• http://www.twitter.com/six7six7 Joe

    it was all bass. i couldn’t hear anything.

  • Electric Fun

    that was crazy

  • BillyL


  • kez

    ed kind a looks like a dick the way he dances now..lol..and wots the go with him getting angry with them..can you blame them for looking bored he was singing ole..the macarena of the grunge world..lol

  • RödeOrm

    This version sounds alot better than what I’ve heard before. and no, i wasnt joking about the sound quality, I meant the way they play it.

  • what ta fack

    WTF?…Why is he mad the song fucking sucks. And the ole thing he does fucking weird. Im not a fan of PJ so i dont really know many of their songs but which of their newer songs actually comes on the radio. Have they made any hits since the 90’s. Im not joking i just wanna know

  • dennis

    @what ta fack – if you’re not a fan of PJ, then why do you care how many hits they’ve had in the past decade?

    Nothing As It Seems, Light Years, I Am Mine, World Wide Suicide, Life Wasted are the most well known. I don’t know what merits a hit in your eyes but these songs received extensive radioplay. Binaural is a criminally underrated album and Riot Act was a very good followup.

  • Mike

    where is he scolding them? looks to me that he’s just whipping ass at the end of the song. does anybody know the lyric he’s yelling at the end? he’s a pro….he’s not going to scold an arena full of people.

  • Mary

    I agree with Mike ~ I don’t see that either. That’s how he looks ~ he cant help it when he’s happy he looks insane. =)Geeeze guys

  • Mary

    Hey ~ I never realized you all had these videos on here! THANK YOU! The rest of the videos are amazing! I Love this and U!!

  • King Cornell 20

    I doubt he was scolding them. If he did, he is wrong. It’s not that they lack enthusiasm, it’s just that a lot of PJ fans don’t like Ole. Eddie seems to love it, but after a few lukewarm reactions at shows, it’s time to put the song away for a while.

  • Maverick785

    After reading up on the Ten Club forum, it sounds like this particular group was dead all night. Other fans said they would basically just sit and text, regardless of what song was playing. Sure, there’s something to be said about being able to enjoy a concert however you want as a paying customer. But seriously, those people were so lucky to have those seats, and it’s a crime they weren’t more grateful (or involved). Eddie was right to be pissed.

  • Feaver

    I don’t think he was scolding, the stuff he was singing at the end was also being sung by Jeff.

  • Big M

    Well I like most of Pearl Jam’s catalog and I agree Binaural is a really underrated album but I have to say this song and most of the last album were pretty forgetable and I can’t blame the crowd for not being into this because it’s just not up there with Pearl Jam’s best stuff. Eddie and the boys just need some better stuff for their new album.

  • missy

    The song is shit but come on this isn’t the first PJ gig where people just stand around. Look at how the guy filming the vid gets a clear pic. Back in the day if you were standing there you would be getting knocked about, but in a good way, people would be enjoying themselves. Ed don’t mind if you film him but come on leave your phones at home just for one fucking night, and whisper it ENJOY YOURSELF

  • http://anxcusetoleave.bandcamp.com benwalton

    In other news (lol) looks like Cready has some new tattoos. Also, it’s awesome that he’s wearing a Nudedragons t-shirt, bit of hometown love

  • erin

    Two things:

    1) Ole was only made available to ‘the masses’ at some point in September on the PJ20 countdown website. (I do know prior to the Toronto shows Sep 11 + 12.) Sure the Ten Club folks would be all over that, maybe folks reaching back to their teenage past (guilty), but would the average person know to go to a specific website to download one song with the anticipation that it would be played at the upcoming shows?

    2) ANYWAY, any band, twenty years in or otherwise, has the lifers (you know what I’m talking about), the average fans (has the albums, likes the band, knows most songs, but isn’t going to go out of their way to get to a gig), and the wankers (spend the entire gig taking pics of each other on their iphones and sending messages to folks about how cool it is that they’re *at that show* and *OMG*). Twenty years in, Pearl Jam can’t expect crowds of purists at their gigs and I don’t think they do. I also don’t think that Ed is ‘scolding’ the crowd. Without proper audio, who knows but the end of ‘Ole’ is pretty intense.

    FWIW: There was massive weirdness at the second Toronto show when the crowd did their campfire singsong crap as soon as the band launched into ‘Jeremy’ and Ed just stopped singing. Took a minute before the crowd realized what was going on. That was a much bigger scolding as he tore the song back from the crowd. Pretty impressive, imo. Of course the singsong crap eventually continued… as it always does.

  • Grungy

    Ed should just be happy after all these years people are still there to care. Why force it, if a song has it then no need to make someone react to it.

    Save the song for another tour, like when they do there South America tour in November. Ole!

  • David.

    Is this the same guy who was so drunk a few shows ago he couldn’t remember how to play some of the songs & was messing up lyrics?

