• Ace

    This is awesome. Sounds incredible. Nice to see them adding some rarities in the setlist.

  • Raj

    Absolutely amazing, finally something different on the set-list \”You there crying I feel not a thing.\” Whether you like Duvall, or not he nails the song. Keep bring out more: Queen of the Rodeo, Killing Yourself, What\’ca Gonna Do, A Little Bitter, Get Born Again, Shame in You, Social Parasite, Chemical Addiction, What the Hell Have, Lying Season, Fear the Voices, so many to choose from!

  • Check My Brain

    Love it! Hope they continue to add tracks like this to the setlist, makes me want to see them again.

  • Mark

    Holy Shit! That sounds soooo great!

  • Adam

    So this brings the number of songs in their repertoire to like 16.

    Glad they’re bringing some rarities into the fold.

  • Cvetak

    Jerry has a short hair. That’s the end of AIC. 🙂 Just joking…. Well, this song sounds good with Duvall!

  • Dennis

    I was there and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. A welcome addition.

  • http://ouachitabeer.wordpress.com John Lovett
  • Casper

    Erie how much he sounded like Layne. Absolutely well done.

  • kris

    does anyone have vis of a little bitter?!? love to see that! great job william… and the rest of guys too

  • drew

    i am not super familiar with AIC like i am PJ, screaming trees, sg and nirvana, but this is fuckin’ incredible!

    i always dug sap, jar of flies and “would” and certainly now this gem!

    well done dudes!

  • melissa

    do yourself a favor…Get Familiar. You’ll be thrilled you did.

  • kingchaz

    I think I was banned, but here goes… Awesome.

  • NeonJefe

    Great capture – check out his YT page w other vids