Video: Courtney Love Covers The Velvet Underground With Camp Freddy

Courtney Love performed “I’m Waiting For My Man” and “Celebrity Skin” with Camp Freddy last night in Los Angeles. Performing with Love were Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver), Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction), and Billy Morrison (The Cult/Billy Idol).

  • Courtney Rocks!

    Best artist of the 90s.

  • Barn

    Best T&A of the 90s.

  • Christine

    The Camp Freddy stuff is great; makes me almost wish I lived in LA.

    Courtney has performed VU covers since 1995 and possibly prior. Her Pale Blue Eyes cover was pretty intense.

  • Courtney Sucks!

    She only started to cover Velvet Underground becuase of Kurt .
    She ripped him off in every single way. You know that Young Marble Giants Credit In The Straight World cover Hole did on LIve Through This ? Nirvana were due to cover that for a compilation. Shes like a parasite.
    She often stole his songs. Completely ripped him off and used and abused Kurt in every single way.
    She used to cigarette burn him on the face. Cheated on him. Told him that he dropped Frances when he didn’t. The main reasons he is dead is all down to that woman.

    • Courtney Rocks

      You are talking utter crap and you sound waaay jealous of Courtney.

      • Courtney Rocks

        Oh and whether you like it or not Kurt Cobain loved Courtney.

  • ejsme

    Steve Stevens is a great player, but he needs to stop with the cheesy metal tone.