• Becca

    Wow! What a complete and total shock! I definitely believed that was Ben himself commenting on that story…NOT!

  • Brett

    I was very skeptical, I knew that posting it though would make me find out for sure though and I was right.

  • Ashley

    Okay the comment was left by “Ben S”. I would never have even made the connection to Ben Shepherd. Besides, isn’t there someone on here who comments as “Mark Arm”?

  • Robert

    What idiots try to impose other people

  • BillyL

    No band member of any band would ever randomly post on a website. They know it would not be taken seriously and it would open the floodgates for imposters. Unless it’s from a confirmed source, I wouldn’t bother with it.

  • Guy

    Well the Ben Shepard connection was made because the guy said that Soundgarden wouldn’t celebrate Record Store Day and said he was sorry to disappoint. The Mark Arm guy is Incredible Mr. Mark Arm, just a name to say how legendary he is, Mark Arm isn’t self-centered like that at all.