• whisky


  • Aaron

    seriously WTF that’s so messed up. And now for something completely different.

  • Sonic_Junkie

    despite all her rage she’s still just a stripper in a cage

  • red

    well that was pointless

  • http://nemsword.com Christine

    I disagree – if you just watch Perkins and the joy on his face just to be playing, and he can play pretty much anything from the best DW kit to a teapot, you would “get” what they are doing. UC Berkeley used to have a crew of guys that would sit outside the Student Union and play, and play, and play, and if you wanted to join in they would move over and let you, and if you wanted to dance you were welcome to do so. I am saddened by the mentality that everything people see is something to which they think they are owed – as if the joy or lack of is directly the responsibility of the person doing the performing. If I were standing in that lobby I would be finding any two sticks to bang to join in, or be jumping up and down like an out of control robber ball. I’ve stood in front of Perkins kit at a Banyon performance so close that if I were so bold I could have reached out and touched his toes. The Joy, Pure Joy, Perkins brings to a room when he plays (or is even just chillin’) is magic – and if from looking at just him in the video and listening to the beat you feel nothing open up inside your heart or mind’s eye, you’re soul is dead.

    Playing something anytime anywhere just for the sake of making the noise and releasing the energy is NEVER pointless. The people who stand around with their arms folded feeling nothing, are.

  • http://nemsword.com Christine

    *Banyan (typo).