GrungeReport.net has posted some articles recently on a new Layne Staley photo that is confirmed to be from at least September 1998 at the earliest (when the shirt Layne is wearing in it was released with a video game). The guy who e-mailed me the story about the photo being from 2001, Scott Farro, has been revealed to be a liar. His e-mail is scott.farro@yahoo.com.

It’s looking more likely that the photo may be from Halloween 1998, somebody claimed they talked to the guy Jimmy in the photo and he said that’s when it was taken. I contacted Jimmy myself but got no response. The story is that Layne was backstage at Jerry Cantrell’s solo show on Halloween 1998 in Seattle. Obviously don’t take this as fact, the only 100% fact about the picture we know is it was taken sometime between 1998-2002 because of the shirt.

When I dig into stories like this, I always run the risk of disinformation being sent to me and posted on here since there’s so much mystery behind this period of Layne’s life. Since I solely run the site it’s just the way it goes, but my hope is that with stuff like this it eventually leads us to the truth.

I really do apologize, I just had a little bit too much faith in people I guess. Didn’t think anybody would be low enough to make up stuff like that, and then leave a comment saying they were going to send Layne’s mother more photos.

  • Cartoonsize

    Thank you Brett. I’m glad you wrote this and
    hope you get proof too. Send me an email if
    you want to as I would like to tell you how I got
    my proof.

  • Kris

    Brett: No need to apologize. You always clarify misinformation and have a strong integrity when it comes to anything you post. It’s not your fault if someone sends you information containing falsified facts or just lies.

    As I always say … thank you for your work on this site. 🙂

  • Brett

    Another update is that the photo still coincidentally could be from 2001 (though Scott’s whole story was a load of bullshit). The things I keep hearing from a few people are still 1998 and 2001. If I get no doubt confirmation with PROOF I’ll post it.

  • Big M

    You are THE kris are you?

  • Dreux

    There’s really no need to apologize, Brett. It happens to everyone now and again. The simple confirmation of a 1998-2001 date for the photo is enough. Whoever noticed the shirt needs to be a detective or something because I never would have caught it.

  • Kelley

    Thanks Brett. Hopefully someone steps up with enough evidence to date the photo.

  • Kevin

    We all appreciate the work you do, keep it up. Just saying thanks.

  • GrungeAttack

    No biggie. It’s still fascinating to see this photo. RIP

  • Maverick785

    By the very nature of the blog and this particular story, things like this are bound to happen Brett. No worries and thanks for clarifying.

  • Sickwit_it

    I knew it was full he was full of shit. So how did you find out he was lying?

  • steph

    I am way too trusting. I have got to admit this Scott guy had me hanging on every word. It is hard to believe that someone would lie like that, to that extent. People never cease to amaze me though. I hope you do get the answer your looking for, Brett. And can we keep the “I told ya so’s” to a minimum? I think most of us are pretty bummed right now.

  • Brett

    Sickwit_it, he commented on another story admitting it was a hoax and the IP address/e-mail matched his, so it wasn’t somebody impersonating him. I started getting suspicious last night when some people started commenting saying they’d heard other stories about the picture. I’m following a couple of leads right now.

  • Jason

    My name is Jason and I saw Layne at a U-District Chevron Station in 2001. Here’s the story – my girlfriend (now wife) and I were heading out of town and stopped at Chevron to gas up. As I walked into the station, a black Acura sports car pulled up and a very frail looking man got out of the car. He instantly caught my eye because he simply did not look like someone who could afford such a nice car. The man was wearing back jeans, long black coat and a black winter cap. He had long brownish, unkept hair coming out of his cap and walked slumped over into the Chevron mini-mart. Once inside the store, I saw the man’s profile and knew it was Layne Staley. AIC was my favorite band for years and I saw them several times live. Layne noticed me (we were the only customers in the store) and seemed to pick up on the fact that I recognized him, though I had not said a word. I didn’t want his autograph, but I felt that I could not let the moment pass without saying something. So I awkwardly said “Layne Stayley?” and he warily replied “Yeah?”. I then said I just wanted him to know that he is a great song writer. He paused, seemed to relax a bit and said “Thanks man, I appreciate that.” I wanted to say more, but also did not want to bother him. He was clearly in very rough shape. But in our brief exchange, he was kind and genuine.

