• Lennart

    Play it on a strat Mike, will sound much better, and Duff is off key big time. Kinda cool to see this though.

  • Lennart

    Lol i meant Jeff.

  • be

    Epic moment.. Mike McCready and Duff McKagan, Amazing!!?


  • Pedro

    Awesome song, but it is not the same without Layne… I miss him so much, damn ;~

  • Cathy

    Aww this makes me miss “him” even more….*sniffle*

  • ILoveLayne

    While I love that they’re keeping Layne alive, this is awful. 🙁 No one can sing it like Layne.

  • King Cornell 20

    Mike’s tone is not conducive to the song here. He relies to much on the LP and put too much on it. Just plug in your strat, turn up the treble, and let it fly, Mike. Miss when Mike was a strat guy.

  • Punkieblu

    Mike was one of the original members of Mad Season, so you could see he was really getting into it. Duff did a great job, but the lead singer was pretty off key. How amazing to be one of the Lucky ones to hear this song played live!

  • ed

    Nice that they played it, but the singer’s totally out of tune. I hope this means Pearl Jam will be covering this song soon, I feel Eddie can do it justice.

  • Millz

    Yeah!! Tell Mike how to play a song he wrote. You tell ’em !!

  • Scott

    wow so I guess PJ had a pretty short time in the studio this month. Hopefully thats a good thing!

  • g

    i liked it…

  • Scott

    Jeff Rouse is a poser.

  • Ann

    Just like being at the Showbox, but closer to the stage! 🙂

  • cpaxlvacy

    I was there first row, it was a magical moment. What a great fucking concert.

  • Ace

    Pearl Jam should cover this. Their covers suck.

  • raven

    wow .. the intro made me have goosebumps … miss you Layne … always <3

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