• The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm


  • samtam

    When did Cornell invent time machine?

  • William

    This audience needs to move more!

  • slagun

    Chris sounds great here!

  • rg

    i was at this show….first half it sounded pretty bad. The drums were the loudest thing on stage…couldint even hear the guitars really and chris was pretty quiet as well…as it went on though it got a bit better….and yeah the crowd didint move at all…although it was pretty packed full.

  • John

    So awesome!

  • thefreewheelinMarkArm

    The crowd needs to pull that stick out their asses and let go a little bit… at least bob your head.

  • Mind Riot

    I always see people comment on Live SG videos saying people need to move more. When I listen to lot of their songs, they don’t feel like something I can move too much to. They’re more something to be entranced by.

  • http://www.lemonlang.net nevernamed

    not the first time played live.
    was played live in Europe in 1996.

  • Guest4

    Tighter and Tighter was never played live before, though even if it was, there aren’t even any known reports of it as far as I remember. If you disagree, please feel free to say which show you think it was played at.

    I know there were reviews on that tour that said Zero Chance was played at a particular show even though it actually wasn’t, so those kinds of mistakes aren’t uncommon.

  • tycobb667

    Never any documented or reported performance of this song…Hence, this is the FIRST TIME…

  • General Zod

    Europe’s a big place, must be easy to say “they played it” without any details; city, date, etc. I’ve been following the band since their incarnation, and tighter & tighter is a song that the Soundgarden community agrees has never been played live until that glorious night in the D! If anyone disagrees, feel free to provide evidence to the contrary.

  • Inmytree

    Awesome bluesy guitar from the Master, Kim Thayil. Yes, Master is capitalized.

  • Inmytree

    And yes, there are no convincingly documented performances of Zero Chance, Tighter and Tighter, and Overfloater before this year. A while ago someone on a message board was arguing that the latter two songs were played in Australia but it was on the basis of a review that cannot be verified, there’s no set list photos or recordings to back the review up.

    Fingers crossed that Overfloater gets played. My favorite of these three (although they are all awesome).

  • Deviate

    Overfloater is a badass tune. Definitely should be played live.

  • Mark

    $10 says majority of those commenting, “The crowd needs to move more!” would be standing still if they were at a Soundgarden show.

    You have to consider a few things…

    1. Majority of their music is in strange time signatures that change throughout the song. Unless you’re musically inclined and/or know the songs very well, it’s very difficult to “move” to it without looking like a retard. Nobody wants to look like a retard in today’s camera generation.

    2. A good portion of the people at these shows are as old, if not older, than the band members. While some of them still get in there and get down and dirty, I think it’s obvious why majority of them wouldn’t.

    I’ve seen Soundgarden 10 or so times since the reunion and there’s been a pit in some general area at some point of the concert in every show I’ve seen them in. 90% of the people on the railing know the songs and are moving to them. This video is simply taken at a bad area, during a song very few people at the show would know by heart. Relax.

  • http://www.lemonlang.net nevernamed

    MY BAD.. it was switch opens they played in Europe in 1996.. had to review my info.

  • Deviate

    Pretty cool. Not sure they rehearsed it much. A few hiccups there, but not bad.

  • warriorwoman

    I was hoping SG would play Tighter and Tighter at the 01/30 show in Chicago that I went to. They didn’t – maybe another time. Thanks for posting this video, Brett! I really enjoyed seeing it!! It gave me goosebumps to watch. Tighter and Tighter is one of my all-time favorites!