  • GrungeAttack

    These hoaxers are just horrible to do this to Nancy and Laynes family. Good Job Brett using your Sherlock Holmes skills to expose this fraud.

  • Robert

    I know this photo couldn’t be from 2001. He didn’t look that tertible. 1998 to 1999 makes more sense. No worries Brett. This wasn’t your fault. Thanks for update

  • redhead

    why are you spreading this guys email address around? honestly,who cares if he lied, intentionally or not? jesus…just calm down about this Layne shit. I’m just as big a fan as the next person, but calm down already!

  • GrungeAttack

    Although, I have to say that putting up his e-mail is a tad unnecessary.

  • J.

    I dont, dont lie about shit like that.

  • drew

    layne’s hair is quite longer than the unplugged show that was, 1996? looks like 2-3 years of growth minimum….

  • John


    Agreed !

    A clue : Look at layne’s hair at the 1997 grammy awards ( it was February 26, 1997 ) , he had his “classic” layne hairstyle ( http://media.photobucket.com/image/layne%20staley%201997/Renada/Layne%20Staley/LayneStaley258.jpg )

    So , less than a year later he would have this long hair ?

  • steph

    hey redhead…sounds like your the one that needs to calm down. When you run your own site you can do what you want, until then, it’s none of your business what Brett does.

  • Andrei

    Well… I guess we have the winner for “Most Talked Grunge Picture of the Year” award for next December.

  • cosmicatomic

    Well, that’s what happens when you take the word of comments made on a blog.

    Thanks for correcting yourself.

    Jason’s story above – that is pretty cool if true.

    As for the year – I don’t really care and I honestly don’t understand the fascination with it. He looks bad, end of story. For Layne’s sake I hope it’s closer to 2001 in hopes that he didn’t get significantly worse than this.

  • http://www.lemonlang.net nevernamed

    Well. I didn’t think Layne would have looked this ‘good’ in 2001.. Its more likely its 98/99. The shirt looks new on him, but that doesn’t mean its a 1998 photo.. It is possible for your hair to grow that long in 18 months. His hair was fairly long in Feb 1997, so for it to hit shoulder length in 18 months is believable. My hair shaved to 1/2 inch, grows to about jaw length in a year, and I believe my hair grows a little slower than some.

    Either way, Brett, a man always steps up and admits mistakes, and you did just that. Keep the hunt going, and lets see what else we can find.

    Jason — Your Layne story was cool, I would love to hear more real accounts of meeting him.

    And for the record, I heard Layne required a cane to walk because he was in real rough shape, so Jason’s account of him walking hunched, sounds more in line with what I was told.

  • slatesphanboi

    ‘I then said I just wanted him to know that he is a great song writer. He paused, seemed to relax a bit and said “Thanks man, I appreciate that.”’

    Dang that is hard to read.

    The World really lost something when we lost Layne Staley.

    Mad Season kicked all possible ass. ‘Above’ was truly an Alternative record. I still can’t believe that a major label was willing to put it out. Those dudes, including Layne, were just on another level.

  • dakotablue

    Perhaps Layne needed a cane because his broken foot started giving him trouble? I mean, he went on tour with his cast (Ozzy tour I think), and I recall an interview with Layne and Mike Starr in which Mike said Layne jumped off the stage and into the crowd with his cast on. I’m no medical authority, but maybe the foot (which I think was broken pretty badly) never healed quite right.
    Anyway, however bad Layne looked he was still himself at the core, I think, and since he didn’t have to turn to crime to get his drugs I guess he had a clear conscience (except for hurting his family). I keep thinking of a quote of his to the effect of “it’s nobody’s business but mine.” RIP dear Layne.

  • Louderthanshit333

    You know something I also thought of, the QUALITY of this photo doesn’t seem to be on par to 2001, although the owner of the camera may have an older camera, the photo looks like it was taken in the 90s rather than ten years ago.

  • B

    I think it is from 1998. The grammys are in February and if this is halloween, that would make it more than a year and a half. I’ve heard this pic was new year’s 1999 http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/15/15/29/13/20_new11.jpg and he looks more frail. I don’t think he would have looked healthier in 2001.

  • http://www.lemonlang.net nevernamed

    Never seen that pic before. Layne did not need a cane for the foot injury, but he did need it in his last year or so of life.

  • smokey

    I don’t like this :'( picture

  • ILoveLayne

    Jason–what a wonderful story. Hard to read, but wonderful.