• Shadow on the Sun

    daaaaam Cameron is on fire during Blow Up. Pls come to winnipeg boys

  • jjc19461

    Why do there performances of black hole sun live sound kind of…weak for a lack of a better term. Is it just because they play it so much that they get tired/bored?

  • Dreux

    “Black Hole Sun” rarely ever works live because they can’t recreate the studio version (which is loaded with overdubs), and they’ve yet to find the right energy or whatever to make it work on stage. The only times I’ve seen it work live is stripped down to just two acoustic guitars playing rhythm and lead (with Chris on vocals, obviously).


    very nice 😀

  • billy

    I’m sure they’re sick of playing it. It was never their idea for it to be a single. Day I tried to live was supposed to be the 2nd single after spoonman

  • Junior

    Wrong. The show we went to during their last tour in July gave me a whole new look on the song. It was amazing live, one of my favorites from the night. Maybe the youtube videos are taking away from it and you just have to be there to really get how awesome they play this song.

  • Alberto

    I was there!!!! fucking amazing be present at the first european Soundgarden show after 15 years