• Todd

    I would’ve thought one of the great transitions to Alternativenation.net and having so many more bands to write about would be that you wouldn’t waste your time (or as much of your time) on someone like Courtney love who is a talentless leach the world only knows about because of Kurt Cobain. But apparently I was wrong.

  • the keeper

    Todd the easiest solution would be just to not click the Courtney Love related links

  • http://nemsworld.com Christine

    If you’ve seen her play live minimally around 1999 or if you’ve seen People vs Larry Flynt, Beat, Man on the Moon, 200 Cigarettes, or Julie Johnson, you would realized she is not talentless. Live Through This and Celebrity Skin are quality LPs. POTI is an acquired taste. She is past her peak, yes, and the make up and or surgery making her eyes look not round or natural is disappointing, but she’s at least trying to work.

    the keeper:

    I thought the interview was cute and I’m glad to see her do that weird fall over in the chair laugh thing followed by the lift out of the chair to adjust and fall back in. Her face and her neck look like she might be taking Prednisone to protect her throat (sort of like Vedder’s does when he tours and his cheeks swell), but if so hopefully it’s a short term thing.

  • F.

    Live through this and Celeb. Skin where incredible albums. Pretty on the inside and the earlier Hole demos are pure punk genius.
    Yeah everything since then has been a little weird but through bad production on America’s Sweetheart there are still some nice little songs and Nobody’s Daughter has it’s moments.
    Courtney is a poet beyond anything else, yeah she is obnoxious and bitchy and has been a spectacular trainwreck, but she has a knack for a good catchy tune but it’s her lyrical ability and the things she writes about which keeps her loved by her fans.

  • Todd

    Tell me how she is CURRENTLY relevant??? In any way. PJ? check. Soundgarden? check. Even the remaining members of Nirvana? Check. Gimme a break. L7 is as good or better than hole, where’s all the L7 news??

  • E. T.

    Why the fuck is there a Blake Shelton Tour advertisement on this site.

  • Shoegazer

    Thank you for sharing. Again, it seems that she’s not in terrible shape these days. Hopefully Courtney’s train wreck days are behind Her, because she has amazing talent.

    I’m surprised there are so many haters. Not surprisingly, most of these people don’t even realize that Hole was already established when she hooked up with Kurt.

  • sonic_junkie

    Hole was a band before she met Kurt but Kurt lifted her to a completely different level of celebrity. Kurt also wrote a good deal of the songs on Live Through This. Dave Grohl proved that he had talent with or without Kurt. Can’t say that about Courtney.

    • shoegazer

      I disagree. In my opinion, Courtney’s best album by a long shot is Celebrity Skin (obviously without Kurt). Granted, Corgan helped her with some of the hooks on the album, but it’s still brilliant. You say Kurt wrote “a good deal” of LTT. Courtney’s haters love to bring this up, but where’s your proof? To my knowledge, no one has ever confirmed this.