Unreleased Photos & Audio From Scott Weiland’s Tour Bus

Scott Weiland’s death hit me especially hard since I had just interviewed him last month for Alternative Nation in what ended up being his final in-depth interview. The interview was conducted in the bedroom on his tour bus where he died just under a month later, which has haunted me since the news of his passing.

When I conduct major interviews like this, I generally use two audio recording devices. The primary device for this interview was my Zoom recorder, which is heard in the interview audio I uploaded last month. My backup recording device (in case of an issue transferring the Zoom audio) that I always use concurrently to record is my iPhone. When the interview with Scott concluded, I turned off my Zoom recorder, but forgot to turn off my iPhone recorder. This mistake ended up being a blessing, as I went back to listen to the iPhone audio after learning of Scott’s passing and found 4 minutes of audio following the actual interview where I talked a little bit with Weiland and Tommy Black.

There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but it was nice to be able to look back at the little bit of time I got to spend with Scott when I found this audio. I thanked Scott for doing the interview, and told him a big reason there were misconceptions about him (in regards to things like the recording of STP’s self-titled album) was because of interviews where he was asked the same generic questions. I also had my fanboy moment, asking him to sign all six STP albums for me, which had already been signed by the DeLeo brothers and Eric Kretz. Weiland obliged and signed the albums.

Weiland and Tommy had a TV on in the background (Scott had DirecTV on his bus). Scott said, “I was watching Homeland.” Black added, “It changed, this is Rampart.” He said Homeland was getting a little weird. Tommy then took photos of Scott and I. I mentioned that they couldn’t be as depressing as my photo I took with Richard Patrick, which looked like a prison photo. Scott’s manager then came in to take photos of Tommy, Scott, and I. Tommy then said that he did the ‘back tap’ for the photo. “I did the back tap again, like the James Iha back tap, remember that?” Scott said, “Yeah.” It was a reference to a photo they had taken with James Iha from The Smashing Pumpkins in 2014.

Tommy then discussed the similarities between James Iha and Jeff Schroeder. I then thanked Scott for the interview. I told him, “Scott, thanks a lot man, I really appreciate it.” Scott responded, “Hey, no problem brother.” I told him, “I look forward to getting this out there. Anything I ever post about you, it bums me out when I write certain stuff that I do, but this one will be great, and I think people will love it.” Scott said, “Alright, cool.”

It still troubles me that I didn’t push Scott to talk about his issues with addiction, especially with what happened. It’s hard to explain what I saw when I looked into his eyes. I didn’t know the guy personally, so it’s hard to judge based on not knowing what he was going through completely. But what I could tell was he didn’t emote at all (outside of forcing a small smile for one photo), and he just seemed burned out and like he needed a change. He just didn’t seem like the same vibrant charismatic guy I had seen years earlier headline the Hollywood Bowl.

I wish I had talked to him about alcoholism. Even before the list of pills (and cocaine) discovered on Scott’s bus came out, everybody knew Scott was still drinking despite being a self-described alcoholic in his book. His quotes in that book on how a ‘drink in my mouth is something like putting a lead blanket over my heart’ really resonated with me, especially since my stepfather died from drinking 2 years ago. I obviously wouldn’t have changed Scott’s ultimate path, but I wish I could have at least talked to him about it to get an understanding for myself and his fans as to why a great person could just throw their life away.

Anyways, despite all of this, it was an honor to interview Scott and run his social media for the last month of his life. Below is an unreleased audio clip from my interview with Scott on his bus, and a few unreleased photos.






  • Lucky Neko

    I just can’t help but say, he’s such a loss. RIP Scott Weiland. You will be missed.

  • Aldo Haro

    He looked tired and sad. How can nobody around him noticed and helped him?! ­čÖü What a fucking shame!

    • montana2298

      He sure did he looked horribly sad . It is a damn shame

  • Rizz

    Good work, Brett. Enjoyed the interview.

  • Soc Theo

    Brett – what are the chances you will make the interview available to download via SoundCloud. I thinks it’s a great interview and would like to put it on my iPod for posterity.

  • http://www.cuntcertfy.nut/ Whip

    It seemed like he spent a lot more time with Tommy Black than he did the other band members and I’m definitely not putting blame anywhere because I have been in the position TWICE where a close friend was slowly killing themselves with drugs, ultimately succumbing to them in the end, and there’s really little you can do, whether you just can’t say anything or what you say falls on deaf ears or whatever, but you would think this guy saw the downward spiral firsthand and got him some help or something. I mean sometimes there’s the guy that is the party friend or whatever, the one that you use with or get fucked up with, but it didn’t even seem like Scott would’ve been a fun guy to get loaded with anyway. It almost seemed like Tommy was like fucking hospice care, like his nurse or whatever. I’d like to see an interview with him actually, Brett… hear what it was like touring with Scott the past 6 months when he really started to drift off. I’m sure he’s pretty damn broken up now, but maybe in the future at some point.

    • Up2HighHell

      Yes! Great point, Whip. Exactly what I was about to post. Brett, you have to score an interview with Tommy. Don’t forget though, that guy is definitely hurting right now, too.

    • Cowgirl

      I’ve wondered about him too, even more after this story. Is he a coat tail rider? A band mate friend, or an enabler friend? A babysitter or caretaker for the band to manage Scott? An interview with him would be interesting.

    • Drew

      Speculation: Weiland stayed with the Wildabouts because it was easy for him to live the lifestyle that ultimately killed him. And certain members of the Wildabouts may have stuck with Scott because it was the best they could do financially at this stage of their career.

      I don’t know much about Tommy Black, but if he’s not playing with Scott, what is he doing? Would he really even want Scott to get help if it means he goes off the rehab, the tour stops, etc? And Black has got to do something else much less financially beneficial? Or just sit at home with no paycheck, and maybe even an addiction to feed. Or did he enable Scott and continue using with him and making money playing rock shows?

