Video: Scott Weiland Performs New Song “Beach Pop Rock”

The first ever live video of Scott Weiland performing his new track “Beach Bop Rock” has surfaced from his show last night in Monroe, LA. Weiland also performed the new tracks “Red,” “Circles,” and “The Way She Moves.” Weiland clarified that “The Way She Moves” is not the STP B-side but actually a new song. Good to see Scott showcasing some new material.

  • Melissa

    Are we going to talk about how his bassist looks uncannily like Dean DeLeo?

  • lilrockable

    They sound tight! Maybe Doug Grean really was the problem (aside from Scott’s drinking) with his over playing and constant noodling. Not to mention the keyboards. Seriously I like keyboards but who the fuck would want Wicked Garden with keyboards?