• Lennart

    Lol that made me laugh 😀

    Thanks for sharing, they are such dorks :p

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashley.icardi muthafuthinASH

    Uhm. I need more.

  • Electric Fun

    “sounds like another box set!” haha only Vig remembers “Song in D” and i can’t believe nevermind’s tracklisting was done like an improv thing just hilarious

  • Andrei

    They clearly HAVEN’T read through Kurt’s journals.

    No, that didn’t take only 5 minutes and no, Kurt didn’t do it on the spot. Sure, it might have looked like but it wasn’t.

    He obsessed over the tracklisting, creating and re-creating it over and over again and it always looked like in a big percentage to the one that is on the album, and you can clearly see that in his journals from that era.

  • Andrei
  • johnatan

    thanks alot andrei 😀