Video: Clip Of Scott Weiland Performing New Song “Circles”

The first ever live video of Scott Weiland performing his new track “Circles” has surfaced from his show last night in Monroe, LA. This track is unrelated the the unreleased Wondergirls track. Weiland also performed the new tracks “Red,” “Beach Bop Rock,” and “The Way She Moves.” Weiland clarified that “The Way She Moves” is not the STP B-side but actually a new song. Good to see Scott showcasing some new material.

  • lilrockable

    Fuck. I want this album to come out and I don’t. I do because I can’t wait to hear what he’s written for us. I don’t because After Scott releases this it’ll be no new music from any of my favorite bands for awhile.

  • Paulonious

    Ugh. His voice sounds like marianne faithful.