• Hank

    download (audio) both tracks from this video using this link.


  • Stella

    What pity! We cann’t see the hug between friends so talented!!

  • shaungreenly


  • http://anexcusetoleave.bandcamp.com the other ben

    good to see they all look like they’re having fun. Has Eddie had a hair cut?!

  • Andrei

    I just shat myself. It’s THAT cool!


    They toured together between Nirvana’s demise and Foo Fighter’s first release. Foo Fighters opened up, Veder’s wife band (with Veder on drums) was second, and Watt, with this lineup, more or less (I don’t remember Pat Smear participating, although he played with Foos) headlined. I saw the show at Metro in Chicago.

  • CiTiZeN DiCk

    Big Train!!!! What a great song!!!

    The guy in the video yelling “Oh Shit” when these 2 GODs walked out on stage – had the same reaction I would’ve had!

    Congrats to anyone lucky enough to see this, I envy you!

  • Kuhn

    What a moment… how bad-ass would that have been to be front row to see these guys just jamming out as friends. What a show

  • Alejandra

    Hey, the other ben, I don’t think Mr. Vedder has had a haircut it kinda looks like he has his hair all tucked in his cap.

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