• Bug

    Wow this guy rips!

  • CL

    Great drummer! And what an awesome crowd. I don’t understand these spoiled crowds here in the US who stand around, checking their phones while being too cool to show any outwardly enjoyment. It obviously fires up the band when the crowd responds to the music. I can’t remember the last time Chris fed off of the crowd’s energy like that here in the US.

  • Bug

    Awesome crowd indeed! You would never see a crowd go that crazy for Blow Up The Outside World in the US.

  • Fooey

    He’s a good drummer but obviously doesn’t have the songs down pat yet. Some of the fills and breaks are a bit off. Kinda reminds me of Jeff Friedl filling Josh Freese’s shoes in A Perfect Circle. Just watching them both & thinking Josh or Matt Cameron play this or that part differently. It’s good but it’s not great but the guy is doing his best. Like butter stretched over too much bread.

    • GsusH

      Don’t think so much and just enjoy…..no use in employing a parrot!

  • CL

    I have to disagree. Cameron’s played some of these songs live for many years, this guy has played one show. Given the magnitude of the job this guy has been tasked with and how well he’s executing these songs, it’s pretty fucking great drumming.

  • spoonman

    i love that he is killing it. i know him very well, a very awesome dude

  • misuamolo

    Great post 😀 SOUNDGARDEN ROCKS!!!!

  • Fooey

    Not saying that it can\’t be great. Just needs to improve his knowledge of the songs. These are some tough shoes to fill. It would be much easier to do fill in for Pearl Jam than SG. Jon Theodore joined QOTSA seamlessly. Ilan Rubin did the same for NIN. Chamberlain just needs more time to get the songs down pat. I think he can do it. I just don\’t think he\’s there yet.

  • poptart

    Matt Chamberlain is a great and versatile drummer. He’s such a good choice for Soundgarden. This clips make me really want to go see a show in South America. The crowd is awesome.

  • Hoss

    At 3:12 on “Pretty Noose” Matt flubs the transition from the bridge to the last chorus and plays a click then realizes & plays the chorus. He’s good but I agree that he needs to memorize the material better especially the fills, not just the beats. Tough gig. He’s good but he should practice these songs until they are perfect, not just good enough. Good first gig. I hope he gets the songs down by the NIN tour. If people are paying $40-300 per ticket they deserve the best performance possible.

  • Hoss

    At 2:15 on Burden In My Hand he plays full volume through the quiet bridge breakdown section. Even Chris\’ solo drummer knew to play quiet there. It doesn\’t sound like they rehearsed much with Chamberlain. Personally I wouldn\’t pay to see SG with anyone but Cameron for their 20th Anniversary \’Superunknown\’ tour. I hope he woodsheds & gets better. I should not know the songs better than their drummer. OK. I\’ll leave it alone…

  • Kevin

    Fooey & Hoss….you 2 are losers. He’s not the original drummer, give him a break. Who are you to criticize, fuck off!

  • Raj

    Awesome, SG rocks! Cool that the played Flower, I know they’ve brought that out along with Hunted Down and Beyond the Wheel but they’ve got to change up their older stuff. I want to see them play Power Trip, I Awake, No Wrong No Right, All Your Lies, He Didn’t more often.