Video: Arcade Fire Cover INXS “Devil Inside”

At a show in Australia on January 22nd, Arcade Fire decided to honor hometown heroes INXS with a cover of their 1988 song, “Devil Inside.” You can view the cover above.

  • rbees

    Didn’t realise 240p was available for VHS recordings. My hat goes off to whoever recorded this, carrying in a 80’s video recorder with spare vhs tapes into a music festival is tough work.

  • Peace Frog

    Pearl Jam and Metallica both had their songs covered recently, and this is what you go with for news on covered songs? This site is so far ahead of its time it\’s like going back to the future! I want my MTV!

  • Peace Frog

    And why does this site turn every apostrophe into a backslash? Did a Parkinson’s patient code for this site?