he sung Vasoline in the 90’s on that video above.
    So many ppl bitching about Chester when the guy can sing just like Scott and wants to make new music and is mature enough to focus and concentrate on doing it.

    One thing for sure is that the new batch of songs with Chester will be better than nearly all of that uninspired reunion album from a few years ago.

  • Alternadude

    Nah I do not like Kretz at all. You’re too conservative to see he is not a good drummer Brett.

  • Alternadude

    He is not a Sean Kinney, a Mike Byrne, a Josh Freese, a Brad Wilk even. Weak weak musician. Maybe co-wrote some great songs but that is not the point at all.