      It’s especially bleak and grim considering the guitarist that died. Yet they just kept on touring, likely with no shortage of booze and hard drugs. Man, Scott looks awful… so sad.

      Scott’s demise was because he surrounded himself with sycophants and enablers.

      • http://www.cuntcertfy.nut/ Whip

        I don’t think anyone was “using” with Scott… I’d be bored off my ass with beer, Xanax, and sleeping pills (I personally think the blow was per “Dr.’s orders” to wake up for and being as engaging as possible for the show and that he wasn’t using it “recreationally.”)… what am I going to do– nod in and out while watching Homeland? Fuck all that. Even if I had my drug of choice, and he his, I wouldn’t spend my time OR my high staring at the tour bus walls in silence with Scott. Not this version of Scott, at least.

        • Drew

          Maybe wrong choice of words, and also maybe I’m naive. But I’d like to think even rockstars would/could be concerned about a guy like Scott’s health and sobriety. With his addiction history he should not be on a tour with booze in the rider, coke on the bus, etc. The guitarist dies and they just carry on with the tour? Selfies with hard liquor, etc. The whole situation just feels gross to me. I get the impression this tour was like Weiland’s “safe haven” to fuel his addictions/alcoholism. I wonder if that’s a factor as to why he bailed on Art of Anarchy… just my 2 cents and speculation.

          In my opinion, Tommy Black either has a major problem as well… or else he’s a piece of shit. (if he was just recreationally using and living off Scott then he’s a POS).

      • http://www.cuntcertfy.nut/ Whip

        And unless Tommy is a pure piece of shit, which I will give the benefit of the doubt and say that he is NOT, of course he’d sacrifice his job to see Scott get to a healthy state of mind and body. We all fucking would. I think that if Scott hired him to play bass I’m sure he could find work somewhere else just the same and still make money doing it.

      • Lizanne

        I’ve thought about the exact same thing. Very sad!

    • JoelS

      Can’t help but wonder how much the death of Jeremy Brown contributed his final downward spiral.

      • Ann Anderson

        I’m sure that it made an impact. I saw a video interview that Scott gave with Matt Shlicter( ? spelling) in 2014. He was lucid and articulate. He seemed actually to be happy and excited to be making music with the Wildabouts and making Blaster. He spoke at a normal speed and he had normal affect and facial expression. The visual was a little bit troubling as it looked like there may have been some track marks on his arms. The contrast with this interview is very alarming. This would lend credence to the fact that Jeremy Brown’s death was the factor that robbed him of joy and inspiration and started his downward spiral. I think that he chose band members who wouldn’t judge his slip ups with his sobriety but that turned out to be a fateful decision. Scott should have had a sober coach and an RN or drug counselor with him on tour. The fact that he didn’t tells me that there was some sort of informal plan to do some indulging in alcohol and drugs.

  • Jesse Bukal

    I’m still bummed out two weeks later. What a sad ending to an amazing life. RIP Scott.

  • Billy

    Ya i forgot that you had interviewed him on that bus Brett. Take solace in the fact that you did help him. He wanted to kinda bury the hatchet with the site and as well you got to run his social media for awhile.
    Trying to directly discuss his problems with him may have gotten you tossed off the bus and probably made that amazing experience you had ruined with the fact that your last moment with him would have been him telling you off.

    In a trippy way of looking at it, you have a pic of him and you right beside where he passed on. That is some heavy shit

  • Jimmy Intense

    You can see how unhealthy Scott looks in these photos and it’s heartbreaking. If he managed to give up alcohol perhaps he would have lived longer although I have my doubts. I’m not sure how many more stories I can read on SW these days.

  • montana2298

    Me too Jesse ­čÖü I have been doing nothing but watching you tube of STP and velvet revolver. The concerts with the wilds outs he sounded as though he had a stroke . His speech was VERY slow in interviews and in concert just sounded off. I bet they find out he died like his bro , of cardiomyopathy ( cardio= heart myo = muscle pathy=disease
    The body can only stand so much . His life was so damn sad I know the good lord will see his heart

  • montana2298

    See the red around his mouth and his skin is wax like that’s straight up alcoholism . I bet his liver was cashed too . Dear God such a damn shame

  • Mike88

    I met Scott in July at his studio and he was emotionless and didn’t seem at all happy. I attributed it to the fact that he had very recently lost his guitarist/best friend. It’s like he gave up and went back to using. Sad.

  • Chloe

    Wow these pictures look like a man who was sick. Like had an illness even aside from any drug addiction: I mean he didn’t even look like Scott weiland. He aged like ten years in less than two years. What happened to this poor man?

    • Tom Gables

      I like how you make an effort to see the many facets of this story, instead of being blindly judgmental. Bravo Chloe

      • Chloe

        But this is so disturbing. Two years ago Scott liked like Scott, a slightly older Scott, but Scott and in these pictures what the heck? What happens to him?

        • Ann Anderson

          I thought the same thing Chloe. It is really disturbing and sad. He looks physically ill and very depressed.

  • Zelda

    Thanks for sharing the pics and audio, Brett.

  • Raj

    Scott looks in really bad shape burned out and weary, sad way to go. Being on all those prescription pills removed his personality, it looked like he was in a zombie like state. This guy used to be happy, carefree and well spoken in interviews. I agree he looked emotionless, gave one word answers and guarded in his later years.

  • Toccoah Lynn

    Can someone tell me what the orange is all around his mouth

    • Corndog


  • Carol Loman

    Yeah, he really just looks burned out; just don’t understand why wife wasn’t w/him or if he tried to stay straight, a sober living coach? It is a damn shame, we lost another talented artist to addiction, prayers for his children!

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