• Recluse

    Sorry, but is this news? On days that there is this kind of stuff along with a whole bunch of setlists (from artists that don’t change their sets,) maybe it just isn’t a big news day.

    I do understand the need to keep the site updated, but maybe there aren’t 4 updates every single day.

  • fu

    wow what a news!!

  • PiE

    Tomorrow’s headline:
    Video of Billy Corgan brushing his teeth on tourbus

  • GrungeJunkie

    Food Fighters shows are fun. I went to my first at Lollapalooza this year. Totally made me into a fan. That video made smile. Why hate on Brett for posting stuff like this. We are lucky to even have this site. It’s all the rock news I care about in one place. Stop drinking your Haterade people.

  • GrungeJunkie

    Fucking auto correct spell check bullshit. Obviously I meant the Foo Fighters and not the Food Fighters… Sheesh. Stupid computer

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    @Recluse, @fu, @PiE

    do your website, with your headlines,

  • Brett

    Some people don’t realize that some nights it takes me a couple of hours to scour for some kind of story, on a night like last night this is one of the few I could pull. Stuff like this has to be posted in order for the stream of content to continue flowing. If you aren’t interested in stories like this, don’t click on them.