From Matt Sorum’s Twitter: Doing a special night For John O’Brien Who passed away recently. An amazing musician and cool guy. Velvet Revolver will perform with Scott Weiland

This appears to be a one off, hopefully it won’t lead to anything else because that could mean the demise of STP. Scott really should think twice before burning his bridge with the DeLeo brothers.

  • J


  • yumm

    maroon 5 lmfao. velvet revolver that should be interesting

  • be

    this band Velvet Revolver is a waste, as well as the worst singer on the planet: scott weilland … I’ve been a fan of slash one day, but this guy is disappointing too, fuck you scott and slash

  • be

    scott weillad the worst of all, be it voice, and in the performances! I hate that son of a bitch

  • CagedTiger

    I don’t like the sound of this at all. I love Scott and STP and VR were okay I guess (actually enjoyed those 2 albums more than the self titled STP record if I’m honest) but Scott really needs to rest or something, he sounds like shit on recent live performances and has been forgetting lyrics too, i wish I could defend him but sadly it’s true. This performance will most likely be a disaster but I hope Scott can get back on form, he was once my favourite frontman, just check out that Rolling Rock show from 2001, those were the days!

  • junior

    i fukin lov it.

  • Robert

    Don’t get wrong, Velvet Revolver was great but I think Scott focus should be with STP and don’t get why they can’t get a new singer. If there is way he could do both then I will be for it but like Brett says this could piss off the DeLeo brothers. If Velvet Revolver were able get a new singer then both bands would for sure exist. Lets hope it is a one-off show and STP will be Scott’s main focus with his solo project being a side project.

  • Ten

    I’m in the minority in thinking Scott should give up on STP and focus on VR. I thought the bridges may have been burned, but this gig gives a little hope that the embarrassment that STP has become may be over.

  • TastesGrungey

    I don’t see why the DeLeos would give a’s one show.

  • Gaboy

    isnt scott to busy promoting his xmas album? lol

    i guess the wounds have healed, as much as i liked VR never though Scott was suited with them, his voice was always so stretched out, sounds better in STP

  • Andrei

    So, hell froze over?

    I find it fucking awesome, though. I always loved VR.

    On the same note, I am expecting another type of reunion from Slash and co. and of course I’m talking about playing again with Axl at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    Now if that happens we could be fucking certain that there’s ice in hell.

  • Evan

    I will have to say that both VR albums were superior to the self titled STP album. If you think the latter, you’re lying to yourself.

  • Andrei

    And yes, Libertad at least was way superior to the STP album they released last year.

  • Hate being that guy, but somoene I know in the music industry told me Weiland was working with Velvet Revolver again and that is why the new STP album is gonna take a bit longer to come out. I didn’t believe him cause we all know someone who knows someone. But then I saw this…

  • cosmicatomic

    This seems very counterproductive to ALL parties involved.

    Counter-productive for Scott Weiland: Isn’t he an overworked mess of a human being? So why is he naive enough to take this on?

    Counter-productive for Velvet Revolver: As if their silly never-ending search for a new singer couldn’t get more unproductive, they do this.

    Counter-productive for Slash: Isn’t he making a solo album with Myles Kennedy? Isn’t this a step backwards both in the VR new singer search as well as his solid solo career?

    The only way this makes sense is if they actually stay together. A one-off seems sort of far fetched to me given the way VR split up. It was a nasty split so why would they overlook that just for a one-off?

    I actually wouldn’t mind if VR got back together, because I liked both VR albums A LOT more than STP’s new album.

  • Grungy

    It’s up to Scott if he wants the job. VR wants him or they wouldn’t do it even one time. STP is now in limbo. The Xmas stuff made him see the light? LoL what a mess.

  • just mike

    Maybe Scott already pissed the DeLeo brothers off with his Christmas album.

  • CourtneyLover

    Why won’t this band die already? It was fun while it lasted, but now it’s time to move on.

  • Jake

    Who’s John O’Brien??

  • cold2712


  • be

    dick in ass shit weilland scott … Garbage singer, you is shit, even without any experience


  • pretty penny

    News flash: Matt Sorum is a tool. Giving Weiland advice like he’s some authority? King Shit more like it!
    And why can’t someone like both VR albums and the STP album?
    I’m here to say it’s possible–

  • Pete

    Put me down as another guy who likes VR over the new STP.

