Courtney Love and Sharon Stone proved to be full cups of well-intentioned kookiness last night at amFAR’s Inspiration Gala benefit at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles.

We’ll start with Ms. Love first…

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The Hole rocker was the evening’s surprise performer, screeching out singing covers of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Love may have forgotten some of the lyrics, but no matter. Her guitar player was there to remind her of the words. And truth be told, we kinda dig Love’s take on the songs. We think it may be time for her to put together an album of covers.

But we digress.

Court ended her performance, which included a few F-bombs and at least one nip-slip, by announcing that she wanted no more drama in her life. “Please help!” she said. “All of you…Help me. I don’t want to be controversial anymore.”

Later on, Love was overheard complaining to various people that her bank accounts are frozen and she’s gone days without any cash. However, she did say there’s a guy in New York City she’s having sex with who she does, in fact, like.

  • Aaron

    wow that’s F-ed UP. please spare us.

  • Marie

    This is just depressing.

  • Pete

    stop covering her pls

  • Ross

    Christ, after she utterly murdered Jeremy, I refuse to listen nee, acknowledge any more of her garbage. She is not Grunge. Why is she on GrungeReport? She’f fucking desperate and pathetic, end.

  • Queen of Uncool

    Come on peeps, if you don’t care then don’t listen. She’s always been a bit of a car crash, and if she wasn’t, she might be like any other celebrity in the nothing of themselves. At least it is her. Take it or leave it. But spare the world from your complaints and we can cease the the pro/con-Love war…that would be nice eh?

  • bon3z

    is she still alive?
    WOW… 🙁