• Mike The Zike

    How can people talk during that performance?
    SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! -.-

  • McDavidson

    This is the greatest thing I’ve heard all year, and there’s more to come 😀

  • Patricia

    Sounds good, and I love Pat

  • http://www.facebook.com/commonfluid?v=app_178091127385 Bruno Martins

    Foo Fighters song, no way around it!
    Sounds cool!
    Hope the album is a bit stronger though.
    The picking/ quiet part of the song is very “I Got a Feeling” from The Beatles!

  • Ben

    Sounds like a perfect combination of recent Foo Fighters with early (95-97) Foo Fighters… I think I’m gonna really fuckin’ love the new album

  • rafaeldenis911

    best band around!!!

  • J

    This is the one bad that dosent let me down…ever.

  • Tod

    I love the open guitar sound in the chorus, it sort of mixes with a its times like these mixed with something new bust nostalgic sounding.

  • MJM

    I’d love to have three days w/ Taylor Momsen.

  • Robert

    Pretty good and I hope the rest of the album sound great. Can’t wait to hear it.

  • chris

    Sounds great–good meld of the foo that never does disappoint. I can’t wait for the new stuff!

  • Jim

    not sure why they need 3 dudes playing guitar on this track. chorus gets going a bit, but this is mostly Learn to Fly Part 7. thought the new album was supposed to rock?

  • Andrew

    Where have you been Jim? Foo Fighters aren’t Deftones. Speaking of which, Deftones are awesome. Cover them.

  • zak

    i think you should take the “sounds like nirvana” part of the caption… seeing the fact it doesnt sound like nirvana AT ALL. sounds like mainstream foos to me… kurt would laugh if he read that shit man….

  • Tchelo

    I do like foo fighters and respect them a lot…
    but I have to agree with Jim and Zak….

    By the way Learn to Fly part 7 was fckng funny!!! haahahhaaa

  • Vinny

    Learn to fly part 7? Foo fighters are last of a dying breed they went fom a little demo tape to this massive rock band. If Dave grohl ran the music business-things music wouldn’t be so shitty nowadays! They’re on album number 7 and they show no signs of slowing down even all the other veteran rock bands have slowed down (ex pearl jam, stp) they’ve got nothing but respect from me

  • zak

    stp isnt slowing down at all, ive seen them four times in the past year and they are still amazing live as they were in 93……. still makin new music too…