“Mayonaise” appeared on Siamese Dream, and was written by Billy Corgan and James Iha. I’m sure this will make BillCo laugh. This is the first time Iha has performed a Smashing Pumpkins song since December 2, 2000.

  • John

    the guy can’t sing, not a single glimpse of emotion in his voice …

  • lala

    his is the brain behind all SP songs!

  • Nelson Velazquez

    I hope Corgan decides to ignore this publicly and personally. The song was technically credited to both guys so I have no issue with him playing it (most documented history on it was that James wrote the intro/outro, Billy wrote the rest).

    What Billy’s issue is with how people discount his contribution to the song and effectively say “Well, it’s James’ song and he was the ‘real’ writer in the band.” (Lala ^^^^) when that as well is incorrect. I think Billy unfairly downplayed everyone else’s contribution contributions in SP v1.0 but he was the engine of the band.

  • Dreux

    Nelson, lala was being sarcastic about James’ contributions to the band (once again).

  • jjc19461

    His voice sounds as if my asshole grew a mouth and vocal chords, and i had a serious case of the runs. As it would come out of my rectum, the slushy sound would be as shitty as this. James Iha is a great guitar player, but likewise singing, he might as well bend over and start sharting through the mic with his ass.

  • Eu


    Finally, this site gives more AUDIENCE and REPORT to someone who is an artist … not a diva. Stop with Billy Corgan attention whore themes. Start with Melissa auf der maur and James Iha.

    I have to thank you for this post.


    For the first time, i’m agree with you. I think the slow music and intimist ones come from iha. The pop ones from Darcy. And the heavey, experimental from Corgan.

    Hey, we can be friends (eu + lala) here focusing only music. I’m very happy with your comment Lala. In this time, you’re not shouting someone else opining, but only turning public yours. It’s the best for us. Let’s see music, not other opinions with agree or desagree judgement.

    I have to thank you too.

  • phil

    ^You’re playing dumb ”eu” right?

  • Eu


    No. If i want to be feisty, agressive with someone, i will be that openly. No matter with fight. Trouble me only with personal attacks. I said she always starts to outrage other guys because their opinion is diferent of hers. Thia time, she just opinned with no personal attacks to any users.

  • phil

    @eu But you know HE was sarcastic right?

  • http://deleted SuperSG

    Aaaackkk!!! What was that sound? It sounds like Cornells SNL Pretty Noose and smells like shit!!!

  • lala

    Iha only wrote 2 songs that were on offical studio albums: take me down and go

    For Mayonaise Iha had 4 chords idea and intro, outro but he didn’t have a song. just that idea. Billy took that and made it into a song

  • lala

    Iha should do opera. His vocals sound amazing. His guitar sounds like angles weeping. what a man!

  • Eu


    I don’t mind if someone could be sarcartic.
    I trouble with someone else personal attacks.
    Opinion … everyone has .. and everyone have to express…

    the sarcarmo is an expression of speech. But personal attacks are not talking about mechanisms but assaulting outors.
    I am in favor of any shade of expression in his speech.
    I am against any kind of personal attack or attacks unnecessary.
    If I offend, you can expect I will return it

  • Shayla

    I was kinda hoping this would sound good.

  • muthafuthinASH

    @Shayla: Yep.

  • http://deleted SuperSG

    r u new to Grungereport ASH? have’nt seen you before.