  • Brett

    Some good news is that STP drummer Eric Kretz is playing with Matt Sorum and some others at a benefit show in late January, so if an STP member is playing with Sorum hopefully that means there aren’t bad vibes and it’s clearly a one off and everybody knows it.

  • the keeper

    Why does everyone think Scott will piss of the STP dudes by doing this? Its a one-time performance for a good cause. You guys jump to conclusions way too fast

  • Brett

    the keeper,

    This one off won’t piss them off, but if it leads to more it will.

  • MIlls

    I dont see why he cant do both STP and VR. Also why cant Chris Cornell do Audioslave, solo tours and Soundgarden. They are working musicians. I’d go see a VR show with Scott. 1st tour was awesome. Libertatd tour was to big and bloated already.

    What really needs to happen is Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven, Matt all need to go out and play some G n R songs on tour with some different singers and force Axl into a reunion. Axl sounds like shiot any way, they should go out with Myles Kennedy doing Guns songs.

  • Craigory52

    I’d rather have another Velvet Revolver album truthfully. This is because STP’s reunion album last year was overall disappointing (exception of a couple tracks basically the singles). Unless STP can come up with an STP record then I’d think otherwise.

  • CagedTiger

    Prettypenny, no one said you can’t enjoy both the VR albums and STP’s latest it’s just that a lot of people, myself included, feel that last STP record didn’t match up to the quality of their previous albums. I love every other STP record, they are all completely unique and I love the way they experiment and never make the same album twice, it sounded like they were playing it safe with that last one though, it was generic and didn’t have a song on it that could stand up to songs like ‘Atlanta’ or anything from Purple. So yeah, I was letdown and can honestly say I enjoy both VR albums and the amazing Army of Anyone album more than self titled STP. On a side note I agree 100% that Sorum is a tool 🙂

  • james wegner

    love it. they will be touring in some capacity in major markets. i mean come in. this is how it goes. one show and then the tweets . we enjoyed it , sounded right, yada yada yada. i think its great. boggles me how any true VR, scott weiland fan would have anything negative to say. this is a tight band. looking forward to some club shows.

  • Brett

    James, it’s because I’m a Stone Temple Pilots fan. Not a Velvet Revolver fan.

  • the keeper

    I am a bigger STP fan tenfold than Velvet Revolver but I am not a big fan of the newer STP record. In my opinion Stone Temple Pilots needs the deep voiced hard rocking Scott that we haven’t heard since Contraband was released by VR in 2004.

    Anyways I don’t think this one-off performance is a big deal in terms of interfering with STP and I doubt Scott would ditch the Deleos especially if they are talks about doing a 20th anniversary tour/shows for Core

    This is off topic but do you guys think Scott isn’t capable of doing that “rock” voice anymore or do you think he is just trying to hard to be something different?

  • CagedTiger

    TheKeeper, there is a song called “I Know it’s too Late” from 2008 that was left off Scotts second solo LP and he nails the “Purple” voice on that song, it’s not a rocker, it’s a ballad but it makes me think he still has it in him. It wasn’t really his vocals on the last album that was the problem for me though, the songs themselves just didn’t really do much for me 🙁 I enjoyed BTL for a bit and still spin FKOM but I don’t tend to play the album much, I’d rather listen to Shang ri or purple ya know? Don’t have to skip a single track on those 2 amazing albums.

  • CagedTiger

    I should add that if his live vocals recently are any indication of what’s to come the next album could be a fail, I don’t worry too much about that though cos Scott seems to be able to pull it off in the studio still (with the exception of his drunken style on the Xmas songs) his vocals on Libertad were amazing. Not trying to come off as a hater, I’m a huge fam, just a realist.

  • the keeper

    CagedTiger thanks for the tidbit I’ll have to listen to that song!

    And yeah I feel that the songwriting could have been a little better for the last record, I really like the direction they took with SLDD with great soft rockers mixed with big rockers like Coma and Dumb Love

  • Ben

    Velvet Revolver had there chance… now it’s over. Just bin it and move on.
    Far too much ego in the mix.

  • pretty penny

    CagedTiger, I know a lot of fans didn’t like last year’s STP. But I thought it was mainly brilliant (though Atlanta is tough to match quality-wise)
    As far as Scott’s voice, I think he’s been on the road way too long and needs a rest. Combine that with heavy smoking and he could be looking at permanent vocal damage. Let’s hope not.