• Jeff Buckley

    jerry’s new guitar is so lame >:o/

  • danalog

    it sounds pretty good to me…

  • Calvin McLain

    Jerry’s new guitar looks too rock n’ roll, not enough metal for what he’s playing with it…still a kick ass guitar, but doesn’t seem appropriate for the tune.

  • GwynnKatie

    My son said Jer’s new guitar is very LIGHT. It sounds great, and does not seem to have any effect on the quality of the music.
    Do you know WHY it’s light? Anyone care to ponder this?
    He has had TWO SHOULDER ROTATOR CUFF replacement surgeries in the last four years… Gee… maybe THAT has something to do with the change in guitars. My son said he was smart to choose one that would prevent further damage. Fucking hell.
    Some of you people just piss me off.
    AIC/LSMS Forever

  • ARC

    Man sounds like it was a great show!

  • vizionblind

    no layne = NO AIC

  • Katie

    These videos make me more excited to see them in August.