I’m the ultimate Scott apologist, but man this doesn’t sound good. The band sounds flat, and Scott’s voice sounds shot. I’m happy that Scott decided to play Wonderful, as it’s one of STP’s most underrated songs, but I wish he’d perform it with STP (and with stronger vocals). I’ll be at the Santa Ana, California show in about a week so I’m hoping for the best, but Scott definitely needs several months off from touring to refuel, time to focus on the next Stone Temple Pilots record for awhile rather than live shows.

  • Ihateyou

    Scott needs more than a few months off more like a year. I dont know but he just seems…idk.. lost. I think something might be wrong in his personal life. Thats probably why Duff McKagan feels sorry for him. Hopefully he gets it together.

  • rt316

    I’m a HUGE STP & Weiland fan since 1992 but Scott’s solo band SUCKS! They sound like a bunch of amateurs!

  • Steve

    This is sad 🙁

  • chris

    right at 1:34 is evidence he needs a break. poor guy sounds terrible. one of my favorite stp songs too

  • rsge

    Damn looks like a bad wedding band!

  • Gaboy

    WOW !!!
    this sounds like someone doing horrible karaoke

    as he stated on Stern not to long ago with all the rehabs and divorce he cant get off the road has to keep working

  • schmoff

    his NYC show tonight is cancelled, i had tickets 🙁

    get better scott

  • rt316

    I’m a HUGE STP and Weiland fan since 1992 but Scott’s solo band sounds… terrible. It’s really hard to listen…

  • Jim

    It’s not THAT BAD

  • Me

    I agree, it’s not that bad. I’ve heard worse. Hope Scott does what he needs to take care of himself…

  • VegasCrackerman

    I really think that SW didn’t rehearse the song…just seemed like he hit a couple spots where he forgot the words. Hard to sing with passion when you don’t know the words.

  • Gaboy

    as one of the biggest supporters ever of Scott and STP ,people you have to look at this objectively over the last 6 months maybe longer he sounds horrible and needs a rest. He is buried in bills hence why he cant get off the road
    stated that himself

  • Gaboy

    watching it again he is missing notes, band sucks
    its just a wreck, he has turned into a lounge act

    this is what wonderful acoustic sounds like

    yes chester is backing vocals but Scott is on main vocals

  • GrungeJunkie

    I hate to say it but he was a better performer on Heroin than he is drunk. maybe he could try antabuse for drinking and methadone maintenance for the Heroin. Maybe that would help stabilize him. MM has saved a few of my friends’ lives and helped them stay sober at a much higher rate than abstinence. Opiates are the hardest to get off of and thus the maintenance programs. I love STP and Scott is an amazing front man. I hope he can take a break, consolidate and get back to touring when he is ready and more capable of consistently good shows instead of such hit or miss problems.

  • Gaboy

    his NYC show tonight is cancelled, i had tickets

    get better scott


    he is playing long island also in December

  • Jake

    Its really not THAT bad. Keep in mind this was recorded with some little shitty camera phone or something so the audio may not sound as good as it does live

  • Aliceinchainhead

    sometimes idc how bad scotts doing I’m just glad he’s alive man!

  • dakotablue

    ^^Agree with aliceinchainhead

    But I’m not completely buying the “he’s broke” stuff. I mean, he’s been on the road nonstop forever, has released two new albums recently, has a book out and his fashion line. So where’s all the money going?