Video: Arcade Fire Debut New Song On Saturday Night Live

Arcade Fire performed two songs on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live last night. It was the band’s fourth time performing on the show. You can view Arcade Fire performing “Reflektor” and a brand new track entitled “Afterlife” above.

  • Boom

    Boom one time went to the Lorne’s SNL show. Way the fuck back in 1976 Boom was there rocking the fuck out with the Belushi and the Chevy Chase. Fucking Simon and Garfunkle played the fuck out of some song but Boom no remember. All fucked up on reefer in the ’70’s Boom was. Went to pawnshop too. Bought the Fender

    The Arcade fire are a pile of shit. Pure PussyLip music. Boom no like the fire music it sound bad to Boom ears. Guess they’re good to mainstream types but no sure. Tried listen but it made. Boom shit. Still some like so what the fuck does Boom know. Boom go rock the fuck out to Mamas and Papas now. Go!!

    • Boom

      Boom fucking pissed this sad fuck pose as Boom. Boom dosen’t agree with anything this Boom say. Boom fucking pissed now. Boom go smash head with Bass guitar now

  • poptart

    hmmm, sort of Roxy Music meets Joy Division meets Talking Heads.

  • GoodNPlenTy

    Best Band these days by far make the OLD grunge bands look out of touch. This is how music was meant to be made and played and why you will never see a grunge band on SNL ever again.

    AiC – “Voices” typical play the same thing over and over because of drugs. Jerry took when he had surgery on his arm he took pain Rx. And then said hey pops you think I have another “Rooster” on my hands. Pops just nods and under his breath says “just bring us some fucking bacon and good you finally are getting that long hair shorter but it is still to long, shave that thin burnt out mop”

    SoundGarden – “Been Away Too Long” is the sad display of a sober dude who thinks a short stinky song that ends just as it should be getting good is the way to go. New name is “Should stayed away and break all our guitars”
    Where is the guru of guitar playing on King Animal? (KT) Sounds like he was left off the album and Chris said this is my baby and here is “Halfway There” a song that will appeal to no one except sober people having a hard time which is a lot so roll the dice and hope people living in there car will call in on there shoe phone to have them play the song so they can get more depressed.

    Pearl Jam – “Mind Your Manners” and “Sirens” two songs that show promise and at least come close to making a splash but still not anything special that will make people really start climbing tall objects and hanging until they fall.

    And the other bands who still sound like there stuck in reverse.

    I mean the raccoon look is so cool and the whole band all have a part, 7+ members sound like angels sent to help us from the jerks who pollute this site and the world we live in. In the “After Life” is where they will pay for there NOT funny 3rd grade humor. They will be made to eat the corn out of the shit every day of the AF band the best thing to happen to music since StarLand Vocal Band.