  • Kevin

    why does everyone think “Ole” was what set him off? The song was played during their second encore and it was a culmination of their lethargic attitude, texting and disinterest . They did the song so he could send a message to those individuals to wake them the fuck up from their stupor.

    My friend attended the concert and said Eddie made a statement right after the song. (I’m paraphrasing) He said that these front rows have no energy and wished he could hang with the people going crazy in the back. He said it was cool that they were there but wanted more life out of them. He said everything was cool, we’re all friends and proceeded with “Alive”.

    This band gives their blood (Eddie fucked up his finger pretty bad during “Rockin In the Free World), sweat and tears for 2 1/2 hrs each night. The least people can do is show some appreciation in return. There are plenty of fans that would kill to get those seats. They may want to revisit General Admission for the future at these particular venues.

  • rard o

    kev said it..

  • Johnny

    The entire front row was a bunch of douche bags. The entire place was ripping shit up except fro the front row. My buddies and I were making fun of them long before Eddie crucified them. It’s awesome to hear an entire Arena boo the people standing in the front row.

  • erin

    Aren’t all the folks up front in the Ten Club? They’re entered into a lottery and find out the night of the show what seats they get. You’d think they’d be doing cartwheels to get seats that good. Odd.

  • Andrew

    I was there. He was scolding 2 people in the front and said “there’s 2 people up here giving NO energy whatsoever, it would be nice if we had some people up here from the back” (back sections cheers) “It’s ok though we’re all still friends”.

  • Tom

    Maybe if Ed didn’t sing like a mouth full of cotton balls these days they’d have a better fan reaction.

  • Ashley

    Really Andrew? It’s my pet peeve when musicians call out audience members. Leave them the fuck alone.

  • Ray

    most of the people on the floor were from seattle, the whole venue was going nuts tho. how dare you name the crowd “dead”. It was you fucking americans that somehow got seated on the floor and sat down the whole fucking concert. While us canadians were going wild in the top. This video was stupid anyways. there is absolutely no indication of a “scolding”. Get your attention by trying to sell us that cage the elephant is god or something else gay like that.

  • Marcelo

    I agre with Ray!!!

    Grungy, the south american tour won´t have any down moments, I garantee you. Ole is not gonna motivate the crowd though…. Nobody knows this new song and nobody really cares about it… We care about good stuff such as Binaural, No Code, VS, Yield, etc.

    But I assure you south american crowds DESTROY many other crowds, as I can say based on Pearl Jam in Portland 2006, Los Angeles 2000 and Adelaide 2009.

  • Dave

    Who gives a shit, Marcelo? It’s not a fucking contest.

  • AdamRich

    Eddie Vedder is misrepresenting himself (long story) and committing fraud under Title 18, Section 1343 of the U.S. Code which authorizes fines of up to $250,000 and jail sentences of up to five years for each offense. Really.That’s why is is a loser.

  • pretty penny

    Somehow this reminds me of AIC on the Clash of the Titans tour, how they had to win over the Slayer crowd every night in the middle of being pelted with all kinds of crap. But they kicked ass and earned the crowds’ attention and respect instead of acting like fans exist merely to polish their turds!

  • Marcelo

    Dave, my words were not directed to you. Being said that, who gives a damn if you think it is a contest or not?

    Read all the comments, then collaborate… Do not act like a jealous puppy.

    Best regards

  • dennis

    Here are some great Ed moments:

    Black- Milan 1992
    (Ed gets pissed at a crowdsurfer. She spits at him, he spits back. Fun begins around 4:35)

    “Shoe the Shoeless” -Indio, 1993.
    (Eddie shows great resolve and calmness while under seige by shoes.)

    “Quarter Rant” – Madison, 1998

    Bushleaguer-Uniondale, NY 2003
    (Props to Eddie, he took a stand whether correct or not, did not back down as fans booed him.)

  • missy


  • BlownUpWorld

    Don’t believe everything you read on the whiney-ass TenClub forum or what your friends who attended tell you. There was a LOT more enthusiasm at the Vancouver show last Sunday than there was at the big Halloween shown in Philly a few years back where half the audience was texting or listening to the World Series game. I’m a huge Pearl Jam fan, but you can’t blame the fans for that ill-conceived setlist or the extreme difficulty in getting beers at the concession stands. Those were probably the reasons EV got his panties all bunched up.

  • CiTiZeN DiCk

    I don’t get it?

    Aside from the poor sound quality, it seems like a pretty inspired performance of the song. I can’t really understand what he is saying when he is pointing angrily a yelling, but Eddie has always been a very intense guy. I don’t know if the crowd had anything to do with it…

  • NYRexall

    He wasn’t yelling at anybody. That’s how the end of the song is supposed to go.

  • Jacob

    I don’t think this guy has hear this song before