• kaka

    hehehe … karim is the man!

  • rard o

    this is good advertising// to bad its pumpkins

  • kb

    love it!

  • http://bandaind.tumblr.com/ Fernando

    The best band ever. Excited for Oceania!!!

  • kurt staley

    Wow. I’ve never been a big Kareem fan but getting him to do this is like beyond amazing. For those that don’t know Kareem is not exactly a very friendly dude. A no nonsense type of guy that is a little stand offish. Billy does it again!

  • Andrei

    Well, I suppose they’re friends.

    By the way, Billy, according to Anthony Kiedis, is one hell of a basketball player.

  • Johnny

    Billy, Kiedis himself, and Serj Tankian are apparently unbelievable at basketball.

  • muthafuthinASH

    Kiedis is fit as shit. He’s going to have an Iggy Pop body when he’s sixty-whatever.

    The fact that Corgster plays hoops really surprises me though.

  • bass_man

    i did that on halloween 3 years ago and got arrested. good to see someone get away with it