• Dan

    Great performance, thanks for posting.

  • Big M

    I do not know whether this is a travesty or absolutely ridiculous.

  • CagedTiger

    This performance is missing something… Matt Sorum, Dave Kishner and Mary Weiland doing backing vocals and Scottsdale kids watching from the side if the stage… Jesus guys if you’re gonna kick a man while he’s sown so it properly!

  • Big M

    It’s both.

  • Casper

    The “I Hate Scott” book club just played a Bowie song? Oh man, what did five fingers say to the face?…

  • Jim Oz

    HA! Song choice is definitely a one finger salute to Scott.

    He just needs to watch this and suck it up cos regardless of whether you agree with the decisions of the ‘three’ and irrespective of your feelings for Scott, this is the bed he made for himself. Own it Scott.


    I think time has really changed the musical landscape thanks to everyones agenda. If this was the 1990s, trust me, Slash, Duff and the other guys who were once in Stone Temple Pilots and would have nothing to do with each other!!!! And as for the nu rap rock metal singer Chester Bennington?? He would of just been a fan instead of even being allowed to taint the success of alternative rock music who did everything they could not to associate themselves with mainstream pop youth culture. Right now, imagine this is 1994 and Stone Temple Pilots are at the top of their game , could you really see members of Guns N Roses collaborating with Scott Weiland?? Also with a young punk metal rap singer in the band???? This just isnt right somehow. Modern rock music must be getting so boring, so dry, so out of fresh ideals that they need to resort to kicking out Scott Weiland , having Linkin Parks rap/rock singer taking over with the help of the former guitar god Slash and Gnr Bassist Duff. Its just hard to imagine this is the new reality of rock n roll music in 2013


    So this is what happened after Metallica ruined rock n roll by having Snoop Dog on stage during their mtv fiasco back in 2002? 🙂 Its amazing LOOK AT THIS –> Linkin Parks singer with Slash and Duff and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS!!!???? Hey I know , how about Hoobastanks singer with Megadeath and Mike Mccready from Pearl Jam??

    This is just unbelievable 🙂

    Hey lets all come up with the craziest silliest rock n roll combos


    Next up: Aerosmith with Justin Bieber and Tom Morello 🙂

  • Eric

    I looked at this with an open mind, but I agree with Caged Tiger. Something’s missing – this just doesn’t seem right. And I can’t get a good feeling about that Linkin Park dude with STP

  • Pingfah

    They should have made Duff play the acoustic.

  • Mills

    How long until Scott dies? Note to self: Start buying up Weiland autographs for ebay after his death.